T. A. Haywood is weaving an Awesome Wild West flavored Sci-Fi tale of epic proportions in my humble opinion. McCallister the Main Character is a tortured soul, his background is a terrible mixture of loss and pain. The supporting characters, Clay, Kira, Lily and others help frame the story very well. The antagonists are the Tamari, an hostile alien race bent on taking what they want when they want and Terra Corps, like any major corporation is hell bent on protecting their shareholders and their profits at the expense of anyone who gets in their way, fills me with righteous anger. The style of T.A. Haywood's writing, the grammar T.A. Haywood uses and T.A. Haywood's pacing of this great story is very, very, very well done. I did not forget, but last and definitely NOT least is His Royal Highness who make you pay for your insolence!!  (LULZ!!) All of the characters in this awesome wild west flavored sci-fi are either very, very likable or in the antagonsits case very, very hateable. This story in my humble opinion is definitely worth your time to read and is very, very, very enjoyable read, indeed. T.A. Haywood is to be congratulated for putting themselves out here by writing and sharing this awesome wild west flavored sci-fi tale.


Descendants of a Dead Earth

HeWhoLooksSkyward is an Awesome writer and this 3rd story of his is reading really really very good. The characters are awesome. The story is dark with definite underpinning of light. I believe this is gonna be one heckuva ride. This story is a slow build up of whup azz, It will make you cry, laugh, hope, despair and a whole lot more.



Outlaw Country

Western-Sci-Fi Litrpg from Hell

Ghotty is a Very good writer. The story is weird but a fun read. The MC is a total BA and is OP but Likeable/Hateable. It reminds me of John Carter in a way. There are mispellings and grammar errors but not terrible, sometimes the dialoge makes me think he is from later in history than the late 19th century. The story is entertaining, enjoyable and engaging.


Hattie: An Old Maid's Adventures

Very Interesting and Entertaining read.

SomethingNew is a very good storyteller and writer. This story is NOT about you stereotypical "Old Maid". Hattie is a character that has very good depth to her, the support characters are very good, also. Especially Monte Hattie's gold wolf companion. The style is very good, it is a good, slow, even build-up. Some grammar and misspellings but not totally jarring or annoying.

Bravo! Kudos!!


Paths of the Chosen (Rewritten, Revised, and Reinvigorated)

Zurai has gotz an Fabulously Excellent story, It is entertaining, enjoyable and engrossing. It is Awesomely written. The characters as in ALL of them are great and have quality and depth to them. The grammar and style are impressive. The story is our MC is playing a IVR game and is sucked into a different world is similiar to other stories I've read but STANDS on its own Very Very Well. KUDOS to the author, keep on keeeping on!


First Contact

Awesome (funny and terrifying) Read

Ralts Bloodthorne is an awesome writer and is telling one Awesome Tale. It is a must read, funny, terrifying and thought provoking. The characters in this story are well thought out and great. The style is very good with very good pacing. Grammar and some mispelling needs a little work but done mostly well.

This story hits you like a TON of bricks!!!



Bang Boom Splat Good read!!

Vowron Prime is a very good writier and has a very good story to tell. The story that has been written so far is a combat junkies wet dream. The author is writing very well and is only confusing some of the times and listens when constructive input is given. The MC who's name is MC (ha!) is pretty darned cool, the world or sim (I haven't figured it out yet) is about as Alien as you can get. Spelling and grammar are very well done. I am looking forward to more of this. 


Echoes of Rundan

Good World Building Adventure

The team of RileySKeene is writing a pretty darned good world building adventure. It really captivates me and leaves me wanting more. The characters are pretty well thought out and have good depth to them. It is not your typical game mechanics either, it is fresh and interesting. The style and grammar are very well done. It is definitely worth my time and mebbe yours too.


Blessed Time

An Excellent and Enjoyable Read

CoCop is a very, very good writer that is crafting an excellent and enjoyable tale albeit very dark at times. Micah the MC is a Great character with a great sense of depth to him. The support characters are very much likable or hatable depending on their roles. The style and pace of the story is very well done. Grammar errors and misspellings are very few and far between. 


The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen

This story has entertained and educated me about the Vikings. I look forward to each and every chapter it is very well written and keeps you wanting and coming back for more. The characters and mythology are so engaging that I almost wish I could be a crew member for Einarr when he finally launches his own longship.