1. RE: Can just flowing plots work?

      Hmm... Speaking from experience, I say you make a basic outline first. Outline in the way that you place MC at point A and his/her goal at point Z. Now, there are point B-to-Y along the way. These points (...)

    2. RE: In my First Solid Stump. Please help...

      Uhm. Thank you everyone for the assistance. I'm happy get a variation of inputs to widen my horizon. And so... Every choice is correct, as long as it's the choice that makes you happy as an author (...)

    3. Fantasy-themed Story and All Things Related to It

      As the title said, this is a place that will contain elements from a fantasy-themed story so you can go magical without mercy. The reason why I'm making yet another thread here is because of my conquest (...)

    4. RE: Why do people like gender bender?

      As a writer of a genderbend story, it's mainly because I have better understanding of a man's psychology and starting from that point, explored into a territory not many wanted to know. Because such story (...)

    5. RE: In my First Solid Stump. Please help...

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBBfC8FY70c&index=1&list=PLPdJIpbJfgiR-pZysJ7nM9TjiJ-X-MH1Q This is a playlist of an accomplished writer giving a lecture on how to write a fantasy book. It may (...)

    6. RE: In my First Solid Stump. Please help...

      Just make sure you aren't having a slump because of some guy raging that you need to meet his fantasy. Take a break. Get some rest. Try to write when you feel energetic and happy. You can also (...)

    7. RE: In my First Solid Stump. Please help...

      What exactly has you stumped? Ideas? Characters? Dead End Plots? It can't be the grammar... people here don't really care about grammar as long as the story is good. Have you written all that you (...)

    8. RE: In my First Solid Stump. Please help...

      I've been through the same thing (everyday to say the least) but most of the time it has to do with being too lazy to even make a single chapter, or being just uninspired to make one. I've read the (...)

    9. In my First Solid Stump. Please help...

      And so... Just like what the title means. I'm in a very difficult position since I've been inactive from writing the continuation of my original stories. Honesty, I might have seen this coming but... (...)

    10. RE: Fantasy x Sci-fi?

      Ah, I see... I remembered that quote. I guess that might be a way to view the two. Hmhm... but if super-advanced technology can be no different than magic, and that civilization progresses along with development (...)

    11. Fantasy x Sci-fi?

      Eh, just a random question after all the times I spent inactive in the forum. I've been... discussing with a fellow writer in college and he's quite knowledgeable. Heck, he can even write powered suits (...)

    12. RE: What story genre should I write?

      Well, now... I haven't done anything for a while but let's see... Those two stories are interesting. Yes, certainly. If I were to give an advice, that'd be pick the one where you have clearer grasp (...)

    13. RE: What aspects of writing are you struggling with?

      I'm not so sure about this after seeing this thread. While I do have some definite troubles in grammar and length of sentences, I think there's this thing called 'Complexity of words used'. Don't know, (...)

    14. I need help to find what I lack in my story

      Yes, hello. Good evening, everyone. Now that I'm starting a new volume of both my stories and since it's still at the preliminary stage, I wanted to know what you thought of this story. The Link (...)

    15. Consistent Perspective?

      Now... then. This really sounds dumb for me who's already finishing several volumes of my stories. But... I think I cannot keep being consistent in fixing perspectives. Here's my list of questions regarding (...)

    16. RE: About Conveying Emotions

      You have the right attitude, although you kind of scare me. You sound like a supervillain in the making. Cold, heartless, emotionless - these are the same traits that I gave to the main villain in one (...)

    17. RE: About Conveying Emotions

      Uhyaaa…… sorry and thank you for the guidances! Well, I'm labeled as 'A Cold, Heartless Bastard' by my own sister for quite some times since it stemmed from some sort of… circumstance I'd rather not talk (...)

    18. RE: Character Appeal?

      Ouch. I'd prefer not to be stepped too often since I have no interest in becoming an M ^_^; But anyway, I guess I can show a cool end scene to leave a bigger impact. Maybe the proper use of 'Correct timing (...)

    19. RE: What anime are you watching/looking forward to?

      Me, hm? I picked Chaos Dragon as my recommendation because the concept piqued my interest. I think since famous people like Urobuchi and Kinoko Nasu are involved in the making, I can gain some story insight (...)

    20. Character Appeal?

      Hello again for the third time. Since I'm in holiday both in RL and Writing, I thought of asking as much questions and assistance I could do to improve myself. I wonder if the admin-samas will be angry (...)