1. Re: Advise On My Story

      Here's a link to the story for those who are looking for it I'll also take a look ^^

    2. Re: How to rewrite your fiction?

      Normally, I would recommend to submit a new story. It avoids old reviews to prejudice your new story. But in your case, that shouldn't be a problem. Personally, I suggest that you upload new chapters, (...)

    3. Re: The Princess Problem

      Your synopsis doesn't do justice to your story. It's awesome :D Better than most otome stories I read.

    4. Re: Beginner Writer Tips

      It depends on the kind of webnovel you're writing. On RRL, transmigration/reincanation/LitRPG stories are the most popular. On the other hand, if you're writing a modern romance story for example, it will (...)

    5. Re: How do I add chapters to my story

      You need to wait for your story to  be accepted before adding new chapters.

    6. Re: Getting more active readers

      You're just a little impatient ;) It is very hard to review a story with just a few chapters, so most of the time, you will receive your first reviews once your story is long enough. For the same reasons, (...)

    7. Re: How to get a Boyfriend

      Well... It depends on a lot of parameters. But if I have one advice, it's "don"t wait". (...)

    8. Re: How long does it take you to publish (write & edit) a chapter?

      Wow, 15 hours? Well, at least you're writing by hand ^^ Personally, I'm the binge-writer type. If I have a very precise idea of what the chapter is going to be, it will take me about 4-5 hours to write (...)

    9. Re: Imperii

      You need to put a link to your story. Don't forget next time ;)

    10. Re: Chapter Stacking

      Well, sometimes, you just don't have the choice ^^ Keep in mind that a lot of people tend to drop or lose interest in a story with a very irregular release schedule, for various reasons. So when you're (...)

    11. Re: The Farmer Mage (Prologue) i need advise

      < Trees like blades of grass surrounded a city nestled within a mountain range.  The city had less than 5 million people living within it.  Food was plentiful, (...)(...)

    12. Re: What does your ideal writing playlist look like?

      Okay, am I like the only one who can't write anything (or do homeworks) when there is music playing ? ^^'  I don't know, I find it soooo distracting. I only listen to music when I'm not doing something (...)

    13. Re: How to Join Us

      Hello there~ I'm Nerodith ! I'd like to join ! I currently have one story on going on Royal Road. I went on hiatus a few months ago because of college, but now I'm back to writing, and I'd love to share (...)

    14. RE: For authors who has beta readers.

      Google Docs. Instead of correcting directly, my beta reader would show me my mistakes, which sentences were awkward, when a word was missing, and then suggested how to modify it. It basically looked like (...)

    15. RE: Account Stats

      From what I understood, he didn't meant the profile page, but the fiction dashboard. There is a stats tab in it that allow us to keep a track on our ratings, but not on our followers number. So he was (...)

    16. RE: Account Stats

      Within profile? You mean this ? Edit: Oh wait, I think I get what you mean. You were talking about the stats within you fiction's dashboard, (...)

    17. RE: Best autocorrected names?

      Not a character name, but my boyfriend's name is Guy (french) and I like to call him Guy-Guy. Once, my phone corrected it into Gay Gay xD Which is actually weird if you think about it, since Guy is also (...)

    18. RE: Editing published chapters (also hello, first post!)

      Hello ChipMunster ! And welcome on RRL~ Hopefully you'll like it here ~ Yes you can revise a chapter after uploading it. You can even delete it if you want. However, your readers won't be notified (...)

    19. RE: OP MC or Rise to power?

      My preference goes for the OP MC from the start. That being said, the latter one is fine too. If it's done well, it can even be better. There is nothing more satisfying to have a previously weak MC grows (...)

    20. RE: I need help with my title and summary!

      Yep, that's already better~ Still a little vague, but better. Might be a good idea to develop your synopsis a little more later on ;) Two other advices, in order to gain more readers: first, get a cover. (...)