Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

A Thing I Look Forward To Every Week.

I just honestly love this novel to bits. I can't find the words right now to express exactly why I feel that way, but I do.

This story is more than worth giving a try if nothing else. I'll write a more advanced review eventually, I'm sure.

For now, take my word on it. It's a fun story to sit down and binge. I never did understand why the author has big spaces at the end of each chapter though...

The Perfect Run

What? This story is unbelievably good. Like, what the hell?

I'll be honest, I didn't really like the author's prior works. The dragon one got off the rails all the time and was quite focused on weird sexual stuff. Not my kinda fiction.

The necromancer one just seemed a bit boring to me. No fault of the author's, just not to my taste.

This, though? This is freaking gold. I love this story so much, even more so since I know the author will finish it as he has done with his other stories.

More than worthy of full marks, in my opinion.

RE: Monarch

One moment, I'm entirely enthralled, the next, I'm bored, the next, I'm enchanted.

It's a bit of a rollercoaster, honestly. I feel like the author isn't the best at transitioning from arc to arc but each dedicated arc is interesting and engaging.

Do keep in mind to entirely ignore the prologue. Not only does it spoil tonnes of stuff but the author has told me in a reply to a comment that it's not really canon any longer, which I believe to be true due to time-line issues.

Sylver Seeker

It was so good I immediately subbed to the Patreon when I ran out of chapters last month.

The story is simple yet deep and just very satisfying. The main character is knowledgable but not all-knowing. He's decisive and willing to kill when necessary. Admittedly, I'm not all that invested in the side-characters nor the litRPG system but these don't detract from the story.

I'll leave a far more in-depth review at some point but for now, take my 5-stars. This story most-certainly deserves them.

Azarinth Healer

So I spent 11 days reading this novel between sleep breaks. I'd say it was worth it.

I'll be short and sweet, it's not like no one doesn't know about this story already.

Style 4.5: Generally very solid. The way side-perspectives are shown is, in my opinion, masterful. There is, however, one massive consistent error through every single chapter.

Here is an example of what I mean;

"Oh, hello there." He said.

this should actually be written as;

"Oh, hello there," he said.

That above is one single sentence. The author somehow hasn't learned this in the years and thousands of pages he's written. It can be kind of distracting at times.

Story 5: Easily the best part of the entire fiction. There has only been one arc that was very boring, one that had a lot of politics. Apart from that, everything is fun and interesting. Loads of mysteries, well-thought-out scenarios and situations I care about.

Grammar: Generally very good, though, as expected of a novel at 7,000 pages long, there is an error or two every few thousand words. Mostly just typos, not genuine errors so it's fine. There was one instance of a character from London saying 'mommy' which made me physically sick. It's 'mummy' here in the UK, haha.

Character 4.5: Most characters are fantastic, some I don't care about or were important several hundred chapters ago but got forgotten before being reintroduced.

Ilea, the main character, is very compelling. She does, on occasion, make decisions that make you want to rip your hair out or she goes back on her internal promises, but, in general, she is great.


All in all, I highly recommend reading this novel. I put it off for literal years and don't regret it since there were so many chapters to read by the time I gave it a proper go but boy was it a fun read. If you're on the fence and somehow reading this review, just give the story a shot.

Beware Of Chicken

I don't get it.

I fully expect this review to get dozens or maybe even over a hundred dislikes. Meh. People get blinded by their love and see any critique as an attack. Dislike as you will, here is my review regardless.

It's a kind of fun story but it has no direction and it is riddled with spelling and grammar errors. The author doesn't bother to fix pointed out mistakes either.

Were people just starved for a cultivation story that has nothing to do with cultivation?

MC decides to farm instead of cultivate. Okay, not unique but an interesting twist. Oh, look at that. His decision to not cultivate leads to him cultivating via farming and he becomes strong. Buys animals as livestock. Oh, look at that. They are all becoming spirit animals and powerful. Meets a nice girl in a village, literally the first girl he meets. Oh, look at that. Decides to marry her after just a couple of days and a handful of conversations.

Everything seems rushed and without any direction. The last few chapters have been incredibly boring compared to the kind of fun first 24 or so.

I really don't get it. Whatever reason everyone loves this story so faithfully, I wish I too could have. It's crazy.

Story: 3.5 It's fun for a bit, quickly gets boring and never has had a point, really, beyond 'farm, don't cultivate, be happy'.

Style: 1.5 The style is a mess. This goes hand in hand with grammar. Suffice to say, the MC talks to the reader from time to time. Fourth wall breaking is only one of this story's many style issues.

Grammar: 1 I mean, it's readable. My biggest issue with the grammar is the author's lack of care for the glaring mistakes people helpfully point out in the comments. A simple ctrl+f would fix most of that. I should know, I've done it hundreds of times on my fics before.

Character: 2 I don't really care about anyone. The MC has no goals, really, beyond being happy. The farm animals are loyal and naive. That's about it. Meimei... exists? I dunno. She hasn't had much screen time so she doesn't have much of a personality yet.

Like I said, it's an okay story but certainly a disappointment for one of the site's top-rated novels.


This story is beyond words. Short as it may be, full of content it is. Riveting content at that.

Style: I'm not a great judge on this, but it wasn't hard to read and everything flowed more than well enough, which is a 5-star from me.

Story: Absolutely incredible and engaging word-to-word. I am very much so a skimmer just looking for the next trashy 500-chapter book to consume as I laze about. It's so rare to find a book with a story so good I think it's a crime to skim over even a single word. This is that. There's no grand overarching plot but everything matters just as much as if there were one. Simply beautiful.

Grammar: Generally good, though there are occasional errors such as missing words or using 's incorrectly. Not a big deal. Every author has this kind of stuff, hence the profession of proofreaders. Something to work on, not something to stress over.

Character: Oh god the characters. Why am I attached to every single character regardless of their screen time, whether plentiful or almost nonexistent? Teach me your ways. I could learn a lot from you to help improve my own writing skills.

Summary: This budding novel can be described very aptly with one word: Quality. Go read it. You can thank me later, it won't be a waste of your time.

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

General funny, strange, and just plain fun.

I do wish it updated more regularly, but regardless, there is very little to complain about in regards to the novel, in my opinion.

It earns the slothy seal of approval.


Very Entertaining And Feels Real

The title says it all. I rarely read on RoyalRoad, but this story here has firmly grabbed my attention and refuses to let go.

This story earns the slothy seal of approval.                                                                                  

Second Chances

All in all, I enjoyed what exists of this novel thus far.

The only thing that bothered me was the seemingly constant shifting plot points.

Without stating spoilers, the main character will decide to do A, but suddenly B happens, railroading what he must do, once B is resolved, A is forgotten and the MC moves onto C.

All in all, it earns the slothy seal of approval.