1. Re: Mod Vote October to February: Applications

      Fellow members of Writers to the End, Many of you already know what this is, while some new members might be surprised by this. WriTE is a democracy, as such our moderators are elected and every member (...)

    2. Re: What does your ideal writing playlist look like?

      I've recently been listening to the band "Alt J" and they fit quite well imo.  Otherwise I listen to the most disparate songs, usually a mixture of classical, indie rock, folk songs, and old Italian (...)

    3. Re: The Pledge (Details)

      Sorry for the delay, there have been some issues with thread subscriptions with the switch to the new forums. I'll add the new pledged stories as soon as possible. 

    4. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      I'm sorry but your story is not old enough yet, ROOQ.

    5. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      I do check the thread everyday, it's just that I usually wait a few days for pledges to build up so that I can add them all at the same time.  Also, it's really unlikely for me to add pledges during (...)

    6. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Images that are of public domain and free for any use are allowed too.

    7. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Yes, you do need a cover for your fiction that should either have been made by you, by a commissioned artist, or by an artist who gave you permission to use their art. As per RRL rules fictions that (...)

    8. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      @TheEpicLotfi I already told you that your fiction is not old enough for the pledge. It must be at least one month old.  @Lulin you're free to take the pledge if your fiction adheres to the condition (...)

    9. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Most authors that have taken the pledge write a lot more than the required monthly chapter, a few even going for daily chapters. Pledges aren't immediately moved to the broken pledges list after only one (...)

    10. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Without a really valid reason that is given to the readers? Yes.

    11. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Please, link the page fiction and not the fiction dashboard that can be accessed only by you. I'm also sorry to inform you that your fiction does not have the requirements for joining the pledge as it (...)

    12. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Guys, this is not the place to have this discussion.  Hammbody, you're welcome to take the pledge, but, as people already said, we have a 1 month rule. This means you'll just have to wait a bit, a month (...)

    13. RE: Plz add a notify me when there is new chapters function

      You can have on-site push notifications for chapter releases by becoming a premium user. Those push notifications can be toggled on and off for single fictions in your bookmarks.

    14. RE: How to Join Us

      That's a known bug of the forums, it gives a random name from the subscribed users list instead of the correct one. The forums will soon be completely remade so every issue that doesn't completely break (...)

    15. RE: How to Join Us

      Hello, I am casper, and yes I am a Friendly ghost. I would like to join Writer's to the end so that I can finally write and complete this one novel about this girl who opens up a portal to another world (...)

    16. Mod vote March to July 2018: Applications

      As many of you already know, Writers to the End is a democracy, all mods in WriTE are elected and any member can become a mod, and every four months comes the time to choose our leaders. Quite a few (...)

    17. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Already added ; )