1. Re: Looking for stuff to read.

      Here's a few I just picked out of my follows in no particular order. Xianxia (Chinese martial arts fantasy) (...)

    2. Re: Who are the short story masters for you?

      Bradbury is quite possibly my all-time favorite author ever. Not all his short stories are amazing, but the ones that are have rocked my world. Do note, he's commonly referred to as a sci-fi author, but (...)

    3. Re: In a "realistic setting", how do you justify impractical equipment such as Mecha, swords & faction special(...)

      Unless I'm misunderstanding you, I don't think there's an actual answer. Realism and mechs are fundamentally opposed. To join them, some compromises have to be made, and there's no simple answer on how (...)

    4. Re: Gimme a REAL trash power

      The ability to change the color of things as long as he concentrates on them. Pretty weak, but useful for camouflage and distractions, especially when paired with his plants. As far as developing (...)

    5. Re: Architecture as art

      Hmm, now you've got me wondering whether there are more paintings or buildings in the average city. On the one hand, I agree with you; there are a lot more well-known artists in paint and ink than (...)

    6. Re: Protection for work

      Not just the US - many countries have signed the Berne Convention, which mandates copyright as soon as the work is 'fixed'. And you don't even have to upload it here for that; as soon as you record it (...)

    7. Re: Golem/unusual races litrpg

      I think it's dropped, but Mud's Mission is about a golem. I guess Threadbare is as well, although he's a cloth golem, so a bit soft and squishy. Very well written, though. And wow it got a lot longer (...)

    8. Re: I want YOUR Isekai cheat skill

      My cheat isekai would be about an author who wrote a hella grimdark novel, and then got transmigrated to it. Now, in order to not live in a hella grimdark world, I'm freaking out.  I'm actually writing (...)

    9. Re: I want YOUR Isekai cheat skill

      So if I ever get around to writing it... My cheat isekai would be about an author who wrote a hella grimdark novel, and then got transmigrated to it. Now, in order to not live in a hella grimdark world, (...)

    10. Re: LitRPG that is NOT Isekai?

      Seaborn, yeah, for sure. I'll throw in Weaponsmith, although it's on the... quirky side. The Great Core's Paradox is pretty good, plus time-loops, which I'm always a fan of. Last Flight of (...)

    11. Re: Navigating Royalroadl

      I've been poking at the html code for the page for a while and I don't think there's an easy way to do this. The chapter list seems to be loaded as an html table, and clicking the 'next' arrow doesn't (...)

    12. Re: Do you have to copyright your story?

      The neat thing is, if you publish here it's automatically copyrighted for you. For real? And this is for everyone regardless of where in the world they are? In countries where the Berne Convention (...)

    13. Re: Fantasy with a non-secretive and/or non-loner protagonist.

      Oh, I thought of another one, actually. Mark of the Fool has the MC sharing his secret with a core group. No romance as far as I've read, but it's been a while since I caught up, so there might have been (...)

    14. Re: Fantasy with a non-secretive and/or non-loner protagonist.

      Thanks for you guy's suggestions. I'll certainly take a look. As for 'Trash of the Count's Family', if I'm not mistaken I've read a few chapters of its manga adaptation and wasn't that impressed tbh. (...)

    15. Re: I see a lot of threads in the forums about music, so I'm going to give you a tip to heighten the dramatic (...)

      I don't often pair it with music, but when I want a thunderstorm I use one of the (many) soundscape generators on The guy goes out and records actual noises and then turns them in adjustable (...)

    16. Re: Fantasy with a non-secretive and/or non-loner protagonist.

      If you're up for reading translated stuff, Trash of the Count's Family kinda fits. (The translation is really good tho.) It starts out looking like a 'reincarnated into a novel' story, and the MC does (...)

    17. Re: Karambit Knife- A debate with my Beta reader

      Eh, I'm of two minds. I'd say if you want to use the word 'karambit' and carry along the connotations that come with that word, then yeah, having an explanation somewhere might be useful. Preferably (...)

    18. Re: Best sci-fi books written by Asian authors?

      I haven't read his stuff, but I've heard good things about Liu Cixin. IIRC one of his translated books won a Hugo, so he's got at least some quality work.

    19. Re: Is it possible for non-LitRPG stories to do well on RR?

      Given that the #1 spots in 'best ongoing' and 'best completed' are both non-litrpg (and have been for literally years) I would say yes, non-litRPG can do well, and at higher rating levels, probably actually (...)

    20. Re: Need a story for my game

      Man, could you actually understand Vangers story? You're talking about the game with a voxel overhead map where you drove mad-max style cars through some sort of post-apocalyptic hellscape, right? Maybe (...)