Shitty MC in a cool setting.

Long review, so buckle up.

🌟 Well written. Cool characters, good plot. 

🚫Intolerable hypocritical MC.   Can't bring myself to read the guy's delusional thought processes anymore. So, had to drop it at chapter 5. For my own sanity.

[Edit:The contents in brackets were added later since there's some misunderstanding about why some of us can't relate to the actions of the MC in the starting chaps.

Let me begin by asking a few questions : If a STRANGER took you hostage by tricking you, threatening to kill you, would you be able to trust anything they say? Would you believe them if they say that it was for your own good? Would you forgive them just a few moments after they've released you?

Now imagine if you remembered that you had been taken hostage only yesterday by someone evil! And that this is the second time this is happening to you, what are the chances that you would actually believe the person who has taken you hostage now?

Scary situation right?

Let's take it a bit further to explain its relevance to the story:

Spoiler :

Replace being taken hostage with being mind controlled twice in 2 days. Thrice if you count the part where the MC gets mind controlled as a joke.

So, Final question : Would you be able to ever trust that person and go on to defend/hide them from the Police, considering that mind control is Illegal which makes the controller a Criminal?

Yes, that's what the MC does. No, I cannot relate to this MC because that's not how people deal with life impacting/traumatic events.

An argument can be made that the MC is a rational fellow and quite mature for his age, thus able to see different viewpoints. But it collapses immediately because no future actions are taken similarly, MC doesn't spend 2 seconds thinking about others (their motivations or reasoning) when making judgements. He acts like a naive but rebellious 12-15 yr old rich kid who's driven only by emotional impulses and not reasoning.

See below(original review) for examples.], 

Spoiler : Author repeatedly mentions that motive is important to MC(even when mind mage messes with his brain and tells him that the geas will kill him if he tells anyone. Guess what MC does when the geas is lifted? He takes the mind mage's side because she was just trying to 'help'.) When other parties use coercion for the greater good, suddenly he seems against them. Motive no longer matters.?! [He's aware of the double standards btw but still continues acting like this ]

When his sister is worried that he's being mind controlled, he flat out acts like an asshole. [Makes her out to be a villain messing up his life, as if she isn't literally worried about his brain] Motive doesn't seem to be a priority when his own family is considered eh?

Goes on to say that he doesn't care that laws were broken( since it benefited him)

Sister tries to bring in a 3rd party [The police basically] to check for mind tampering? He blames her for trying to bring down his chances at becoming a great mage.

Sister confesses that she hasn't joined uni because HIS chances of getting in are non-existent? That she chose to keep him company?
He bitches about how he's the victim... No shits given how she cared enough to stay by his side.

Honestly the sister character is great. Wish she were the MC.

Mc tries to make a geas sound like a taboo repeatedly but still doesn't seem to mind the fact that he is siding to protect the criminal who put a geas on him in the first place.

Oh and he keeps using his power to influence other people's emotions as if that's his right or even justified because... Well 'motive', i guess.

[Maybe they all make peace and have a happily ever after in the end, but upto this point, chap 5, the MC was an unrelatable character and thus just not worth it for me.

To those who liked it/stuck around for other reasons: To each their own. ]

2.5/5 Will not recommend.

The Wayward Bard

Looks interesting. Will follow.

Reviewed for the first 13 chapters as they are available at the moment.

The story follows an opportunist in a realistic VR environment after he has acquired all the money he could ever want. Or so he thinks. Enjoying a long vacation in a game is his current goal(for reasons obvious in the blurb)

It is a relatable goal imo. No desire to be the ultimate champion or to defeat his nemesis in an assisted setting. Just a honest to universe goal of enjoying all he can.

So far, the MC hasn't devolved into a random OP guy who everyone loves for no apparent reason. Instead, his actions and reactions (holy hell his reactions) end up landing him in as much trouble as they do him good.

He has a tendency to ramble a lot but doesn't bore. There were moments when i thought he would end up explaining entire histories in one go but like i said: he doesn't bore.

He gets pissed if his plans go to hell and on the other hand celebrates with food, alcohol and songs when stuff does go right. About what happens to most people in vacations, right? The character is thus solid and relatable with a clear goal and no BS.

Charisma is the stat of his choice. I usually give such stories a pass since they turn into harems with 1D characters. Not this one. Charisma actually affects his skills but only takes him so far. For the moment, the system doesn't seem to be flawed.

The grammar could use help but for a first time author I'm willing to overlook it. Especially since the mistakes don't really pull me out of the story.

So, the conclusion :

cool character

+cool goal

+balanced setting

= Interesting read. Will follow.