First Line of Defense, Book 1: Welcome to the Universe

First Line of Defense, (...)
by BenjaminKerei
302 pages

When your planet gettings invaded by friendly but ruthless aliens and an AI offers you the opportunity to play the greatest tower defense game the universe has ever created, what do you do? 

You accept, of course.

Finding a way to survive can come later.

Morgan certainly thinks so.

But when aliens are attacking your station and giant six-eyed rats are eating your robotic face, you start to doubt these choices. Accidentally starting a war doesn't help, either.

Welcome to the Universe is a Litrpg space opera story with tower defense, adventure, and dungeon building elements. 

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Enlightened Violence

Enlightened Violence
by wicked132
289 pages

A cynical youth struggling to find meaning in his life dies horribly in a car accident, only for his soul to transmigrate into the body of a dead scavenger in a futuristic, apocalyptic world.

"If this is what hell looks like, then I'll seriously be disappointed," were some of the first words to leave his mouth as he opened his eyes, finding himself in a foreign world waiting to be explored!

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The Number

The Number
by NothingnessAbove
202 pages

There were two things I knew instantly when I began to exist. The Number was 1922916.12. And I had to make the Number go up.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Saltworld: An Apocalypse LitRPG

Saltworld: An Apocalypse (...)
by Dissonance
253 pages

August 18, 2018. Earth is at peace.

Then the sun explodes, and the world changes forever.

Sen Salazar, a third year in Dubai's renowned Belmont University, is thrust into a world where only monsters are found aplenty. Resources are dwindling, survivors are scarce, and safety is nowhere to be found. And when it's combined with an otherworldly system designed to bring out humanity's hidden potential? Sen's watched enough movies to know what to do:


...He just has to figure out how to stop himself from turning into one of the monsters, first.

Discord link here.

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A Universe of Bloody Evolution

A Universe of Bloody (...)
by Chaos65
206 pages

The Void was never meant to be opened to the Multiverse. The horrors waiting inside it should have never seen the light. And yet, the biggest mistake in the history of creation led to the impossible.

In an event later known as the Outbreak, gates appeared in the first Universe, and with them, the Void was free.

For ages the Void destroyed universe after universe, spreading its power in every direction, leaving only death and pain behind. 

But before every Universe met its end, it still had a chance. A small part of the population that survived the initial Outbreak was granted a mysterious System to help them fight against the dangers that came from the Void. They were the Multiverse's last hope even if they couldn't stop the collapse of their own world.

And so the cycle continued until the 36th Outbreak came.

Leo Hale, a young reporter from Wolford, was one of the lucky ones to survive when the majority of Earth's population turned into monsters straight out of nightmares. Thrust into a constant battle for his life, Leo was determined to push forward and find his remaining family. Even if it meant sacrificing what was left of his humanity.

After all, you either adapt or die.

Story of progression and evolution with my take at the post-apocalyptic genre. Unlike most monster evolution stories where the monster rushes to gain human form, here I plan to do something quite the opposite. After all, in a world where almost everything wants to kill you, being human can be hard.

Warnings are here to give me the freedom to write whatever is necessary. This is my first original novel. Also English isn't my native language so any feedback is welcome. Remember that even if initially this story takes place on Earth, fictional places, streets, etc will appear.

Release Schedule: Break between Vol1 and Vol2.

Average chapter length: 2000-2500 words (There might be exceptions as is the case with some of the first chapters - most of them are longer.)

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Modern Awakening - A cultivation, LitRPG, apocalyptic novel

Modern Awakening - A (...)
by Autonomous Pen
469 pages

Feng Shen was born with great talent for cultivation but crippled meridians. His father spent a great deal of resources trying to find a cure, but it was for naught.

He was destined to die young.

As a last act of hope, he was frozen in time to wait for the day the prophesied Great Cosmic Blueness would heal him.

Thousands of years later, the Multiverse Alliance arrived on modern day Earth, and with it, blue boxes and global healing.

Shen woke up to an unknown world, but before even meeting it, he had a challenge to overcome:

The tutorial.

Finally able to train his body, he would make the most of his new life and crush all resistance in his path to power.

Cover art by Hongyu Wang.

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by human-type-1
305 pages

Life has always been a battle, but for some people that's especially true. Not everyone can take living another day for granted. And that was before the world started ending. Now that the [Trial] is here, and everything is going up in flames... well, life isn't getting easier. That's for certain.

Trapped in the [Trial], John is faced with a painful reality: If he wants to live, he has no choice but to climb. And if he wants to survive for the long term, he needs to keep on climbing. Even if that means heading directly into danger.


Dungeon/Tower climbing premise with a progression LITRPG focus. Not extremely fast-paced. Not a Super-OP MC. Intended for those with (or those who can relate with) chronic health problems.

Being written in the hopes of completing Book 1 before November 14th (World Diabetes Day)

New Chapters release on Monday

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Enduring Good : [The Rationalist's Guide to Cultivation and Cosmic Abominations from Beyond the Stars]

Enduring Good : [The (...)
by powered_by_coffee
402 pages

A twenty-first century human mind is awakened in a strange land of boundless cults, spirit servants and immortal cultivators ruled by titanic god-beasts. Coexisting within the body of a street urchin girl, the last pharmacist in the universe attempts to fix the broken world of tomorrow by wielding the long-lost power of science and rationality.

[Rational Progression] + [Xianxia] + [Litrpg] + [Comedy] + [Post-Apocalyptic] + [Humanity, Fuck Yeah!]
New chapters - TUESDAY & FRIDAY! [->Join the discord<-]

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New Gam3+

New Gam3+
by Ephemerality
34 pages

Level up. Get stronger. Kill hostile aliens with the help of a friendly AI. Alan’s done it all before. Yet Earth is facing an impending invasion, and it might be his fault the government has already surrendered. Given another chance to find his path in the Game, Alan needs to do better. If he doesn’t he faces a lifetime of servitude—or worse.

New Gam3+ is a sequel, but reading The Gam3 is not required. Updates weekly on Saturday.

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My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror

My Best Friend is an (...)
by Actus
911 pages

Good things come to those who wait. Damien Vale didn't, and now he's bound to an Eldritch creature from beyond the farthest reaches of the universe. It's unfathomable, utterly evil, and likes to be called Henry. To Damien, none of that mattered. He was going to learn magic, and he'd be damned if he let something as small as this set him back. 

When Damien started his first year at a mage college, he didn't expect it to be easy. However, when he's assigned to room with a strange girl that has magic that even Henry is wary of, Damien realizes things might not be so easy. He sets out to accomplish his life goal of becoming a powerful mage, all the while dealing with a murderous professor, an eldritch creature that's created a persona to act like a teenager, and a new roomate that's far more perceptive than he'd like.

As Damien struggles to deal with the rammifications of the monster within him, a disturbing fact comes to life: Henry might not be the only eldritch creature on the mortal plane, and he's the only one that can stop them. 

NOTE: This story is  progression fantasy with some very basic litRPG elements (such as a wristband that shows a character's stats). It is not a full on litRPG - it's a progression fantasy story with litRPG elements. The story will contain some romance, but it will not be explicit nor will it take over the story. It starts off slow, but will pick up speed quickly around chapter 26. Enjoy!

My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror was origonally started as a way to thank my patreons. I will be keeping the patreon updated 15 chapters in advance. Enjoy!

Cover art by Skyedrun

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Runic System

Runic System
by fragtastic
204 pages

A world that runs with the power of runes.

Cultiviation to immortality is possible.

Legends are possible.

A world of martial arts, where survival of the fittest is supreme.

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The Grand Game

The Grand Game
by Tom_Elliot
84 pages

Book 1 is now on Amazon (click here)! Book 2 chapters start posting on 19th July!

One man. Assassin. Caster. A new world. And a Game that is brutal as it is complex.

Michael finds himself in the realm of the Forever Kingdom, with no memory of how he got there and who he is. Even so, he must participate in the Grand Game and forge a new destiny for himself.

Dropped into a dungeon of monsters, and strange magics, would you survive in a Game where to lose means death?

Alone, and with little more than his wits to aid him, Michael must advance as a player, slay his foes, and gain experience. All while navigating the intrigues around him and discovering his purpose.

A world of Powers, Forces, and mysterious factions. A Game with endless opportunities for advancement and power.

Join Michael on his epic adventure as he deals with the Game’s challenges, the machinations of the Powers, and the ambitions of his fellow players.

The start of an exciting new portal fantasy epic!

Please note that Book 1 of The Grand Game has been taken down from  If you are interested, you can download the full story on amazon here. 😊

I will start posting chapters from Book 2 on the 19th July. At this stage my planned release schedule is twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays).

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