The Demon and the Princess

This is undoubtedly one of the best fictions on RRL, much better than many on the first page of the best ranked. 

That said I decided to be brutally honest with this review and point out all the flaws of this novel.

-Style: the style is consistent throughout the novel. The author adopts first person for all his POVs and the writing has a good flow. That said, the many jumps in POV in the chapters, sometimes in the middle of the same scene, are distracting and tend to break an otherwise perfect flow. 

-Story: this fiction is a romance, there are fantasy elements, obviously, but the plot all revolves around the interactions between the characters. This is not a flaw at all, it's a good romance novel, but, despite the struggle of the race differences and the struggles that come with them, it somehow fails to go over the simple "good". There aren't really any problems, it just doesn't manage to tug the hearth of the reader as much as it should. 

-Grammar: Necamijat's grammar is well above the RRL average, there are almost no mistakes, but the ever-present typo (usually no more than a couple per chapter) doesn't allow me to give this section a perfect score. 

-Characters: characters are the real focus of this novel, their interactions and their feelings are what make this novel what it is. That said, while every character is unique and well fleshed out, I'd expect more interactions between them in the form of dialogue. Everyone who has ever read my fic or knows how much I like the Monogatari series might think I'm a bit too much for dialogue but in a novel were the characters themselves are the story, I'd expect much more dialogue between them. 

Everything said, this fiction, while not deserving of a full 5-star score in the single categories, it certainly deserves it as an overall score. 

If you read it, you'll understand too. 

Observation of a Demon Tortoise

Really, I clicked on this by mistake and was pretty unintrigued by it at first and yet I keep wasting my time on it.

It's just good. The grammar is well above the RRL average, the style is consistent and the pacing is just right. Then there is that something that makes you keep reading it.

It's a story about a tortoise.

A story about a tortoise!

Why can't I stop reading it?

The story and character scores are a bit low because, the protagonist being a tortoise, there isn't much of a plot yet except the protagonist surviving the daily threats it meets and there aren't a lot of character interactions, obviously. Those scores may change in the future as the story progresses.

Still, it's a really good read.

PS: author, I hate you, give me back my time... or more chapters


On a site where even some of the best rated novels can give you a headache for how bad their grammar is (I'm looking at you AE) finding a good, well written, comedy story can really make your day and "Necro-Tourists: The Undead Living the Life" does just that.


 Everything else you need to know is that thousand year olds, overpowered undead want to have fun going around the world and they do just that and it's hilarious.