Amethyst Saphire

Amethyst Saphire

Canaan: My World To Live

This is a great story. In Canaan it isn't as simple as having a character that lives in a world that revolves around them where the reader feels as if they are an ultimate powerful being. It is a story with characters that have a personality which aren't robotic and flat, instead they feel alive.


The story is written in a way that makes the reader able to vividly imagine the surroundings around them due to the discriptive writing style of the author. It gives the reader the ability to step into a different world.


As of this review, based on the first arc of Canaan, the story is progressing at a good pace neither fast nor slow. The life of the characters are given 'life' and aren't stuck on a 2D like world. Actions done by them bring excitement and flavor to the story.

What I like most is the subtle yet very clear foreshadowing of future events that will occur in the story.


Certainly one of the best I have encountered on rr and your use of words I have never heard of or seen used in everyday grammer, helps me imove my English a lot. English is my third language.


I like this aspect the most of this story, as I mentioned before the character aren't flat and have a personality that they own and no one else. They are fleshed out, so fleshed out I would call them...Thicc.

(If you haven't noticed yet I'm not good at reviews, I suggest reading L NIMBUS his review which is really good and strikes the main points of this story as I can't clearly convey it)

Priestess Of The Land

This story just warms the heart, it also makes you feel single af. Give it a read, you'll love it.

The author is quite interactive and you can see a little improvement each chapter.

Empress of Blue Flower Mountain

This story is beautiful and short, the time skips aren't random and they feel well thought out.

The characters are all likeable...well except for o e but you'll know who once you read. The story itself is really good depicted a long lived life very vivedly yet precise. 

As the story is short there isn't much world building except for where the story itself takes place. The Grammer was so good I didn't spot any mistakes but still take this lightly as English is my second language so I might have just autocorrect ed it in my brain.

The story will allow you to have a few silent tears while at the end being happy


I highly recommend you try!

Flowers Before the Dragon

This is a good story, as we can see the author is a somewhat experienced writer.

Grammer: the Grammer was superb, I only spotted one mistake in the whole story but take this  lightly as English is only my second language.

Story: was somewhat unique in that it is the first of it's type that I've read, the world building was lacking but that was to be expected from a short story.

Characters: They are well thought out but they could have had more...character?depth?idk.

To Deify a Deity

I would love for you to continue this story it is so great

I really love your story and I thought that as thanksfor having written such a beautiful story I should rate it

your story flows very naturally and I have not noticed any misspelling but that may just be me autocorrecting it in my head, has almost zero cliche situations which I like because it makes the story have an original feeling. The charactersgive the feeling that they were thought out throughly which leaves almost no loopholes in your character their backgrounds

I love your story and Happy birthday my rating will be my birtthday present to you <3

Thera of Rose Manor

GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK I had already submitted this but I had forgotten to put a titel so I have to wright this again.

I love your story, I find it original and how it goes so fluently makes me wanna die from happiness btw I'm bad at rating stories so I did my best.........

but I would like to thank you for your existance which made me able to read this novel \. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will absolutely cultivate

I love it already

please continue with it