The Ancient Tree's Journey

A slow start, but a promising beginning !


Story & Characters:

The pace of the story is, overall, pretty slow. As the synopsis stated, the story starts off with the "adventures" of an inanimate , non sentient seed, and progresses as characters interact with it. As of chapter 8, the MC hasn't yet been introduced. You simply follow the seed as it being passed from one person to another.

These characters are not related and merely secondary. However, although those characters probably not appear again in the story, you can only appreciate how well written they are. They are only secondary characers, they don't even have much influence in the story, yet, the author took the time to give each one of them a background and a personality. I'm not the patient reader type, and I'm not into slice of life. I usually drop a story if I'm not hooked into it in the very first chapter or if the story doesn't progress fast enough. However, this time, I found myself reading up to the 8th chapter. Even though the MC still hasn't been introduced. Even though we keep swithing between characters. So props to the author !


Grammar and writing style:

You can spot a few mistakes once in a while, but nothing too blatant. Grammar is more than decent, you can read the story without squinting.

The writing style, however, is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes, it is very well written, with a great pace, great descriptions, and a good immersion. Then, other times, the writing style suddenly falls short. It is by no mean terrible, but the sudden change can be striking. Some sentences become minimalist, and some transitions are abrupt. Once again, nothing terrible. It is only a detail. The writting style, overall, stays great.


Overall, I definitely recommend this story to anyone looking for something chill. Nothing too epic here yet. Just a laid-back, but entertaining story. Definitely worth a try.

I Reincarnated as A Little Girl?!

I'm not goint to lie. The synopsis is kind of off putting, so when I read it, I was wondering what kind of writing style I should expect. And it wasn't as bad as I expected. It is minimalist for a novel, yes, but this a light novel. Don't expect long descriptions and beautiful metaphores, this story was heavily inspired by japanese light novels (the plot, the storyline, the names), so it follows the light novels writing codes. If you keep that in mind, then the writing style is actually more than decent. 

Now, concerning the story...

It's not bad, but it's not for everyone. The chapters are short, but the pace is pretty fast, and there is little to no world building element. Personally, it's not my cup of tea. As I said before, it was heavily inspired by Japanese LN, so you'll find a lot of elements from the Japanese culture. The goods and the bads (the otaku, the lolis...). So do I recommend the story ? Well, it depends.

If you're into Isekais, yes.

If you're into Japanese LN, yes.

If you're looking for a novel with a real immersion, maybe not.

Suttomo,  El renacer de un clan. (EspaƱol)

First time reading a story in Spanish, and I surprised myself as I mostly understood everything. So, for those of you are hesitating to read because you aren't fluent in Spanish, just try. It's easier than it seems -as long as you have the basics, obviously (for me, Spanish classes were enough).

Now, for the (very early) review...

Story and Characters

As of now, there are only two chapters, so it's really hard to judge, especially since the chapters are short. But the premise seems good. Then again, I'm a bit biased as I love Kitsunes~ :3

Grammar and style

My spanish is definitely not good enough to be judging the grammar, so it's a five star for me. As for the style, it's okay. Linguistic problems aside, it's easy to read and there is a nice flow to the story. However, the syntax should be revised and the change in POV is quite random so it can be a bit confusing.

Overall, it seems like an interesting story, and I'd love to read more. Good luck to the author !

Is this really luck?

Interesting but the execution needs some work

The story is good, the writing not so much.

Story and characters: The plot is obviously the strong point of this novel. There is a lot of interesting ideas. 

As for the characters, at this point of the story, it's hard to judge. There are a lot of characters, and so far, none as been really developed.

Grammar: Not great, but not terrible either. It's readable.

Style: The weakness of this novel. 

First of all, the punctuation is completely random. Some comas are missing, there are dots in the middle of sentances... It needs to be revised. Also, don't forget about capital letters.

The pace is way too fast. As I said before, there is a lot of interesting ideas in this story, but it's all hapenning too fast. Dear author, slow down! Take your time to introduce your world and your characters! We barely had the time to get to know your characters, they're already talking about war and complots. All of your characters seem to have an interesting background, yet, it's hard to get attached to them as you rush too much and don't take the time to develop them.

Ah and, I just said this but, introduce your world ! World building is important, especially when it comes to fantasy novels. I know that excessive world building can bore your readers, but here, it's the opposite. It's seriously lacking. We barely know anything about your world besides the random informations you add in brackets in the middle of the story. (By the way, you can't do that. I know it's your story, and it's your right, but you seriously can't add random notes in the middle of the story. It's confusing and it disrupt the read. If you have something to tell to your readers, the author's note section is made for it. Moreover, most of the information you add are worldbuilding elements. There are meant to be included in the story).


Overall, an interesting story with an awful execution. It could be so much better.


Another life another chance

It's been a while I've read this story so I'll write this review from what I remember.

Style and Grammar: 

The writing style is very simple, but there are two things that irk me.

The author has this habit to start a new line pretty randomly. Sometimes, it's at the end of a sentence, sometimes at a comma, sometimes right in the middle of a sentence. Visually, I'm not going to lie, it's pretty pleasing. The paragraphs more or less have the same size, it looks like a poem. However, when you start reading, it becomes quickly frustrating. This stops the immersion and disrupt the read.

My second problem is the use of asterisks. Dear author, this is a novel, not a roleplay, you can't use asterisks to add an action to your story. Describe it. For example, instead of writing "Me ... Too ... " *sigh*, you can write "Me... too..." I sighed. You don't have to use long sentences. It's just a small detail, but it can be distracting. 

Also, be careful of the layout and the font. It varies from one chapter to another. Once again, it's a small detail, but it can be fixed easily.

Then comes the grammar. It's not terrible, but it could be better. The first chapters were hard to read. Fortunately, most of them were corrected. Some chapters still need to be proofread, but otherwise, it's much more readable. 

Story and Characters:

To be honest, I don't remember much about the plot. But it does tell one thing: there is nothing really memorable. While I had fun reading the story, this is not something that left me a big impression. It has yet to have a new turn of events that will make it shine.

The pace of the story is pretty slow. In 50+ chapters, not much happened. It didn't particulary bothered me, but at this pace, it's going to take a lot of chapters to truly develop the story.

The characters have interesting backgrounds, but they're hard to relate. Some of their actions lack logic and some developments seem forced. Nothing really bothering though. My main issue, however, is that I can't manage to get attached to them. This might be related to the writing style. The delivery of POV is not efficient enough for me.


Overall, it's an interesting story. Nothing truly exceptionnal, and it has yet to truly shine and stand out among the other stories with a similar plot, but it is entertaining, and worth a try.

The Beginning, The End, And Everything In Between

This story is about a psycho serial killer who gets reincarnated in a fantasy world with magic. MC becomes OP. What does she do with her new life and new powers ? Does she protect the world, her family ? No. She is on her way to destroy everythiong.

This may actually be the first time I read a story with a REALLY evil main character. We basically have the vilain of the story as the MC, and it's really good.

Farren is cruel, sadistic, bloodthirsty, a real psychopath. Unlike a lot of other anti-hero, she's not killing for a good purpose or to save the world, she just kills because she likes it. There is nothing good in her, she's 100% evil. Yet I can't help but love her.

The style is really good, I don't feel bored at all reading the story, and the random jokes make the story even better. I'm usually not a fan of dark humor or gore story, but I totally fell in love with this one. More POV would be welcomed~

Dragon Princess

One of my favourite novels.

I love the MC, not your common maiden in distress that needs to be saved, she has personality and takes care of her own troubles. She starts as an innocent and clueless little girl and grows to be a cunning, sadistic and yet still adorable little girl. The side characters are really interesting too. Starting from Velarox (who doesn't love him?), the MC's parents to the friends of the MC, even the bad guys have some depth.

The storyline is nothing exceptionnal, yet it is really addictive and interesting. 

The only thing that bothered me was the age of the main characters. Shina is 4, ok. But as a goddess (or dragon), seeing a four years old child killing and have so little consideration for life doesn't really surprise me. But for Eniel, Estiel and Fiona... I just can't imagine a bunch of 6 years old kids fighting with the sword or taking on adults as opponents, easily making their heads fly. I had a hard time with that. The whole time I was reading the story, even though I knew they were more or less the same age, I couldn't help myself imagine Shina as the only real child of the group and the rest as young teenagers (around 13 y.o)

Otherwise, great story. Totally love it.Too bad that there isn't any new chapters coming...

Dragon Princess Reborn

As someone who read and loved the original story, I was at the same time disappointed that it was suspended to re-write it and happy that it wasn't dropped. Well, what can I say ? I LOVE it. I loved the original, but this can't compare. It sure progress slower but iot's totally worth it. It's the same story yet so different. I was a little sad knowing that we'll have to wait to see Veralox again (but relieved he still existed ), but after reading the first chapters, nevermind. I love how we can see a new Shina interacting with her psycho parents in a new world~ It's just as great !

PS: Still a bit sad about Eniel's doggy tail and ears though xD