Martel is a boy who enlists in a magic school, a bit later than he should have, with younger students and an frightening aptitude for fire.

A very simple premise. A main character in a magic school and hidden powers. A story like many others, a dime in a dozen. You can't throw a rock without hitting a story with a similar idea within it. 

But not all stories are written equally, and the experience and talent of the author shows well in this one.

The thing with simple settings written well is when an author explores them in a manner that allows them to flesh out through the simplicity into complexity, and we see this happening here. The wide cast of characters interactions with one another, the simple plot that blooms out into multiple others, and the very likeable but similarly simple main character. 

Everything from the increasing cast of characters to the lore and prose help carry such a simple story into a more interesting realm, in a slow paced relaxed manner -- in the time of this review, at least. The story carries itself through action and scenes well. 

If you are looking for a powerful recommendation, you will never regret this being the one. 

The Prince of Cats

The Prince of Cats Does Not Meow.

Without spoiling much! Jawad is a thief, burglar, pickpocket. Your average everyday criminal with skills. He was caught and imprisoned in one of the worst prisons in the city. 

He gets offered a deal. Either he helps find the notorious thief, The Prince of Cats, or end his days under the creative hands of his torturers.

Style 5/5

the story is set in a medieval fertile crescent arabian theme. A new and refreshing, and surprisingly accurate outtake on the historical equivalent. The story comes to life with the descriptions and there are no wasted words. 

Story 5/5

A story worth every second you spend reading it, the intrigue of the story alone is enough to real you in. Who is the prince of cats? how will jawad find him? And many more questions. I literally cannot think of words to give the praise that this story deserves. I hesitate to call it a hidden gem, but if I had to pick such a story, it is this.

Grammar 5/5

Highly Professional. There is nothing more to be said.

Characters 5/5

The characters show a range of emotions and personality rarely seen on works that are as hidden as this. From the random thugs, to the crazy scientists, every character is beaming with life and intrigue, and they all play a part in this amazing machine.

The Zombie Knight Saga

Death comes for RoyalRoad, to help, of course.

Without spoiling much, Hector is a young boy that follows on his suicidal intents only to find out that death isn't the end. He meets with one of the entities that govern over the souls and is offered a simple choice, to live on as a Servant or to carry on to the afterlife. 

Style 5/5

The story is set in a modern world riddled with political and background agenda strife which is enjoyable to uncover and pretty much up the alley of anyone who enjoys such stories without being overbearing on the other who prefer a light fun read.

Story 5/5 

If I had to take points in anything, it would be the story department. the story telling is stellar, that is quite evident as you read, but the pacing does leave something to be desired between the events, this lasts across the first couple of arcs for me, at least. 

Grammar 5/5 

A finely written story and amongest the worthy few on RoyalRoad.

Characters 5/5

There is certainly something endearing with the characters in the story, their interactions with their significant undead overlords and the others of their ilk. 


Enjoy the magnificent read.

Mother of Learning

This review may contain spoilers. TL:RD at the bottom.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Now for my personal reasons for the scores. I find this webnovel amazing, the time loop is executed so well. The MC moves between tasks in a pace that refresh the plot instead of falling into the predicted looping as one might think.

The grammar is as far as I can tell is amazing. I can’t judge someone with grammar better than mine anyway!

There are no romantic interests so far, but I prefer my novels romance free so its a plus in my books!

It honestly more than deserves a full score, each chapter makes me crave more chapters, and the chapters are quite beefy as well. 

TL:DR: An amazingly written fantasy novel with lovable characters, a good magic system, and an amazing plot twist! Recommending this to everyone like a zealot.

Enjoy your read.