I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (MCU fanfic)

So yeah where do I even begin?

ok so the mc was touted to be the unforgiving next-to-omnipotent demon lord who could have become a god anytime he wanted

he was told to be ruthless and completely destroyed all the hope of humanity from the world he was in 

He returns to his world and realizes that it’s now the mcu(okay that’s fine)

He decides to not bother about saving the world or being a hero and just wants to live his life as is

Then the fucking female lead appears - a dumb, psychotic, useless, ditzy woman who acts like a bloody 5 year old 

And if that wasn’t bad enough she takes the mc on wild “adventures” with realliy flimsy excuses like ill buy you a game or something and I told your mom I’m your wife and if you don’t come your mom will be sad 

Basically absolute bullshit

So from all this we come to know that the mc has basically no balls whatsoever and is willing bend over till his forehead touches his ass to accommodate the female lead

AND if that wasn’t bad enough...in chapter 14....it’s revealed why he bends  over so much to satisfy the desires of someone with a single digit Iq 

Oh my god that flimsy excuse made me rage so hard I had to stop reading then and there cuz if didnt stop I felt like my brain would liquidize and flow out of my nostrils 



So basically TLDR : an interesting concept ruined by horrible execution and bad characters