Dark Skies

I cannot handle the feels trip this story takes me on. Ever cried while reading something, but don't want to stop?

Well, I have. This story has beautiful pain. Read it.

Rise of the Night Stalkers: a GameLit Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Oh yes, a story about a dark, brooding, 'monstrous' anti-hero protagonist! Except he's none of these things. I've read 66 chapters to find fetch quests, whining, a loli demon servant, and exactly nothing which justify the "anti-hero lead" or "non-human lead" tags. The MC may be monsterous in apperance, but in writing that's just led to multiple descriptions of him being tall. He still thinks exactly as a human, and acts like an employee who's too scared of his boss to speak up, with all the kinds of justifications the weak use to explain away why they never speak up. "I don't want to lose my cool." "I need them." You're a monster who can fly and has lasers. Act like it for even a second.


God Forbid the MC doesn't want to kill everyone

tl;dr at the bottom


I feel like this story was created as a giant middle finger to anyone who doesn't want their protagonist to be a muderhobo. The MC is the father of the person who'd normally by the MC, the insanely-talented and prepared-for-all-situations daughter. The daughter is a great example of why most LITRPG protagonists are terrible people from the outside, as we lack insight into her thought processes and are given no way to emotionally connect with her. We see her as the average person in the world would, as a borderline sociopath who is too fully ready to slaughter intelligent beings for numerical benefits.


The MC himself is a perfectly fine character. Or, at least, he would be if the lore, world, and LITRPG system were set up for any existence but slaughtering monsters for fun and profit. He's a bit too naive at times for someone pushing fifty, and acts a lot like a teenager. As stated previously, if this was another story, he'd make a better character, but the mechanics the LITRPG system uses are set up to be min-maxed for combat.


The Script(translate:System) that runs everything is designed from the ground up for combat. There is an in-universe reasoning given for this, but it kinda rings hollow as things progress and you realize that the culture isn't different enough for this reasoning to be real.


There's a Quiet War between the humans of this world and another race, which I have only determined exists to give the author a way to contrive drama and play with worn-out themes of 'sins of the fathers' and 'fantastic racism'.


The story is well written, with few grammatical errors and solid storytelling. There were a couple times I genuinely enjoyed the story, although there are times where the theft from established properties is a little too obvious to be enjoyable in anything shy of a full parody story.



    This story is the equivalent of the even cheaper, off-brand chips. It's fine for a party, but you know it's not good for you and the taste is just off enough to not be pleasant.

Atros Imperium

Realize that plot-important characters get less development than the two waifus conning the MC into adding to his harem in AN ENTIRELY REALISTIC AND NOT AT ALL PORN-TIER WRITING WAY.


Used to really like this story, and the early part is still pretty good. I just get turned off by the constant pushing for the MC to expand his harem, and if he shows reluctance or an unwillingness to break his wedding vows, well, he's just an old fuddy duddy!

Upheaval - The Gentle Apocalypse

It's well written and I enjoy it, but it's rapidly heading down a 'beastiality loli harem' route that I'm starting to be creeped out by.


EDIT: Apparently I was right.

Everybody Loves Large Chests

Started Strong, Stumbled into a Daily Sitcom

What happens when your OP character becomes something of such unique power that it will take an impressive diabolus ex machina to create an enemy?


Seriously, though. What started as an intriguing story about a monster's growth turned into probably the defining work of obscure references and puns on Royal Road. And for all of that, I genuinely cannot bring myself to care anymore. There are only so many times you can bring on the NSFW without it just becoming mundane.


The last chapter I read, "Interlude - A Day to Remember", read like the capstone of the work. It seemed like an ending. And with it, my interest his guttered out. It was an interesting ride, while it lasted, but I think that may truly be the best place to end this particular story.


If you haven't read it, I encourage you to, so long as you have a strong stomach for highly NSFW scenes, puns, and intense descriptions of violence.

Reaper of the Martial World

The worst sort of cringy wish-fulfillment. The MC is a cool kid not afraid of anything using modern thought and technology to upset the martial arts world. Watch him shamelessly flirt with preteen girls!


I've been told that it gets better in later chapters but I can't continue. Best of luck to the future.

I Am Going To Die (In This Game-Like Dimension)

Take the snarky mental AI companion from Prehistoric Barbarian, a cultivation system with new names taped over everything, a pretty generic LitRPG system with prettier than normal windows, add in a dash of murderous intent and cover everything in [REDACTED], no wait, Classified because writing mystery is hard so the answer is just not to answer any questions.


The writing is clean, the MC is bland, the gammar is consistent, and the emotional tone is lacking. It's fine. Not good, or bad. It's fine. Better than a lot of garbage on this site, but not a gem.


I have read until chapter 35.

This story is excellently written, with an MC who genuinely feels like an older man reincarnated into a child. He's a great combination of bemused, arrogant, sarcastic and cautious.

Now, there have been stories that have slowed down when the MC entered a city and politics began to take hold, but this isn't one of them. It's exciting, fast-paced, and simply fun to read. Highest recommendation!

UPDATE: I miss this story.

How To Tame Your Princess

Cramming pop culture references into every chapter does not a good story make.


There. I just saved you from having to read this dumpster fire masquerading as a story. It's mostly meaningless noise. The MC has a 'sane' subconscious for apparently no other reason that to insult the MC. Want to die of alcohol poisoning? Create a drinking game that revolves around pop culture references. The author has taken the Big Bang Theory path of shouting catchphrases and references to pop culture instead of having jokes, emotion, or any attempt at making something meaningful or timeless. References are not jokes, and most of the references in the early chapters are already dated. But that's not all! They also fall victim to the common well adjusted writer's trap of thinking genuine mental illness is the same as being an unlikeable overexcited prat.

Reading this story has left me frustrated and angry. The grammar, when not deliberately messed up, is pretty good.