1. RE: Looking for Recommendations that has the mc becoming his/her game character Pretty sure it's Japanese? But the MC isn't OP or useless; it's a comedy, with much of the humor derived from how buggy the game (...)

    2. RE: What makes a story 'litRPG' for you?

      Literary Role Playing Game - to me, this does not require that it be based on an MMO, but rather incorporate game mechanics in some way. That's about how I feel, I think. Your mention of Ready Player (...)

    3. RE: Reader's comments

      Comments are good! I like them. I like the ones that talk about the story the most, and I like the ones that just say 'thanks' less, but I still like them. Negative comments, if they address the actual (...)

    4. What makes a story 'litRPG' for you?

      So I thought of this after posting some recommendations. OP wanted 'LitRPG' stories, and after posting a few that seemed right to me, I realized I had very little idea what the term even means to other (...)

    5. RE: Looking for necromancer or death knight stories

      "The Zombie Knight" has an MC who's given powers by a grim-reaper type figure. It's good, although each individual chapter is quite short. There are a lot of them however. Looks like he hasn't updated (...)

    6. RE: LITRPG With and w/o...

      You may have checked out 'The Daily Grind'; It's been on the front page for a bit. If you haven't, take a look, it's great. Good writing, fast pace, interesting characters and intriguing world. No romance (...)

    7. RE: A good harem story. Does it exist? Is it possible to make?

      Brian Randal's Haruhi fanfic "Kyon: Big Damn Hero" is the only story I've read so far where I really liked the harem elements, instead of simply tolerating them. The MC is not a pushover, and the harem (...)

    8. RE: Assist Me - Possible Fiction Titles/Suggestions?

      How about 'nine-tenths of the law', from 'possession is nine-tenths of the law'? It not only plays with the meaning of possession, but also suggests struggle, since it comes from arguing over who owns (...)

    9. RE: What makes a good Story?

      Putting aside tropes, probably my three big things are: Consistent and reasonably fast pacing. A story that doesn't move too fast or too slow, and doesn't rush or wallow too much in various bits. (...)

    10. RE: Ongoing posts to One Book, or Multiple Books?

      So I've considered this as an author, although I haven't (and may not for quite a while) actually released any sequels. Here's what I've come up with. There's kinda two things to consider, I guess... (...)

    11. RE: Alternative Writing Programs?

      I use Microsoft OneNote, which is free, unlike word. It auto saves, and can back up to the cloud and sync between devices if you have a Microsoft account with onedrive. And it works offline, unlike (...)

    12. RE: Review swap

      I'll give you some feedback. First off, presentation. Summary and cover look pretty good; not really a fan of the flavor-text at the top, but it's short enough. I'd scroll down to the chapters (...)

    13. RE: Advanced Review Wanted

      I just wrote what would happen in the future as the prologue. Let me know if it fixes the hook issue. I think it works a lot better. Your general style seems cleaner too. Write on! :)

    14. RE: Feedback Exchange

      I'll give you some feedback. I started this yesterday and then Windows Update restarted my computer and wiped everything I'd typed. :/ Anyways, let me try again. First off, the story page, because (...)

    15. RE: Advanced Review Wanted

      Not at all, this was hell of a helpful. You've given me much to think about.  The only thing is that in the status screen he had the path of "deserter." He's  not an assassin, just a trained soldier, (...)

    16. RE: Advanced Review Wanted

      Alright, I've read ten chapters, and I think I'm done. Here's a few more critiques. You put in numerals for a lot of numbers that I'd normally expect to see as words. 5 foot 6, for example, instead (...)

    17. RE: Advanced Review Wanted

      I'm not a big fan of the stars review system, but I'll leave you some critique here. First off, your summary. Please switch it around. You have the actual summary at the bottom, underneath your (...)

    18. RE: Any really good comedy

      You might enjoy Ryley Allard: Demon Law Expert. It tends towards super ridiculous and slightly nonsense, but it's usually worth a chuckle. The drama suffers a bit in comparison to the comedy, but that's (...)