Brimstone Fantasy

Balanced MC with Great Style

This is a fun story with a start that will make you attached to the character very quickly. It is serious were it should be, but it also has comedy to lighten the mood. It is balanced in the pace that the mc progresses while whenever you start to think the mc is about to become op it shows he does still should train more while never directly having it be a complete and utter failure on his part. Basically you shall probably be happy with a strong but reasonable/realistic for a LitRPG mc that has superior fighting techniques. This is such a great story that when I first started reading it I couldn't put it down for 23 chapters and only then was because I had to get ready for work. 


Gole(t)m(e) Do Shenanigans

This is a complete trilogy that ending concludes the issues the main characters were facing, but will allow for more to be a possibility. You shall enjoy reading this were most of it is a joyful and fun. There are some parts that are serious but things work out so that the main characters are happy by the end. It is more realistic for a fantasy world but it also has mostly a lighthearted happy tone while a war is happening. 

Kairos & the Snowdrifts

This is a great cultivation series that has appropriate relationships for the characters based upon what age they are. Each character has a unique fighting style. Many of the combat scenes are shown both with a serious air and a comedic air to them at the same time. It also shows an economic and political struggles in this tale as well. There is even some business building done. This series covers many issues and does each of them in an enjoyable way.