1. Re: Responding to comments that say things such as, "Why didn't MC do A instead of B?"

      As a reader I sometimes ask that question, sometimes answer that question from my perspective or as I try see it from the character's perspective, sometimes I ignore it when the reasons and motives are (...)

    2. Re: novels like overlord


    3. Re: Since reading is just as important as writing, what is everyone's favorite story of all time.

      Wildbow's Worm. My first superheroes book and I can honestly say that it changed me for the better. If a book could do that, it is a great one. Not many are. Terry Pratchett as an author (whole work (...)

    4. Re: forgot title

      The one I know is "Devourer of Destiny", may not be the one as I don't remember a female companion and stopped reading it before inhabiting multiple people. Previous times when there was a question (...)

    5. Re: Looking for stories with lots of status’s, level ups, skill descriptions and other system stuff.

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25137/worth-the-candle https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/16946/azarinth-healer https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25878/wake-of-the-ravager https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25225/delve (...)

    6. Re: I'm looking for a fantasy story that's not Lit RPG...

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/21220/mother-of-learning - completed... https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/10211/necrotourists https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/34473/shade-touched - new https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/4293/the-iron-teeth-a-goblins-tale (...)

    7. Re: Banner Signature

      Oh, now I realized I've had users' signatures turned off for the entire forum without even noticing... Sorry about that

    8. Re: Banner Signature

      https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/105985 https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/106261 if you are still having difficulties in the future, pm me the links and i'll try to come back to you (...)

    9. Re: Gravity-Defying Romantic Ballroom Dance with GF

      Sounds very familiar, maybe something from Andur?, but can't be sure, might be a light novel as well

    10. Re: What game are you playing?

      Tried Divinity 2 DCLS, not so much fun. Try with overhaul mods, new classes or custom adventures. I'm replaying the story for the 4th time now (maybe it's the multiplayer), but it feels entirely different (...)

    11. Re: Video Game Idea/Topic: Dungeon Core

      ... I don't see what Perfect World or WoW have anything to do with dungeon cores But anyway, I've also searched for good dungeon cores and the type of games I want is just a small basic part of (...)

    12. Re: Using stat's vs no stats in a fantasy VRMMO such game related story...

      I prefer if the progression can be felt through the story, rather than through some static number. Instead of telling me 'he has become stronger by 5 points', a scene where he succeeds at a task he failed (...)

    13. Re: Using stat's vs no stats in a fantasy VRMMO such game related story...

      Stats are just one of the mechanics and progression meters. They could be one of the driving forces or elements of the story, they could be there to simply showcase differences of strength, difficulty (...)

    14. Re: 3 Basic Rules for Worldbuilding

      ... You don't need to delete or simplify what you've already build or created. You just need to focus more on what is important and to keep in mind that what you know about your world is not the same (...)

    15. Re: What content in the first two chapters of a story will turn you off from reading the rest of the story?

      There is a thread for that here https://www.royalroad.com/forums/thread/101911

    16. Re: beating a dead horse: the callous judgement of the clueless MC trope

      I think KonoSuba is the perfect example why beating the dead horse is funny and interesting and people will continue to try it. I like some which are exactly point by point as you describe, so I kinda (...)

    17. Re: story idea: stuck in a small cave, Litrpg.

      "the MC try to survive using a spell to restore nutrients, and meditating and that all he do" It sounds like it's a tiny cave, totally blocked and with nothing else living there... This has to be written (...)

    18. Re: Hero's summoned to another world make no sense.

      On the other hand that sounds like a good story idea.  Someone summoned by a god and given the class that forces him to do paladin things. Imagine he was atheist or just not a good person before being (...)

    19. Re: Cover in signature

      np, it still needs some work though, the links are all over the place idk how it shows to the others, but 130x200 are the perfect dimensions on my screen ps 5. Be magnificent :)