by Jaybird
140 pages

Be careful what you wish for. Jade has spent her life fighting boredom in the terminally ill ward by surfing the net and envying the ability and energy of others to go out and live. So when she wakes up with a weak, but healthy body in a magical world with blue game-like system notifications filling her vision, she'll have to adapt quickly in order to survive. Thankfully, she has a bit of luck and an ability that will let her reach for the stars. 

This is Andara, where her adventure finally truly begins.

Author's Note: This is my raw, unedited text. In order to comply with my contract, book 1 has been taken down from RR except for the beginning, unedited preview chapters at this point. The edited book 1 is on Amazon! Thanks for your support!

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by Cydre
199 pages

 He hadn't even gained a consciousness yet that he was bound to lose everything if he ever came to life.

He hadn't offended anyone, but they offended him.

He hadn't cursed anyone, they cursed him.

He hadn't killed anyone, they killed everyone related to him.

Thus, he silently vowed.

"They plan to offend me for their own interest? I shall give them plenty of reason to do so. Do they want to curse me? Please do so, since I'm more than willing to be your living bane. Kill me? Sadly, you won't be the last having this type of wishful thinking."- The Devil




I think that I can manage 1 chapter per week now, maybe 2 but certainly not three.

PS: As I think that there should be small mistakes here left and right, I'd gladly welcome a proofreader.

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The Breath of Creation [DROPPED]

The Breath of Creation (...)
by lightningwarrior21
865 pages

General Summary:

Sometimes, the multiverse needs expanding. That's where I come in. But, unfortunately, being a deity isn't all fun and games (and is incredibly complicated), as there are always things working against you. Not even the God of the Multiverses can change that. 

Another Summary:

Twelve souls were chosen to expand into the void surrounding the known universe(s), and were given a grace period in which they would experience a relatively safe expansion of their domains. Once that period is up, however, they are free to interact with each other...and what lurks in the depths of the Abyss, the Void, and the Primordial Chaos. I am one of those souls. And let me tell you, this shit ain't easy. Between trying to raise mortals into an immortal army, with which I can defend my domain, dealing with my children, and trying to maintain the balance between all realms of existance, I have my work cut out for me. Sigh. Now I know why, back on Earth, gods worked in mysterious, invisible ways. There's just too much to be done. 

Formerly called RE: Deity

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