1. Re: stories where the mc has to constantly struggle to survive.


    2. Re: political fantasy / court intrigue / preferably epic fantasy recs?


    3. Re: Serious story that makes sense

      Two I can't recommend enough https://wanderinginn.com/table-of-contents/ https://parahumans.wordpress.com/

    4. Re: I had a book Idea I want to hear some thoughts:

      Runeificent WritingsIt's not so much I want to play with suicide and it would not be the main focus of the story if your brain goes to the gutter i cannot help that. It was just going to be kind of like (...)

    5. Re: Cannot see my own comment that got a reply

      The author can still see the deleted comments, which I think is your case as the two I found in your profile were repped by the authors. Another possibility is for a reply and the original post or thread (...)

    6. Re: Most unique magic systems you've seen on RR?

      The most unique I've seen here is "Worth the Candle" Every kind or school of magic there has a little unexpected twist of the concept, unusual usages, costs and tricks for learning / unlocking it, etc. (...)

    7. Re: I had a book Idea I want to hear some thoughts:

      You have to be really careful and expressive with the feelings and emotions if you want it to be a serious sad drama.  Because the way you lay it out it seems to me that a teen is committing a suicide (...)

    8. Re: Vampires are cool?

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/33156/the-monster-inside-the-first-vampire ?

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    10. Re: Void User??

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/8463/the-arcane-emperor fair warning - it's in hiatus It's not the MC "first" power (and he doesn't have it at the start), but it's one of his main ones

    11. Re: Following the evil goddesses champion as he does more good than evil, and is a better person than the her (...)

      Maybe that one https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/40182/only-villains-do-that can't be sure of the details, haven't read it yet pass chapter 1

    12. Re: How does the search title function work?

      You are probably talking about the simple search, which clearly says "search for title" On advanced with keyword "Lovecraftian" or "Sally" I find your fiction (there it searches in description and synopsis (...)

    13. Re: magic schools

      The specific details are just that... details. There are magic schools that you can barely call them that and magic schools with very wild imagination and originality, some of them good and some bad. It (...)

    14. Re: Don't remember title or author

      lol https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/16946/azarinth-healer

    15. Re: I need recomendations for a series like Delve

      Great stories with great systems https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25137/worth-the-candle https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/26135/auntie-toasts-the-vrmmorpg https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/34710/the-essence-of-cultivation (...)

    16. Re: Reverse Isekai

      The problem is finding an interesting enough enemy for your obviously OP protagonist. It might be funny to lord it over a few fodders for the first scene or two but it gets old quickly. That's a problem (...)

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    18. Re: Storys with scale well beyond the mc

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/41670/desolada https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/36049/the-primal-hunter https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/10073/the-wandering-inn https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25225/delve (...)

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      Why is there no poll?