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      The last poster

    2. RE: Are reviews (haters) always a bad thing?

      I think negative reviews, ones that don't just pick out things like bad grammar, but also personal qualms about the story, can sometimes be a good thing. I've always viewed the reviews on this site and (...)

    3. RE: Royal Roadl is awesome

      I think for Wattpad, if you want to get views, you have to be active in the forums. Also, the mature setting thing, i think you can only see the mature stories if you actually put your birth date on your (...)

    4. RE: The Dreaded 0.5 Star

      I remember when i received my first 0.5 star. I went all Luke Skywalker when he found out Darth Vader was his father and was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO". Just joking. But no, seriously, it was more of an "Aww (...)

    5. RE: anime to watch

      Space -  Terraformars Mecha -  Alnoah Zero Code Geass Break Blade (Any Gundam series) Action - Akame ga kill Attack on Titan Btoom K project Persona 4 Magic -  Fullmetal Alchemist Fate Zero Kaze (...)

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    7. RE: Evil Genie

      Granted, but you get transported to Camp Green Lake from the movie Holes and have to start digging literal holes. I wish more people would read my novel.

    8. RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

      As has been said before, survival comes first. After that though, i'd want to try and improve the world, even if just in a small way. If its a situation where i get powers and become OP, there would be (...)

    9. RE: why the short chapters?

      I write rather short chapters for my own story and the reasons are twofold. Firstly, it's my first piece of writing and i'm inexperienced. Secondly, i'm modelling my writing off of Chinese webnovels that (...)