1. Re: Why Is so negatively viewed

      Qidian, the parent company, is absolutely scum of the earth. They pulled some amazingly asinine stuff when they were launching the site, screwing over translators and fans alike. If you're curious, (...)

    2. Re: What do You Use for Note Taking?

      Microsoft Onenote. Free, does plain lists great, auto-saves, and syncs between my phone and PC. I've considered breaking the corporate chains and learning Emacs for Org Mode, but I've never quite screwed (...)

    3. Re: Tie tie them together, or not?

      Because if I tie them together, that means I'll need to make up timelines for when each story takes places, but I'll also need to do crossover cameos for characters and reference events from other stories (...)

    4. Re: Are chapter titles needed?

      I'm with Luda. Having both numbers and names, in that order, make a good impression on me. That's how I'd do my own chapters.

    5. Re: Looking for second opinion on cover/art

      To me, the current cover makes me think 'synthwave' and 'old anime', a slightly silly retro-futuristic feel. That neon-chrome text and grid yells 'cyberpunk', but the anime characters cut a lot of the (...)

    6. Re: Genre Help: Demigod Cultivation?

      There's a fair bit of variance in the 'cultivation systems' from one xianxia to the next. The most common ones are probably similar to the ones used by I Eat Tomatoes (Coiling Dragon and others) or Er (...)

    7. Re: SIX HUNDRED!

      Congrats! I gotta say, you're a writing machine; your output is unreal in terms of quantity and quality. I've been reading since I first saw the story on r/hfy, and it's still consistently in my 'most (...)

    8. Re: How to write about something i have never experience?

      Bit of a cop-out, buuuut.... if you really want to write it, but can't convince yourself you've learned enough about the subject, you could always file the serial numbers off and do a sci-fi or fantasy (...)

    9. Re: Blue Boxes - Yes or no? Alternatives?

      Honestly, I don't think many litrpg's have stat blocks complicated enough to need dedicated table layouts. Just doing something like: HP: 50 MP: 89 STR: 58 MND: 69 SPD: 33 Titles: Super Awesome (...)

    10. Re: The question of life, the univerese, everything.

      A bit nervous. Today was the last day at my old job; Monday is the first day at my new job. I'm cautiously optimistic, but being 'the new guy' is never fun.

    11. Re: RR Genre Question

      Hmm... I'd judge it based on joke density. If you've got a few jokes in each chapter, I'd say the tag is probably applicable, even if 'telling jokes' isn't the aim of the story.

    12. Re: I've grown to hate stories where the underdog is automatically the good guy

      I was trying to think of fiction where the 'good guys' are also in power, and I came up with detective fiction. What popped into my mind was Sherlock Holmes, specifically 'A Study in Scarlet', where (...)

    13. Re: Need feedback on my snippet

      Well, it's got a good hook, which is more than a lot of stories on here manage. I'd suggest cutting out the ellipsis. They're occasionally useful, but they're also at the top of my 'most overused punctuation (...)

    14. Re: Title ideas

      I like Stats and Sensibility best. Class and Bearing is alright, but 'class' is also used in social class and stuff, which (for the title) seems like a bit much ambiguity; if you want to hook people (...)

    15. Re: Cover Help?

      I was wondering where could I find a free stock cover?  You might find Wikipedia's list of public domain image sites useful.

    16. Re: Symbolism - Nonsense or Necessary?

      As with most things, it kinda depends. Some stories use it in very obvious ways; allegory or satire, like Orwell's Animal Farm, often rely on one thing being an stand-in for another. It can be a great (...)

    17. Re: Cover Help?

      I like number 1 best, except for the bottom where the edge of the box is invisible; I'd like that to be a bit clearer so it's more obviously a coffin, and not an angled pillar that extends infinitely downwards. (...)

    18. Re: Effectively doing time-skips? And what makes an opening considered slow?

      Have you watched Pixar's Up? If you want to do a fast-forward, Up is a great example to try and emulate. A quick montage of meaningful scenes that convey an overall theme. On the other hand, have (...)

    19. Re: Prime Time for Posting?

      I think all posting times end up being about the same, given how the influences shake out. Consider: what people want from a 'better' time to post is to get more eyes on their story. This usually means (...)

    20. Re: Paragraph Spacing Question

      So I haven't tried this in a while, but assuming RR's HTML works fairly standard, then here's the breakdown of what's probably happening behind the scenes. Paragraphs are text inside of

      tags. (...)