Oblivion Online (complete)

 This is a really good story i love the change up where he is a monster insead of a light sider. the only thing I dont like is how the dialogue seems to force out peoples names even when it makes the speech so a bit wonky but this story is mostly him doing awesome solo things so it doesnt effect the story as much as it would normally.


This is a good story to read IF you don't want a serious story. The fighting is really good, not the best but okay. 

The biggest letdown of the whole story is the charecters other then theo and this best friends they are just ridiculous.

If the other characters were done right this story could be the best superhero/viillian on this site.

Read this only if you are looking for good fights.

Aeon Chronicles Online

As of chapter 24

At the start it was very good. It reminded me off a more insane Jason from awaken online. But half way through another MC joined and turned him into the opposite of what he should be for an insane person even after meeting the dark god or whatever, the story was ruined by her.

Arnar the Dungeon

I love how the story is starting to be set up. also, I like how he is an OP dungeon he's not to OP where we can destroy a content without a thought. however, i wish there were more chapters out. however, that's my only complaint about it as i like the rest of it.