The Number

Rough start, but gets a lot better

The first 2-3 chapters, show an AI's perspective on it's environment and programmed goal. It's not very engaging,  however the story gets a lot better once the AI 'humanizes'.

If you are on the fence on trending this, I would recommend giving this a try, provided you are willing to forgive the absence of  hook in the first chapter.

The Trials of Bethany

The writing is good, better than most on RR. No complaints on the grammar or flow.

The characterization is good as well. The MC is well developed and mostly believable. The antagonists are less well developed (as they have got less screen time so far) but still belivable.

The only possible complaint I have is that the "medieval pesant gir" is remarkably, accepting of both the system and also the modern conveniences in the trial.

However, this is just a nitpick. Over all the story is enjoyable. If you are undecided I would encourage giving it a try.

I never expected the hardest days to be the ones where I wear a skirt

Revised review:

I stand by my original review. This is really good writing and this sets this story above the usual RR crowd.

The characters are realized, believable and talk to each other. The dialog is also good and in line with characterization.

As of  3.1 the story is maintaining a slow but steady pace. Things are happening and finally we have the first mention of the skirt.

Original review:

The writing is really good. The narration & conversation flows smoothly. No complaints regarding the grammar either.

It's still early days, but the characters are well designed and believable.

The only complaint is that the pace is a little slow. At 6 chapters in, we get the first hint as to 'Karate' referenced in the chapter titles so far. No indication of the skirt, mentioned in the story title, as yet.

Still - given the quality of the writing, I am rating 4.5 stars and willingly wait for the plot to explain itself.

I indeed don't know how to cultivate

How can something with such bad grammar be so GOOD

A humorous story of an oblivious guy isekaied to a cultivation world.

The grammar is terrible, but somehow it all works out.

An enjoyable read and filled with light-hearted fun.

I'm looking forward to and can't wait for more chapters!

If you are undecided you should definitely give this story a try.

The Witches of Floroma - The Witches Curse

It's still early days, but this seems to be very well written. The characters are believable (and this is displayed in just 3 chapters).

The plot is interesting too, but it still early days.

Back to the writing. For example: The hook, is the promised gender bender and it's provided immediately. In my opinion, for gender bending to be compelling, the character must first be established as belonging to a gender before it's bent. This is accomplished very well. Again, in just 3 chapters.

This speaks to the quality of the writing and I am looking forward to reading more! 5/5


The MC seems to be an emotional bomb factory, she constantly gets emotionally triggered for insufficient cause. This is fine in the initial chapters, where Jasmine is dealing with having been abducted into space, however, this never ends, and finally gets unbelievable and tiring.

In the finale of Book 1, Jasmine is told about the ancient history of the space empire - and she explodes with emotion. Think about it for a moment. If you were told about the collapse of an empire in History class, would you have an emotional moment?

Another annoyance, to be faced, is the too similar naming of characters. Jasmine gets shortened to Jasi and Jess the Doctor are 2 characters with far too similar names, the reader constantly needs to differentiate.

I'm reading this to the latest chapter, not because I enjoy it, but in the faint hope, the magic of the early chapters returns.

Tower of Somnus

Expected LitRPG got perfectly executed CyberPunk

Updated the review at the end of Book2:

I see some reviews saying book 2 isn't as good as book 1. However, I disagree. The difference, I guess, is that I binged book 2 after the interlude was posted. In this format, it's perfectly good. I'm planning to do the same with book 3 as well.

------Original review------

It's the future and the proles suffer under the corporate boot...

The author has clearly carefully thought this out. The setting is pitch-perfect. Everything is explained and internally consistent. Nobody holds an idiot ball without a good explanation. When a character does grab onto an idiot ball, the reason for doing so are believably explained.

Does Kat hold the idiot ball? It's because she is in love or overawed by Arnold's social status.

Does Arnold hold the idiot ball? It's because he is impulsive and a poor planner

Does Anna hold the idiot ball? It's because she is an idiot.

Thus characters remain believable and consistent.

The narrative of the story, in the game and outside of it, mesh perfectly. The two narrative threads impact and enhance each other. I don't think I've seen this handled this well before on RR.

The only minor quibble I could have with this is that Belle could have used more foreshadowing. Without this, her interaction in the final chapter of Book 1 is a bit like a deus ex machina. However, this can be overlooked as, by the final chapter you should be fully aware you are reading CyberPunk and her reveal jibes perfectly with the genre.

This is basically ready for publication.

I have to give 5/5 for style, 5/5 for the story and, 5/5 for the characterization.

The grammar is perfect too so 5/5 for that as well.

All in all, this not a story to miss if you are into CyberPunk and LitRPG.

Truthful Transmigration

Finally an Isekai-ed MC who admits to it

Having the MC admitting to being a transmigrator is a refreshing hook. (And well-executed as well).

The rest of the story after the opening is ok with good characters, good grammar and quite readable.

The Plot is also ok, but it is still kicking off at chapter 20. With the treasure-hunt arc, I hope to see the MC face some genuine struggle, which would take this story to the next level.

I will update the review and rating after a few more chapters.

If you are trying to decide whether to read, go ahead and give it a try!

Candlelit Lives {Serial Reincarnation LitRPG}

The reincarnation mechanic of the MC opens the door to something distinct from other LitRPG stories.

Two stories are being told - the MC's and the civilization's.

I find it an enjoyable take on LitRPG civilization and its development over time. 

Overall, it is worth giving the story a try!

The Shipbrain's Magic (old version)

The author has succeeded at the first task of writing, ie. having a good hook to draw readers in.

It's still early days with only 4 chapters up and I am looking forward to more.

The grammar, characterization and writing are very good.

Four stars so far, will up to 5 if execution remains good in future chapters.

If you are trying to decide whether to read this, I encourage you to give it a try.