1. Re: Hi everyone, any clues about how to make the light element more destructive?

      Everyone, what is “hard light” to you?  I have an easier time thinking about The Withering Light of Truth than hard light.  Instant glowy thing, yes, but what is it?  What’s going on? To me, 'hard (...)

    2. Re: Hi everyone, any clues about how to make the light element more destructive?

      The Recluse series (by, I think, Tad Williams?) had a reversal of the normal white/black magic thing going on, where white was 'chaotic' because it was made from all colors of light, but black was 'order' (...)

    3. Re: Hi everyone, any clues about how to make the light element more destructive?

      Oh, madness is always a fun theme. Yeah, I was going to mention Sunless Skies clockwork sun and the accompanying madness. If you want 'light' to be a dangerous and corrosive force, reading up on (...)

    4. Re: What was everyone's first novel they read on their own?

      Can't believe my mum let me read that! ...That's definitely a bit extreme, yeah. In my own experience, though, my parents never had the time or inclination to check up on what all I was reading; (...)

    5. Re: What was everyone's first novel they read on their own?

      I think it was the first Doctor Doolittle book. I was pretty young when I started reading chapter books - early gradeschool, easily - so I'm kinda guessing from circumstances, but that's my best guess. (...)

    6. Re: What angle to tackle this internal conflict from?

      Bit of an aside, but if you like supernatural school-life mystery stories, you should check out the Monogatari series by Nisio Isin. Gets kinda dark at times, but when it's good, it's good. Oh, uh, (...)

    7. Re: Pacing

      I've done 1,000 words an hour when I'm really in the groove. There is, of course, no limit to how slow I can go when I'm procrastinating. :P

    8. Re: Guilty Pleasure Tropes

      Gotta be secret identities. The stronger the differences between the secret and public identities the better, and having significant story points for both sides is a huge plus. I think I just really (...)

    9. Re: What was something "fun" that happened to you

      So, I bought a motorbike back in highschool, and spent a few weeks getting the whole thing running. It had an electrical problem, and those can be hard to pin down, so I just started replacing parts, starting (...)

    10. Re: First person, present tense

      So I have a hot take... Most everyone tells stories in their day-to-day life. Like I was talking to someone at work about mosquitoes today, telling them about how one landed on my nose. It's perfectly (...)

    11. Re: Words

      Hah, this has pretty much turned into a discussion of the second point, and I'll throw my hat in. (For what it's worth, I totally agree with the first point - near-word repetition is really jarring (...)

    12. Re: Mobile phone vs PC

      Desktop at home, phone on the go - although I'll say that on my phone, I don't often read off the RR site. I usually download whatever I'm reading as an epub, (look into Calibre/FanFicFare if you're curious,) (...)

    13. Re: Gamelit VS. Litrpg

      It would be interesting to see some other types of game literature, but I have no idea how that would work. I skimmed a manga where the MC got the power to pull gacha for fighters who would join (...)

    14. Re: Gamelit VS. Litrpg

      I consider LitRPG a subsection of GameLit. So all LitRPG = GameLit, but not all GameLit = LitRPG. Dunno how popular that view is, but I guess we'll find out.

    15. Re: Unfamiliar with a lot of RR concepts

      So you've got concepts from three-ish genres mixed up there; let me separate them for you. Both 'System' and 'Litrpg' are from the 'GameLit' genre, which is basically stories that draw from elements (...)

    16. Re: How should I take a 3-Star Rating?

      Unless you know or ask how the person rates, it's impossible to tell what they meant by a 3-star, since the ratings here don't have an objective scale. The only thing that's probable is that they didn't (...)

    17. Re: How to write a title?

      I don't really have a method, but I know I want titles that express something about the story. A lot of titles are either super bland or straight-up nonsense, and tell you nothing. Ones with made up words (...)

    18. Re: Any stories that utilize illustrations?

      One of the stories I read, Morcster Chef, has a comic version. It's pretty good, but it updates a lot slower than the text version. It's the only full-on comic I've seen on Royalroad, though.

    19. Re: Help with Uploading time!

      I don't think there's a 'best time'; if you look for times when there's more people on the site, there's more authors posting as well, so the front page moves faster. If you look for times you'll stay (...)

    20. Re: Chaotic Shiny

      Yeah this is pretty fun. I liked the 'magic trick' 'omen' and 'apocalypse' generators. I'll probably look it up next time I'm writing short fiction.