1. Re: Novel where the mc is the mysteries Power in the shadows.

      +1 for Lord of the Mysteries. It's like Sherlock Holmes + Lovecraft Mythos, with a side-order of steampunk and secret societies.

    2. Re: I despise cockroaches.

      I read somewhere that their smell is physically nauseating to most people. Granted, they needed a bunch of them in a small space to actually measure the influence - just one isn't really enough to (...)

    3. Re: Val Has Another Curious Question That Has Been Killing Him, it is About Isekai.

      there was one scooby doo movie in 1990's where they were trapped in a game, lmao And it goes back farther than that - TRON was from 1982, and was apparently partially inspired by Pong. Apparently (...)

    4. Re: Unique Professions/Classes in LitRPG's.

      One of my all-time favorite xianxias had the MC as an embroiderer. He eventually expanded into more general crafting, but he was still building looms and stuff hundreds of chapters in. (Avalon of Five (...)

    5. Re: A Way I am Making Use of Rep Points—> What do Ya Think?

      Sounds interesting - if anyone notices it. I'll be honest, if I was reading/commenting and you were giving variable rep to my comments, chances are I'd completely miss it. I'll admit I'm not super (...)

    6. Re: Disastrous demotivation

      I've struggled with depression for about seven years now, so I have some idea how you're feeling. Sometimes I've written things, sometimes I can't, and that often has nothing to do with my writing skill. (...)

    7. Re: Has anyone else ever used their experiences in work as inspiration for hatable characters?

      Not yet, but my previous boss was a petty, vain, small-minded man who was either so stupid he couldn't keep simple facts straight or was a compulsive liar about random details, and I was never able to (...)

    8. Re: What would hypersonic speed sound like?

      Probably just like supersonic, but louder. Going from below the speed of sound to above is a change in what laws of aerodynamics apply; going from above the speed of sound to even further above the (...)

    9. Re: Need some outside eyes on making my Images a bit easier to read

      If you want to make it look more gold, my suggestion would be to brighten up the scrollwork in the corners - make them lighter than the rest of the image, not darker.

    10. Re: Do you click on RoyalRoad ads?

      On occasion. I don't think I've ever started reading a story because of it, but I've definitely clicked through once or twice.

    11. Re: Should I give up writing?

      Hey, it's not like you can't do both. Do what makes you happy! There are tons of free resources online for how to draw. There are even cheap drawing tablets available, as long as you don't need fancy (...)

    12. Re: GameLit Genre Confusion

      There's probably no harm in adding the tag. I've rarely seen complaints about overtagging around here, and that's mostly stuff like putting a tag on when nothing related to it has shown up in the story (...)

    13. Re: idea: guest write

      GameLit—> Contains game-like elements, but more focused on the literary part. This one doesn’t contain stats, tables, etc. LitRPG—> More focused on a game, with stats, tables, etc. The real math (...)

    14. Re: Does anyone else have an authors personality and engagement effect their experience?

      I write explanations of chinese and xianxia terms in my novels authors notes, is that also no no, or is it justified, in your opinion?  I support that! Different languages or technical terms get a (...)

    15. Re: idea: guest write

      This is about right as far as I can tell. On another note? How the hell did this thread take this turn? 🤨 Haha, right? Anyways, yeah, I pretty much agree with you. I just think it's important (...)

    16. Re: Story Idea: Lighthearted LitRPG starring Half-Dragon spellsword woman. Would you read it?

      This seemed interesting, so here are my 2c: Firstly, there's been a some discussion on 'stakes', and I think there's a bit of a mismatch between the ideas of some of the posters and the story-as-framed. (...)

    17. Re: Does anyone else have an authors personality and engagement effect their experience?

      I'm sometimes bothered by how an author responds to comments, but that usually just makes me stop reading or posting comments. Which does lower my enjoyment of the fiction a bit, but usually not enough (...)

    18. Re: idea: guest write

      The games are originally Nintendo’s own, so the person making the fan game, even with fair use, can’t say anything. If Nintendo leaves it up, it means they are okay with it. Eh, things get messy with (...)

    19. Re: idea: guest write

      In the US, fanfiction falls under copyright law, and is usually evaluated under 'fair use' guidelines. It's worth reading the wikipedia article on both 'fair use' and fanfiction legal issues if you're (...)

    20. Re: Whats the Fiction on Hiatus that you most want to see come back? And why?

      Underpowered by LostAndContent. Partially because the story grabbed me and the author seems skilled, and partially because it dropped on a chapter named 'Quitting is for Sissies'. :P