The Misplaced Dungeon

A fresh, fun-filled romp through a dungeon story

Quite satisfying, story is great and a fresh new idea for dungeons. Small grammar errors, but the author is always willing to fix and is not afraid of progress. Really enjoyable as it isn't nearly as dark as a lot of other dungeon stories and is a truly enjoyable, light-hearted take on the Dungeon genre.

A New Breed of Pirate: A VRMMO Tale

A few small grammar issues in the first few chapters, but the story idea is awesome, execution is fantastic and I look forward to seeing more of this story.

Tiny heart

Good premise, seems like it will do well.

(At the 4 chapter mark) So far it is very interesting and although not much is known about our dungeon protagonist, the other humans have been characterized well. 4.5 stars for good characters and interesting plot while having minor spelling and grammar errors. Definetly looking forward to future chapters.

The Dungeon Pact

Usual concept,but expertly carried out

Usual idea for a dungeon story, but a new and exciting way to go about it. The author makes a style all their own and has little to no errors in grammar, definitely of enough to disrupt the flow. Characters so far are well thought out and have been fleshed out well. Slow output of chapters, but lots in each chapter, I even find myself enjoying the evolution of a blade of grass.

Reborn (Proof of concept)

What the heck!? Really need more, please continue this story!

Harry Potter and the Insert of the Self

Easily the best HP rebirth story I've ever read!

I would read this just for the commentary, even if I didn't like the story. This is definitely going to be a favorite. Lowest amount of errors in grammar and spelling I have ever seen on this site without an editor/PR. Makes for a good story and so far is going great. I will definitely be following this for a while if it keeps to the books for the most part. I don't mind the deviations a bit, but the world building of the HP books is a little lacking so please don't deviate too much. The paraphrasing is done very well so as to not bore the reader with material in the Rowling books. Very enjoyable, love it, and please don't drop this until at least the 3rd book is done. 

Dungeon Heart

New and great twist on reincarnation

I have pretty much no problem with the story. I loved the new idea for a dungeon reincarnation. Most have someone from our world or a memory wipe, but this reminds me of The Bound Dungeon, another of my favorites, and the storytelling, plot, and style are unique. Often, the characters that consist of a dungeon' s monsters are often flat and boring/cliche, but not these ones. These characters bring their own personality to the table and sufficiently add to the stories development. 

How I Destroyed The Main Questline At My New Job

Really enjoyed the story so far. I am very excited to see where this tale goes, but small problems in the grammar.

Elder Lich Saga

Great story, Deserves a top spot

Complex characters, small spelling problems, but the book is written like a best seller. I am really looking forward to the next part, if the author decides to make one (please do) 😁