1. RE: Volunteering for reviews

      I've been slow lately but I'm still working through reviews. Looking forward to checking out all the stories.

    2. RE: Volunteering for reviews

      No worries. Been on vacation for the last two weeks. I have three days left on vacation. I'll get back to reviewing when I'm done. Or if I start to get bored before then. You can only spend so much time (...)

    3. RE: Volunteering for reviews

      Hey a guys. Still working my way through. Didn't think of get this many replies. Thanks for all the good reads so far. Hoped my reviews have helped. If I havnt got to you yet don't worry I'm coming.

    4. RE: Volunteering for reviews

      Sure things guys. I'll get to you all by friday

    5. RE: Volunteering for reviews

      Sure thing wanderingsttanger. I'll likely start on yours tommorrow afternoon. Still going over Volus' story. Which I can recomend as a 'reincarnated other world novel' that's heads in a far different (...)

    6. RE: Willing to do a review for a review

      Your link is broken. =( I'm willing to do a swap. Shoot me a link or a pm, and we'll get it started.

    7. Volunteering for reviews

      Before I start, I would like to mention that by no mean do I consides myself anything more than a fledgling author myself.  However, I do enjoy helping others, especially those wise enough to understand (...)

    8. RE: With my last update that was put out yesterday, I have finished "Act One" of my book.

      Howdy howdy. Bout to check out tour story but, wanted to give you a shout out. I'm no admin but you might want to check out the pinned rules thread. I'm pretty sure multiple thread from one story or (...)

    9. RE: Blackcrown

      I'm rather enjoying your story. I havnt read the original just the rewrite version. Not sure how the original turned put. But the rewrite is a good solid read so far. Keep up the good work and keep the (...)

    10. RE: Dodge Tank (Fantasy, LitRPG) - Miner MC becomes a tank that uses dodge for defense

      Enjoying your story so far. I can see it going in a lot off different directions in the future.

    11. RE: Feedback request for the willing

      Howdy there. As far as your descriptions go, a little goes a long ways. Yours is by no means horrible, however are dumping a lot of descriptions on your readers I the first chapter when you should really (...)

    12. RE: I'm apparently doing something wrong, no clue though

      thanks, I'll admit the vodka was flowing like the Mississippi last night. but thanks ,I was kinda on the edge of burn it down and start over.

    13. I'm apparently doing something wrong, no clue though

      So I have a story that's been in the making for almost four years now. I just recently began actually putting pen to paper (well fingers to keyboard.) I've posted seven chapters in the last five days. (...)