Bringing Earthling to Conquer Another World

Author may have read a few too many stories on RR to come up with this... and I  love it!

Why should an Isekai-ed hero work towards the main quest? Why do people spend tons of money to play computer games?

This story seems to be headed towards an enjoyable angst free subversion of the Isekai/LitRPG genres.

It's still early days, and I will update this review after a few more chapters, however already I recommend giving this story a try.

Beware Of Chicken

Good fun rational MC in a Xianxia world

The MC makes the rational choice of doing his best to avoid the nutcases that fill the Xianxia world. ie. Leaving his sect to become a farmer. He still cultivates in his daily activities and uses his super strength and Earth perspective to build the best farm ever.

However I don't get the sense this is about base building, rather it comes across as a subversion of the genre.

I found it an enjoyable read - It's definitely worth a try.

The Edge of Endless

At the time of this review, this story is #5 on trending, so I guess the author is doing something right.

However, I can't help but feel that it needs something more.

For the duration of the 0th-floor trial - up to chapter 7 - the MC is isolated. He isn't interacting with anyone. To be fair the author does show a few cameos of what's happening outside the trial, but it isn't enough.

The reason it isn't enough is that the 0th-floor trial isn't engaging.

There is no sense of pressure or urgency. Alex takes his time trying to find exploits, even though he is warned that the healing pool will only last 3 days. When the 3 days pass and the healing pool is gone, it doesn't merit any reaction from him.

This story is good but it needs more tension (stakes) and character interaction (only 4 chapters of that so far).

Edit: There is now character interaction which has resulted in tension, but it is in the comments under the latest chapter (#15 - Missiles and mirages). MC seems to be holding an idiot ball. The Author promised earned progression, so I hope MC gets real consequences, for the idiocy, to make the idiot ball tolerable. The actual story is still missing tension and stakes.

I plan to continue reading for at least a few more chapters. If it improves, I'll revise the rating.

The Essence of Cultivation

RPG mage goes to the Cultivation world

Enjoyable read. I am looking forward to more chapters!

Both the mage MC and the Cultivation world are given due respect. No lol curbstomp or nerfing here on either side.

Overall the story is well done. No complaints for grammar or style.

Edit: Upping the rating to 5/5 stars, since its really good and I find myself coming back to this page and refreshing, hoping there was an update ;p

Can I praise it more?

Definitely worth reading. 

Brewer King

This is excellent. 5/5 stars across the board.

The story is engaging. There are real stakes and tension. I bing read this later into the night 🌙 than I should have. It's that interesting.

Sanjay comes across as a real person. Neither flawless nor deeply flawed, but believably flawed. The side characters of the mage chief, villagers and bandits are similarly well executed.

The power level of the MC is also well handled. The struggle is real and Sanjay triumphs (every time so far) by applying the knowledge and civilization goods of modern day Earth. (By chapter 008 he has gained magic / skill. I'm looking forward to see how he leverages that as well.)

The only nitpick I could nitpick is his overly well stocked camping supplies.  However the story is good enough for me to suspend my disbelief.

The author's writing style is also well executed. The narrative flows from topic to next topic smoothly, logically and you almost don't notice. So, very enjoyable to read on that front as well.

The grammer is fine as well. I did not notice any errors or typos. So, overall the story is publishment quality.

I'm looking forward to more chapters!

I Have A Dagger

So you've suddenly appeared in another world. What do you do? Why do you do it? This story seems to be willing to explore these kinds of questions.

It's too early to judge the story, however, the characterization is quite good.

The characters are complex and well thought out. The princess isn't just a cardboard cut out. The main characters are fleshed out and enjoyable. The side characters are just that - side characters, are only fleshed out to the extent required.

The grammar is good. I didn't notice any major errors.

I will update this review after there are a few more chapters to judge the story.

My Delirium Alcazar

An interesting change from the usual RR fare. It looks good so far! Will update witha a detailed review after catching up.

Villager Three

MC's characterization drags the story and the rating down

It seems the MC's personality is whatever it needs to be in each situation to progress the plot.

Detailed review in the spoiler block.

Spoiler: Spoiler


The Green Egg

Choppy flow - Painful to read

Interesting premise, interesting characters, an original world and it's all ruined by the absence of warning the reader when the scene changes, or when a new charater enters the conversation.

I find myself constantly scrolling up 1-2 paragraphs, when I find myself surprised - We're in a forest now? Time has passed? Character X spoke, was he present earlier?

Forget enjoyable, this dosn't make for an acceptable reading experience.

Still - I slogged thru till the latest (chapter 16), because the premise and world are interesting.

The other main problem is that the MC really is a "feather brain". i.e seems to occasionally grab hold of an idiot ball, when the plot requires.

All Songs: A Hero Past the 25th

One of RoyalRoad's hidden jems.

You are in for a treat.

The writing, pacing, characters and plot is publication quality, and a joy to read.

5 stars across the board.

Make sure to start from book 1 if you stumbled on to this book first by chance.