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zeel steel

Adagio of the Enlightened

tl;dr: The story has a lot of potential, the potential to be great, but it's taking forever to realize that potential. 

Like the title states, this story has a lot of potential. The story takes place in a large and complex world and the magic system leaves room for a lot of creativity. The dynamic between the MCs is enjoyable and the other characters are believable too.  

All of that being said, the story lacks clearity and straight forwardness. I spent a lot of time throughout the begining chapters confused about what all the fantasy words meant. The author doesn't do a great job of explaining them through the text, at least in the begining. I also feel that the story meanders a bit. Not in the sense that a lot of things outside of the main plot line happen, but in the sense that it takes forever to get to the point. Relating to that, the story is very slow paced. I am 42 chapters in and the characters are still toddlers in this world and we've barely explored the magic system of this world and how it works (which is a large part of why I read fantasy). 

A slow paced story isn't necessarily a bad thing so long as each chapter advances the plot or shows us more about the characters and world. This just feels like a bunch of filler episodes. The chapters still technically expand on the characters and world, but I can't help but feel it does so in a in a bland way. It feels like filler because so little has happened from the start of the story to chapter 42.

Silver Fox and the Western Hero

I do not often write reviews, I have done so maybe twice or thrice before. I write this review both because I am very much in love with this story so far, and because I feel that Telchar was overly harsh with their review. 

This novel is full of believable characters in believable situations. The world is large, beautiful, and deadly. The MC is quick on his feet and isn't afraid to take the initiative. He's worked for everything he's gotten so far and isn't some over powered Mary Sue that Walter's through all obstacles before him. 

The MC's ring is indeed OP, but only in it's potential. (Spoiler?) Yes, it has saved his life and the life of someone he cares about, but it has done so in a believable way. 

A Novel World

This is wholly average. Not mindnumbingly so, but nothing stands out about it. This feels more like a day to day accounting of the MCs life than a story with an actual plot. The interludes are more interesting than what the MC is doing. 

Style score: I'm not really Sure what this means by style, this being my first review, but I'll take it to mean the magic system. Slightly above average, it has potential, but it's not the best i've seen. 

Story score: like i've stated, the story is dry and uninspiring. I found my mind wondering as I read it, wanting to do something else. 

Grammar score: there are no glaring mistakes.

Character score: we've only been introduced to two characters so far, and they are both alright. They seem like real people with real lives. 

I'm on chapter 32 and I do plan to read on, in hopes that it'll somehow pick up the pace, but I'm not thrilled by what I see so far.