1. Re: Visibility, and How to Get it?

      Regular updates (and spaced out, in case you're uploading a backlog; don't upload all at the same time). Participating here on the forums can help too, either by posting and using your signature (like (...)

    2. Re: Can we talk about the emojis?

      "Can we talk about emojis?" No, that's highly illegal. All I got are non-offensive, state-approved memes. This joke is for my boy jagp

    3. Re: Cake for everyone!

      Congratulations. :)

    4. Re: Two times back to back featured review!

      Great power has been bestowed upon you. May you use it wisely.

    5. Re: Whether something should be tagged original or fanfiction

      I mean, this does bring up the question of "is it fanfiction if the thing being used is public domain and thus your work is considered sellable?" The reason my brain even brought this up is....well... (...)

    6. Re: Whether something should be tagged original or fanfiction

      Fanfiction usually refers to settings/characters that can be attributed to another writer (especially with copyrights still in force). So if you're basing yours on folk tales that have no discernible author, (...)

    7. Re: Feed me words :)

      Fastest delete in the West

    8. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      The Eagle's Flight: get your high fantasy fix. The Prince of Cats (completed): watch a cocky thief get in over his head. Both links in signature.

    9. Re: Completed my first novel :)

      Congratulations. That is a wonderful milestone to reach.

    10. Re: English as a second language

      English is also my second language. I do use quite a bit of Norse/Scandinavian influence in my main series, as I imagine that to be the first culture that migrated into this part of the world (so e.g. (...)

    11. Re: Feed me words :)

      Welcome to the site.

    12. Re: Epic Fantasy - LOTR style

      If self-promotion is acceptable, my story The Eagle's Flight fits reasonably well. Detailed world-building with historical realism across various cultures, and characters generally engaged in political (...)

    13. Re: First draft finished

      Thank you, everyone! I appreciate it.

    14. Re: First draft finished

      Thanks Alex M and AlexaLee (no relation to each other, I presume), I appreciate it! I assume you mean The Eagle's Flight? Congratulations! The very one. Thank you!

    15. Re: First draft finished

      I just placed the final full stop for the first draft of my main series. It comes out to some +800k words. Still a lot of editing ahead, which I have to pull myself together to get started on. But after (...)

    16. Re: Encyclopedic Introduction

      This might be too much work for now if you're just starting out with your story, but something to consider for the future. I built a website to put all the encyclopedic stuff about my world on there. Of (...)

    17. Re: Queries on writing anything BUT the action.

      A good tension curve is like a heartbeat, really, it goes up and down. If it's always up, that's just a flatline.

    18. Re: Queries on writing anything BUT the action.

      This may not always apply, but for me, I tend to use such scenes/chapters for world building or character development/growth. The former done by showing religious rituals, for instance; fleshing out (...)

    19. Re: Describe Your Story Like It Was A Video Game

      Take control of your favourite faction in The Eagle's Flight and lead them to victory in the fight for the throne! Do you go for Isarn with bonuses to morale and equipment, or Vale with the economic advantage (...)