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zeel steel

Virtuous Sons: A Greco Roman Xianxia

Virtuous Sons: A Greco (...)
by Ya Boy
1.4k pages

The saying goes that when a man is born the Fates weave his destiny and swaddle him in it. Then one day the man dies, and the swaddle becomes a shroud. Heaven moves on.

It is audacity to question the Fates. Olympus is Olympus. The land of men is the land of men. To transgress that, to cross the line of divinity and scale Olympus Mons? To defy the Fates and cast off their threads?

That is hubris. It’s a mark that every philosopher bears plainly on their soul.

[Virtuous Sons updates every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8pm EST.]

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Beware Of Chicken

Beware Of Chicken
by Casualfarmer
1.8k pages

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.


Beware of Chicken will be updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

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Esper:  Search for Power

Esper: Search for Power (...)
by JavinHawat
199 pages

Dan Martin has a good life. He's respected at his job, and enjoys his work. He is close to his family, and they love and support him. With engaging hobbies, relative financial security, and freedom to learn and pursue his interests, Dan is happy.


So it's not particularly welcome when he's selected by an inscrutable and seemingly omnipotent System as a test subject. The downsides: All of this is insane and by any rational analysis he's gonna die. The upsides: Super powers, a cure for a physical disability that had limited him, and above all, so very much to learn (for as long as he can avoid dying).


I am very much a beginner as an author, and any feedback or suggestions on how to improve would be deeply appreciated. Chapter releases should be daily for the first two weeks and sporadic after that as I use up my buffer. Please consider this work as a rough draft subject to revision and/or retcon.  It is not only my first attempt at original story telling, but at world building and RPG style system design.  The latter has been very difficult, even drawing  on the brilliant work of many RPGs and LitRPGs for inspiration.  Thank you to any willing to give a new story and a new writer a try!

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Aeon Chronicles Online

Aeon Chronicles Online (...)
by greentleevis
185 pages

Edited Book 1 now available on Kindle Unlimited in all regions!

US http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BKR6FWT

Book 2 is now available on Kindle Unlimited!


A dark litRPG novel. 

After a deadly encounter with a forest wolf, Rowan Black survives thanks to stem cell therapy and experimental bionic brain implants. Rowan's body recovers, but the treatment leaves his memories fragmented and his psyche shattered into something inhumane, irritable, callous—and a tad bit lustful. When Rowan's doctor fails to notice this, his parents reluctantly sends him back to Westwind Highschool, resulting in the murder of Rowan's past bully.

After serving juvenile detention in a psychiatric center for two years, 18-year-old Rowan is offered a choice by a powerful corporation: Either spend the next decades in a psychiatric prison or play in their fully-immersive virtual reality game, Aeon Chronicles Online, and grow into the role of the world's next major raid boss that players must defeat.

Will Rowan regain his old psyche? How will Aeon Chronicle’s AI controller react to Rowan’s unique mind? Will Rowan receive help in a team-oriented game or is he alone? Find out in this 130k+ word, dark LitRPG novel!

This series is part of the LeMort Multiverse.  

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by ginobi47
1.5k pages

The world is broken and rotten.

It's supposed defenders are too weak willed to do what is necessary.

It's leaders are too corrupt to care for those beneath them

If they wont fix this world, then I will!

I will make the world a better place ..... by any means necessary!

Nice to meet you all. My name is Ginobi47. A lurker of fanfiction.net and now a writer of original fic.This is my first original work and I do hope you enjoy it!

Do remember that this is a fiction in the Superhero genre. Please expect the craziness that goes along with it.


NOTE: English is not my maiden language.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As I went through the other fictions of Royal Road, I noticed that my style of writing style (slow release, 1 big post) doesnt work well in this site. As such, I'll be experimenting on releasing smaller chapters more often, as this seems to be how the authors of Royal Road does things.

Mind you, my release speed will still be very slow compared to others, but I'll churn out chapters more often than what I used to do.



ANOTHER NOTE: Some of my readers convinced me to set up a discord server. While I have absolutely no idea what to do in a discord server, but if you're interested, just join in and go nuts.

Suggest some storylines or characters, seek advice in just about anything or tell me your deepest darkest secret (you can PROBABLY trust me ^.^).

Feel free to do whatever is fun

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My Blind Familiar

My Blind Familiar
by VRDraco
1.1k pages

Familiar, a magical creature of any kind that a mage channels mana through to perform magic or tasks. Familiars are all different and each mage can have only 1 and it can only be summoned in Magic Academy due to the preparation for this being in these locations.
The age that these students obtain this is when they start their second year in the magic academy. The first year was purely to teach the students how to gather mana and improve their capacity as well as to weed out those without talent for gathering mana. The entire year teaches the students breathing techniques, meditation and teaches the basis of how magic works.

Our story starts with a young man that summons the most uncommon Demon, the imp or so called the Ash Golem.

Hi ppl, new and very advanced story as well as one i will publish. I won't release many chapters of this one so it is more a teaser.

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Necromancer and Co.

Necromancer and Co.
by Dissonance
828 pages

In a time before the existence of the present, the gods decided to create a plane of existence where all their creations could exist in the same place. In it, all would be fair, and all gaps between races and technological advancements could be crossed with a single system that the gods had created. Every year, the gods would choose a new race to put in their land, and in this new group of beautifully unlucky people, Alen, his friends, and a few people from Earth have finally met their turn to be tossed into the playground of the gods.

Unfortunately though, Alen was thrust into a forest of corpse-eating bears and horribly smelly undead on his first day, one of the many danger-zones of the continent the gods had chosen to throw them in. It would be easy to say that he simply died within the first day, or that he'd starved to death or whatever, but let's be honest...

That story would be no fun to tell, yes?

(Re-write of my first fiction with the same name.)

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The New World

The New World
by Monsoon117
5.1k pages

An AI calling itself Schema has assimilated earth into its system. As a consequence, everyone gained access to status screens, power-ups, and skills. This AI turned these concepts from fiction to fact. It's easy to become intoxicated with leveling up and becoming stronger. To some, it's too good to be true like living out a dream.

For Daniel, however, it's closer to a nightmare.

He's in a bit of a predicament. Cracks in our dimensional fabric have unleashed terrifying beasts from dark, abyssal places. Schema organizes these cracks into dungeons, giving the native species of the planet a chance to fight back. Daniel finds himself trapped in one of these dungeons. Not long after, he discovers there's only one way out.

Kill or be killed.

(Note: I am currently editing the story and I'm uploading those edits. It will take time to do this, so if you find a huge shift in the story's formatting, that's why. I'm steadily hammering away at it, but it's going to take time. Thanks for your understanding, if you're offering it.)

This is a lit-RPG inspired by the Fallout series of games and the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound. 

Schedule: 2-3 releases a week of around 3,000 words. 

I have other fictions! *They're of questionable quality*

Here's Monsters Dwell in Men

If you want to support me and maybe see other content, check out my patreon: Patreon

Here's my Youtube Channel as well, Monsoon117 

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The Daily Life of a Divine Soul

The Daily Life of a Divine (...)
by LazyCasual
136 pages

Finding himself at the verge of entering the Sea of Souls after dying a sudden and unexpected death, Leng Yu was not allowed to rest easy as he was dragged back into the world of the living by a great evil! Forcing his poor soul to become the medium that will devour two of the most powerful experts of another world! Yu is then granted a new and terrifying body that can withstand his newfound divine might by the God of the other world! 

Join Leng Yu as he lives a carefree life in the most brutal continent of this other world. Obtaining a Spirit Queen as his wife, exploring the world's wide array of fragrant teas as well as causing countless jaws to drop and numerous eyes to widen as he does!


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Scion of the Void

Scion of the Void
by Re Evolution
448 pages

What happens when a retired Sailor, avid gamer, Player versus Player nut and an H.P. Lovecraft fan all rolled into a man with slight psychopathic tendencies gets brought to a world of fantasy with role-playing elements?

Chaos, absolute bloody chaos.

Join Jake as he attempts to find his way in a brand new world filled with elves, dragons, and all manner of strange and magical creatures, all the while he butchers and slaughters his way to power. Can he make it, or will he be brought down by the darkness inside of him?

Cover by Novissimus.


Authors Note:

Hey guys, thank you for taking the time to look this over. As this is my first work of any sort of writing, I would love it if you can give me any feedback you can think of. Hit me hard and hit me often, so I can make it better for everyone. Thank you!


Authors Note #2.

Some of the wonderful people reading this horrible attempt at literature have reviewed the Main Character as an unlikable a**hole that thinks everything is stupid or idiotic, while others have reviewed the Main Character as realistic and sarcastic. As the author, I think that both of these points are true, and if you, the reader, feel like you won't enjoy the MC being these things in your story, then it might be that this fiction is not for you. But if it is, then I welcome you with open arms. Thank you for your time.



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The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

The Legend of Randidly (...)
by puddles4263
12.1k pages

Book 1 Available now on Amazon: https://mybook.to/randidly1

As the system initializes, the world shifts. Geography is rearranged and mixed, and levels and stats are instituted across the globe. On that night, one young man was walking through an underground tunnel, his mind on the small problems of his easy life. Because of his location during the shift, he starts in a dungeon far above his level, with no knowledge or teacher, or Newbie Village to guide him. Without a class, he struggles simply to survive in this world changed by its new connection to the Nexus.

But struggle he will, for he is Randidly Ghosthound, and this is only how his legend begins...


Cover credit to cthulupillar


**Author's Note**

This started as a way to destress and play with overly complicated stats systems and level systems, and I just kept writing. I don't really take it very seriously, but feel free to read and enjoy.

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The Necromancer

The Necromancer
by Kuromori
20 pages

Aleksander Scythe, a young boy that lives in england until the day that he dies at 15 years old... but, this is not a reincarnation story, but one about revenge. Aleksander was murdered, and, because of his enormous hate, he came back as an undead with the powers of a necromancer. Death, gore, sex, violence and torture. A dark story about a guy that is absolutely evil. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, Kuro here! Yep, another story, this one i made by myself in my vision in what a evil necromancer should be, with a lot of minions instead a strong magician that is more powerful alone. Altought, he will be strong by himself... Anyway, i didn't had any kind of inspiration, i just got tired of seeing a lot of necromancer stories where they have only a small amount of servants... this one has an personal army, that he uses a lot!
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