1. Re: HelloHello!

      Hi, welcome to the site. Looking at your fiction, I noticed a handful of spelling errors in the blurb/synopsis. If you ran it through a spellchecker, it should catch them. I highly recommend doing this, (...)

    2. Re: What Do You Listen To While Writing?

      A fellow author recently recommended the music from Skyrim while writing. Video game soundtracks are great company when writing. It's often instrumental (no words to interfere with your thinking) (...)

    3. Re: How do you get reviews for your works?

      Once you have some followers, maybe a few that comment regularly, you can ask for reviews in your author notes. If done politely, you might get lucky and spur a dedicated reader into action. Afterwards, (...)

    4. Re: Why did you choose your name?

      Quill is the narrator of my main series, himself named after his position as royal scribe, librarian and law keeper (The King's Quill). It also seemed fitting as a pen name, pun intended. 

    5. Re: 140,000 Words of Unpublished Fiction

      I wouldn't call it a small mountain of words, in the context of webserial quantity, but I do have one novel of 70k words just sitting on my harddrive. A Norse myth revenge saga. Not sure if it will ever (...)

    6. Re: Need help with a synopsis!

      Some suggestions from me. I think your synopsis has a lot more information than needed. A lot of it doesn't clarify things but rather makes it harder to keep track of things. There's a lot I'd suggest (...)

    7. Re: Did I fix my blurb? How do I pick a good title?

      what's a blurb? is this about synopsis? :peoconfused: Yes. A blurb is a short teaser text meant to entice readers to buy/read a book/story.

    8. Re: Did I fix my blurb? How do I pick a good title?

      I think you mean to say he is a "harbinger", not a "halbringer". And I would suggest to use singular "death" in the same sentence. I would also delete the last sentence, "settle their past". It feels awkward, (...)

    9. Re: Getting to Know People

      I'm Quill, name taken from the narrator of my main series. I have a master's degree in comparative literature, so I've read all sorts from across the world and various time periods, in translation or (...)

    10. Re: Choose your weapon!

      My heritage compels me to choose a Dane axe for close combat. Anything else, my ancestors would shame me.

    11. Re: Writers, how much do you read?

      I read maybe one book a week. Some of it is work, editing books for others. Some of it is non-fiction, research or literary theory. And then the rest is various kinds of fiction, some of it self-chosen, (...)

    12. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      You want Game of Thrones, but without the terrible last seasons? Read The Eagle's Flight. You want Arabian Tales thief stacking schemes higher and higher until it must go wrong? Read The Prince of Cats.

    13. Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?

      Both of my stories on RR are traditional fantasy that fit your criteria, I believe. The Eagle's Flight has an expansive cast with multiple plot threads, heavy on world-building and strong historical (...)

    14. Re: September Thread - Promote your Story

      I'd like to mention my second story on this site, The Prince of Cats. It is a finished story of a thief a la Arabian Tales, caught between the interests of rich merchants and the daggers of cutthroat rogues. (...)

    15. RE: Ruin is Now at Amazon.com!!

      Congratulations with the publication! It was a pleasure to read. I encourage everyone to check it out.

    16. RE: The Eagle's Flight - Completed Epic Fantasy Novel

      I have just finished uploading the final chapter of The Eagle's Flight! If you think this might be for you, now's a good time to give it a shot, as you can read the full story of the first book without (...)

    17. RE: Marriage in the plot

      The Demon and the Princess sounds like an exact fit for your request.

    18. RE: Low Chapter, HIgh Page, Pure Fantasy

      My story might fit, as it is straight fantasy with long chapters. I don't know the stories that you referenced though, so I could be wide off the mark. I don't have a traditional MC or any MC for that (...)

    19. RE: Question: If my account gets suspended, can I have the option to save what I wrote?

      Tip #4: Don't leave things to chance. Make a backup. In fact, make several. A few minutes of trouble on occasion can save you enormous grief later.

    20. RE: Application Discussion - Sword Quest of Enigmatic Souls

      Rejection. The employed vocabulary sometimes works against the setting. In the opening, we hear about trebuchets being fired (which is kind of wrong, as they are not gunpowder weapons, so they can only (...)