1. Re: "Game of Thrones" kind of novel?

      My completed series, The Eagle's Flight. Link is in my signature.

    2. Re: Help me get my friend into RR! (Non-LitRPG/Gamelit) Fantasy/scifi recs please!

      You can check out the two in my signature. The first, The Eagle's Flight, is reminiscent of Game of Thrones, and it's nearing its completion (some 15 chapters left to upload). The other, The Prince of (...)

    3. Re: A good historical novel

      Both of my fictions (links/covers in my signature) are historical in nature.

    4. Re: Free Author Premium Giveaway - 5 Winners

      Premium for the premium god! Subscriptions for the subscription throne!

    5. Re: Music or no Music

      though sometimes I would hunt down appropriate songs (eg norse themed music while writing a viking saga viking music? Hehe yes, like Heilung, Skald, Danheim, Wardruna. Formoder, du er bekendt (...)

    6. Re: Music or no Music

      I used to always listen to music. Could be anything, though sometimes I would hunt down appropriate songs (eg norse themed music while writing a viking saga). Now I dictate most of my writing, so that (...)

    7. Re: That one word you swear should be spelled differently.

      Manoeuvre used to always trip me up. For some reason, I always wanted to place the e as the first in the three vowels. Then one day I realised my own language spells it "manøvre", and the ø can be written (...)

    8. Re: Stories with multiple leads, politics, human drama, power struggles

      I think my story The Eagle's Flight fits all your requirements to a tee. Link is in signature.

    9. Re: Don't include a prologue in your story

      Besides what has been mentioned, my gripe with prologue is this. If something is a prologue rather than just chapter 1, it's because it is fundamentally different from what comes after, i.e. the rest of (...)

    10. Re: 'Humans are space orcs'-adjescents?

      It's traditionally published, but The Damned Trilogy by Alan Dean Foster does this exactly. If you can find the books, it'll fit what you're looking for.

    11. Re: Paradise Lost: What an old book can teach about describing cool fantasy armaments

      Milton does this quite a lot, if I recall. I don't remember the passage verbatim, but he describes Eve among the flowers in Eden, and herself, the fairest of them. He describes indirectly, basically, which (...)

    12. Re: Serious story that makes sense

      If you enjoy traditional fantasy with expansive world building and an ensemble cast, The Eagle's Flight fits your criteria. Link in my signature.

    13. Re: Hello, just discovered this website.

      You've come to the right place for both books and writing. You'll learn your way around soon enough. Welcome.

    14. Re: High Quality Bromance Stories?

      My second story (which is complete), The Prince of Cats, feature such a friendship. It is not the focus of the story, but it may be enough to scratch your itch. Link is in my signature.

    15. Re: Writer looking to read

      My story The Eagle's Flight (link in signature) is fantasy and deals heavily with intrigue, politics, negotiations etc. in between the war and battles. Might fit your interests.

    16. Re: Visibility, and How to Get it?

      Regular updates (and spaced out, in case you're uploading a backlog; don't upload all at the same time). Participating here on the forums can help too, either by posting and using your signature (like (...)

    17. Re: Can we talk about the emojis?

      "Can we talk about emojis?" No, that's highly illegal. All I got are non-offensive, state-approved memes. This joke is for my boy jagp

    18. Re: Cake for everyone!

      Congratulations. :)