1. Re: Pen Name Ideas

      Glad you like it! :) I'll add your story to my read-it-later list, to check out the next time I want something a bit different.

    2. Re: Pen Name Ideas

      Alright I came up with something on the spot, so how about, depending if you'd like a male or female name: Ariadne's Yarn OR Theseus' Yarn? This is in reference to the ball of string that (...)

    3. Re: Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      Ah I see, Hmm…I’ll try to do this… If you're only reading from RR or other established webfiction sites, and you have access to a computer, then Calibre with the FanFicFare extension will download (...)

    4. Re: Val Just discovered Text-To-Speech on IOS

      TTS is great. I use it on android for all sorts of webfiction - but I rip the webpages into an epub and open them in my ebook app, so I don't need to highlight stuff and it'll keep going from one chapter (...)

    5. Re: How Prevailing is VRMMO Hate?

      I like VRMMO's, but I'm convinced they're not really good for high-stakes stories. IMO, some of the earlier comments hit the nail on the head with how screwy VRMMO stories can get when people try to bolt (...)

    6. Re: Most bizarre novel I read on RR so far

      Oh, I've read that. I actually skipped the first chapter, though, on the rationale that if people were writing angry PM's because of it (according to the author's note) I probably wouldn't enjoy it - and (...)

    7. Re: On the Topic of Ratings(No, it is Not a Rant)

      Novelupdates does this pretty well, IMO, and I've found myself wishing RR did the same thing they do - they have a little bar graph off to the side, and it's really easy to see how votes on a story are (...)

    8. Re: Speed Reading

      Dunno about speed reading - although I already read pretty fast - but if you use text-to-speech, you can adjust the reading speed, and if you keep pushing the speed up little by little, you'll eventually (...)

    9. Re: Changes to [Popular This Week]

      I think this is a good change. Royalroad doesn't need to donate their front page space to prop up Amazon's skeevy monopolistic business practices. If you want to be on KU, you're agreeing to an (...)

    10. Re: Looking for excellent fantasy progression stories! Similar to The Primal Hunter, Azarinth Hunter, and The (...)

      Have you read Chrysalis? Guy gets reincarnated as an ant, goes on to found an ant nation. It's pretty good. Short chapters, but there are a ton of them. I'd also recommend World Apocalypse Online, although (...)

    11. Re: When do you decide to follow?

      I usually don't even start reading a story until there's about a month of updates, which for a lot of novels is about twenty chapters. I'll know if the novel is something I want to keep reading pretty (...)

    12. Re: What Is The History Of RoyalRoad

      Here's what I remember... It started as a site hosting translations for the light novel Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. The staff got permission from the original author to translate up to a certain (...)

    13. Re: Need Help With Describing a Type of Story

      Dunno about the story type, but I'm pretty sure TVtropes would call such a character 'The Woobie'. If you have a more popular example, you could look up it's trope page and see if anyone's listed a trope (...)

    14. Re: How to genre my book without inadvertently falsely advertising it?

      Honestly, if there's a stat sheet in-story, especially if it has numbers, I think you're perfectly justified labeling it LitRPG.

    15. Re: If You Could Be In A Story

      I would absolutely love to tour Discworld, but for quality of life, something far-future like The Culture might be best. Of course, it's hard to beat power-fantasy, so maybe an easygoing light novel where (...)

    16. Re: Short Stories?

      It's been a while, but I participated in short-story contests on a site called It was originally fanfiction (My Little Pony, of all things) but not too long after I found it, they started (...)

    17. Re: What do You Use for Note Taking?

      Microsoft Onenote. Free, does plain lists great, auto-saves, and syncs between my phone and PC. I've considered breaking the corporate chains and learning Emacs for Org Mode, but I've never quite screwed (...)

    18. Re: Tie tie them together, or not?

      Because if I tie them together, that means I'll need to make up timelines for when each story takes places, but I'll also need to do crossover cameos for characters and reference events from other stories (...)

    19. Re: Are chapter titles needed?

      I'm with Luda. Having both numbers and names, in that order, make a good impression on me. That's how I'd do my own chapters.

    20. Re: Looking for second opinion on cover/art

      To me, the current cover makes me think 'synthwave' and 'old anime', a slightly silly retro-futuristic feel. That neon-chrome text and grid yells 'cyberpunk', but the anime characters cut a lot of the (...)