Virtuous Sons: A Greco Roman Xianxia

If you like Xianxia, but have grown bored of them all existing in pretty much the same place, you will enjoy this story. Story takes a bit to really get going but has yet to disappoint me in any way. 

Also, I love me a son of Rome, 50th word

He Who Fights With Monsters

A great story I hope to see flourish in the not to distant future.

The characters are absolutely amazing, and I love the fact I can say with honesty that I love the MC but love Gary even more.

Other than that pretty standard transported to another world and got a system story with slight variation I wont spoil so as to keep things interesting. Grammar is fine and I have been left laughing for a couple minutes from certain bits of dialogue and the hilarious writing style. 

If you are on the fence about this one, give it a try, it probably wont be a waste of time unless you're looking for hype realistic fantasy but if you like the tags you will like this story


Just thinking of the badassery gives me chills because of how the power system is set up and the Mc's name that gets me every damn time.

Really good, seriously, never had grammer problems, people have actual character, and the plot is cohesive. Now I need to level with people, it might be dropped if it doesn't get the attention it deserves so you can do one of two things 1. Skip over this and not risk a wn that your going to love because it might be dropped or 2. Read it and wait another few weeks for a chapter

P.S. saying this might be dropped is not supposed to say anything about the author, just what happens on this kind of site to good stories getting lost in the constant stream of shit.

How The Weak Live

A good apocalypse with a twist

I don't want to spoil anything so I'll keep it simple, unique twist on something that people already love i.e: an apocalypse story. Grammer is impeccable and can be considered the work of a superior being on this site. All that's happened up to chapter 12 is character growth with a bit of blood shed, so if you don't like that don't read this.

But yeah it's still a young story so I would like more Mr.Author person :P

Murphy's Law

As of chapter 6 this is a great story I can laugh at that has good grammar. So here are 5 stars to atract other people and hopefully increase the chappy release rate.

If this becomes awful I'll come back to change this

One Piece's Messenger of the Sea

Dis is some good weeb shit right here

Title pretty much says it all, this is by far the best one piece ff for the simple fact that the MC seems to be a person and NOT some two dimensional steriotype. 

Plz don't drop this like all the other authors who thought they could write a OP fan fic

Side note: if this story does become shit I will edit this review as needed so if your still reading this for some godforsaken reason you can hopefully give this a try now

Praying For My Downfall

It's a tried and true subject/concept that's easy to follow and even comes in understandable English

Shovels In Spades

I would like to see more of this, so until something comes around that ruins this story for me here are 5 stars to atract other people


Last Grace: The Apex of Another World

This deserves a chance to prove itself, Grammer is decent story is kinda original but there isn't enough to see if the author will do some thing big yet, MC is meh but again it's early in the story, the only thing this story realy needs is more meat on its bones so it can be properly criticised.

P.S. I think the last sentence of the synopsis is supposed to be "All while otherworlders trickled in through..." but I might be wrong.

Rebirth Online V3

There isn't enough of anything that's related to Nordic mythology and  this fills that gap while doing it justice

P.S. For author. Don't care if you decide to drop this again, it's a great piece that I have enjoyed each and every other time it was posted.