1. RE: Application Discussion - Monok's Bones: Discovery

      I vote to accept. In terms of writing and style, I think it passes the quality mark. I noticed only one error that impeded my reading ("he said, the soft growl he emitted still carried the weight of (...)

    2. RE: Application Discussion - Held in the Quiet Night by White Timberwolf

      This one is a rejection from me. The writing in itself is fine to me, in terms of style. Sometimes the sentences veers a bit too long, I think, the details get so expansive that it impacts the flow (...)

    3. RE: Star Wars vs. The Lord of the Rings

      Thanks for sharing your opinion (and this was posted in the open forum for a reason, so everyone is invited to post). I'll mention to the site owner to consider putting some discussion option on the site, (...)

    4. RE: How far reaches our Penguin Empire?

      I'm from Denmark. Probably a few of my countrymen around besides me, but now you know for sure.

    5. RE: The Eagle's Flight - Completed Epic Fantasy Novel

      My fic has been accepted into TOPA. A few excerpts from the review process is below: "The Eagle's Flight is a work of art, the likes of which have never been seen on this site. It reads like something (...)

    6. RE: Royal Roadl is awesome

      I tried putting my story on Wattpad and it didn't even get views after several chapters being uploaded. Maybe Wattpad is suffering from being too crowded, but it felt like you didn't get a chance there (...)

    7. Star Wars vs. The Lord of the Rings

      I had an argument with a friend the other day, and it blossomed into a fullblown debate we decided to take public and put on my friend's site. It's my first time doing this, but it was quite fun, and I (...)

    8. RE: To writers: What motivates you to write and to keep writing?

      My urge to write started already in childhood; reading books, I was fascinated by their power to fuel my imagination and conjure entire worlds, and I wanted to possess that power and exercise it. It has (...)

    9. RE: Your view on adverbs.

      Avoiding adverbs is a good rule in writing to help keep the story concise and improve its pacing and flow. Of course, an excellent writer knows when to break the good rules and when not to. If in doubt (...)

    10. RE: Application Discussion - This New World of Magic

      Rejection for me. Concerning language, even overlooking errors in grammar, ortography or missing words, there is often a shift in verb tense between past and present, sometimes in the same sentence. (...)

    11. RE: Application Discussion - Lightning Does Stike Twice

      I vote to reject. Three things troubled me. The story begins in medias res, which in itself is not a problem; but it feels a bit messy, as the story dumps us into an action scene and simultaneously (...)

    12. RE: Application Discussion - Stop Calling Me a Demon King

      My vote is rejection. It moves between present and past tense constantly, sometimes even in the same sentence, which I consider a sign of an unstable writer; someone who needs more experience in writing (...)

    13. RE: Happy Lunar New Year

      I don't celebrate it, but that won't stop me from wishing other people a happy lunar new year!

    14. RE: Anything good that is NOT VR

      My story is also on J0nn0's list, but if you enjoy epic fantasy (it's a complicated read though, just to warn you), there's a link in my signature.

    15. RE: Epic Fantasy

      Mine doesn't have dragons, and there is no specific protagonist (because I prefer to treat each major character as the protagonist of their own story - and they all have their own agenda, scheming against (...)

    16. RE: Looking for something different.

      I second both the suggestions to check J0nn0's list and also the Order of Phantasmal Architects (I may be biased, being a member of the latter).

    17. RE: Never said hi so-

      That's quite a diverse list of stories! Good luck with your writing :)

    18. RE: ~Recommendations~

      Fiction Name: The Eagle's Flight Genre: Epic Fantasy Number of Chapters: 6 Word Count (approximate is fine): 60,156 Link is in my signature.

    19. RE: Well Met, Royal Road Readers

      I see both now, yes. Generally it looks like a professional cover, which is always a good start (and tends to separate the wheat from the chaff in self-publishing). I admit, I feel there is a dissonance (...)

    20. RE: Well, hello

      Welcome here! I studied English myself for a year as part of my general studies in comparative literature. You're in good company.