Agent of the Alternates

The characters are super bland and so is the action but the premise more than makes up for it. It is overall a good read and has a follow from me but it is a bit repetitiive .                          

CORE: The Volcanic Dungeon

FINALLY! A good dungeon core novel!

This book has avoided so many of the problems that commonly target dungeon core novels, such as too many menu screens or completely skipping things. 5 star from me! If I were to say one critisiscm it wwould be that the monsters of the dungeon have no dialogue despite having personalities

The Voice of the World

This is only as of chapter 7 but so far it seems like this is a really great book. The writing flows really well and the characters draw you in. It's definitely worth a read so why don't you try it.

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

I have just finished catching up to where the book is currently at chapter 27. I really enjoyed this book because it has a steady and realistic progression of the main characters abilities and dungeon. Also as was mentioned in another review it has an understandable map and not long list of stats and stuff. But the part I like most about this story is that is one of the few books on the site that makes me laugh out loud as opposed to just finding something funny. the characters are lovable and there are a lot of things I want to hear more about like the town and her goblins  lives . It is definitely worth a read so why don't you try it!


Very funny and lovable characters

This book is one of the funniest that i have read on royalroad. The characters and their interactions are both immensely amusing. If you are reading this for the first time then i suggest that you read at least until she completes the first quest because that is when it really starts to pick up.I know this because prior to reading it i picked it up several times but didn't realy like the first chapter. However now that i am really glad that i did. I hope that you enjoy Fantasia as much as i did.