Saltworld: An Apocalypse LitRPG

It's a good novel, probably one of the best new books I've read the past month, published or not.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for Litrpg and apocalypse, so when someone does both well, I can't just stay silent.

You get the feeling for the quality of the story from the very first chapter, so if you aren't sure, read that and decide what to do (if you're able to stop at the first chapter that is, you got me impressed). 

Modern Awakening - A cultivation, LitRPG, apocalyptic novel

This was a very fun read for me.

In short, this is a mix of LitRPG with Cultivation with a Tutorial stage and an adventure setting. I expect before long the cultivation idiot to become an adventurous cultivation idiot... Or wallow in self pity and regret upon finding the truth of his circumstances. Both seem interesting to follow and see how each develops if I'm being honest.

In more detail:

Grammar was fine, though with minor mistakes every once in a while that will easily go unnoticed if you're immersed in reading. 

Style was what you would expect from a published book with a price tag on it. For what it's worth it has the makings of a really good book.

The cultivation systems, the story and the progress was easy to understand and fun to read. The fights were very well written and I can't wait for more. In general reading through this was a joy, but it did have some points where it could improve.

Namely, the "antagonist" or what seems for now a side-character has gotten the rough treatment. For an unhinged personality like his, I believe that more than a few paragraphs explaining his past are needed. Right now he seems like a badly written character that would never exist in real life. That might take time to fix, and it is the reason I didn't detract from my Overall score for this.

All said and done, I wholeheartedly recommend this story to those who want to read of a warrior who's lost in a world far too detached from him. If anything, I should be giving bonus points for how well the story executed the premise we were promised in the description.

Parallel Timeline: Time Loop Rebel

Without much preamble, this is a time-traveling-loop story. In addition to that, some humans have special abilities tied to a watch from birth(?). Our main character has the ability to travel back in time for a short period traveling as well as a few other stuff tied to it with various other interesting advantages and disadvantages.  

Overall the story is fun and interesting.

However, the good stuff end there. Parts of the story are confusing, information is delivered and you don't know if you're supposed to already know this, or not. Information about  some things is presented as obvious knowledge even though we haven't been introduced to it.

For example, watches, pacifists and blazers. Never explained, yet the terminology and items are presented as if it was common knowledge. 

To add to this, there are sentences which don't make any sense grammatically/logically. 

Now, did I enjoy reading this novel? Absolutely, and I will be following its story because is that interesting. Is it without faults, however? No. 

Warlock's Gate [DROPPED]

Okay, first review deleted because it wasn't discussing the novel. This will be a remedy to that.

Now for the review, 

I really liked the idea behind this story, the way it was written, the system and the progression. I liked the characters, the combat, the small details.

And it's because of all those things I'm sad to see it go, but also dissapointed.

It was well written, had multiple PoV's for those who like them (though how well done it was is arguable, considering a lot of the hate was for that part, for my part I enjoyed reading the story).

The system was unique and a fresh take on the Gamelit genre as far as I know. There was, however, something to be said about the representation of health, something which I hadn't really considered before the discussion that ended it all.

Now, was the novel good? Yes.

Could the author do better? No one is perfect, but it was a wild ride to say the least. 


The New World

I just binge read this for the second time (meaning I've read this 3 times already), and I can say for sure, it is a roller-coaster that just keeps on speeding up.

The story is pretty good, but where the novel shines is in the action. With a protagonist that went from zero to hero, if you love overpowered main characters, you're gonna love this.

The characters could be better, could be worse. They have depth in them and the author has managed to create a backstory for each and every one of the crucial characters interwoven with the novel. The villains and heroes both have complex reasons and nothing is just black and white. Heck, even the ones you can clearly see are the bad guys have more to them than meets the eye. 

As for the style, this is a place that suffers and is excellent at the same time. There are many times where the dialogue tags make absolutely no sense, and other chapters where you would struggle to find a flaw.

Grammar is a bit of the same in that manner. Even up until chapter 250 or so, I could spot the usual your, you're, their, they're mistakes, but other than that, there rarely are any big grammatical mistakes.

Overall? This was an amazing binge-read and considering we're at the peak of this roller-coaster, this is probably the best time to start reading. It has just the right amount of cliffhanger to not be able to get it out of your mind, but not tear it apart either. Besides that, the author has managed to keep up a very good updating schedule, so you know when to expect a new chapter.

An 8/10 recommendation is a good recommendation. 

Blood Shaper

My semi-advanced review is this

Story: interesting 4

Style: good enough 4

Grammar: meh 3.5

Characters: realistic enough 4

Overall: 3.75 

If it was a bit more polished I could see this reaching higher, but considering it's free to read, it's not too bad.

The system is unique and the premise is interesting. 

My thoughts? If you liked the description, I can say that you aren't going to waste your time reading this. 

The World I Froze In Time

Yeah, I want more overpowered stuff, but the story is good enough. Though imma be honest, the main character is very well written, as are his powers and most of everyone's that is.

Characters are very well developed even from the earliest of chapters.

Grammar is perfect, nothing more to say here.

As for the story, it seems to be... progressing? Yeah, progressing is good.

If I were to compare this to another well known novel, I would pick Worm. So yeah, if you liked Worm, go read this and you wont be disappointed.

Singer Sailor Merchant Mage

Bad grammar, gets better, idea is fun.

All jokes aside, if the author deigned to fix the cursed prologue, this would make it 4 to 4.5 stars for me.

Edit: Thy lord Notlimah has shown grace to my annoying comments and edited the prologue. Considering how I can't find anything really bad to throw the novel down, I'm editing my review to reflect current quality. 

I'm only leaving half a star for it isn't something I consider at that level. But compared to other novels in the site this might as well be 5 stars.

If the word wombsekai piques your interest, I can guarantee that you will enjoy this novel.

I will now leave the review as it is and if the novel doesn't fuck up by the 50th chapter, I will edit my review again to 5 stars. 


Of course, we still haven't seen much of the world, but barring massive stupidity, this shows a lot of promise... which will take a while to show as indicated by the first 14 chapters.

An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?)

So yeah, I don't know what these reviews are having, but I'm wondering if we read the same novel. Novel might not be the best that ever was, but it's certainly better than 2 or 3 stars. 

If you read the warning tags, and if you like a realistic story with a funny character, amazing fight scenes and good plot, this is for you.

Grammar is good. Nothing more to say about that. 

Quality of writing is better than most of the 5 star novels here and I'm not going to nitpick about everything I see. It was fun reading this and I didn't have any problems with style.

The story is fun and adventurous with heavy elements to spice it up. Real characters dealing real emotions may be too much for some people, but it's good.

There are some parts where some people are conflicted by the way the main character acted. I read through all of the chapters, I got my explanations, made some logical connections by myself and at the end of it, have no problems. 

And the Characters...

They are flawed. All of them are flawed. They aren't perfect and that's what makes them real. They have real problems, anxieties, traumas, dreams and hopes and feelings.They live, they die, they grow. 

Overall? 5 stars. Do I recommend this? Hell yeah! It was recommended to me by my brother, and I loved it. He may not have a good taste in novels, but darn if he isn't good at finding diamonds in the rough. 

Runic System

Not terribly bad but could be better

Imma go for an advanced review to help a little. A note of warning, however, this is still early into the story and I believe we still have much to see from the coming chapters.

Style 2.5/5: First chapter starts with what seems to be the main character recounting his life's story, breaking the fourth wall a few times and changing PoV in the middle of the chapter. Yeah, I won't argue, that was a bad start, but it's a fairly simple thing to fix with a bit of effort, so I'm open to editing this review once all the mistakes have been cleared out.

Story 3.5/5: so far it's not something unique, nor amazing. The benefits he receives are not unique to him, though it could be argued that they seem to be extremely rare judging by everyone's expressions. And even though it's not the best way to build up a strong lead in my opinion, it's not wrong either and I don't want to bash the author for going his way about writing his story.

Grammar 4/5: a few mistakes here and there but nothing too extreme. Obviously the first chapter being the worst of the worst had some extra stuff in it (of the negative nature), but it's not too bad.

Character 3.5/5: I saw two dimensional characters, and though the author has tried to explain the reason behind their behaviour, I think they need more time if they want to be seen as actual characters. 

As for the main character, I think he's in a good spot for now. I mostly want to see his character development and how he goes on about this new world. The author time-skipped through the beginning of the main character's arrival in the world, which in my humble opinion can be a very interesting part of one such story, if done right.

Overall 3.5/5: it's not a bad story and it has potential. It's about average in quality and I've seen worse stories make it into trending. I believe this is worth giving a try; the story is new and has a lot of room for improvement.