The Strongest Skill: Getting rich while becoming stronger

Like the title says. Brutal Honesty.

This story had a lot of potential. The idea used throughout the story are honestly kinda neat. But oh boy, the sheer power of not only cliche, but just badly written plot goes out of its way to destroy the story. I really liked the setting. Its a classic, the world has magic power and there are dungeons and the main character gets a leveling system. Neat. Something that has been done well. Starts off ok, though with him getting too big for his britches. Then all of a sudden his punches are about to break space? Ok...its a buff alright. Then he starts learning more about his main skill and won't even really use it to get himself what he needs to survive "morality" he calls it. More like moronality. As the story goes there is some hints of romance here and there with many different females, the author fails to really do anything with any of them. Its the feeling of a new girl every arc. I hate it. Harem or no harem matters not but at least flesh out your characters with more than a shitty mass info dump. Then the big massive world ending arc happens and the main character who is stated to be basically a super computer mind at this point still hasn't managed to use his full power without a restricition because he doesn't understand training, somehow, and dies after losing control of himself and not using his stat points into the one stat that was stated to be needed to prevent himself from losing his goddamned mind. Later the author shows the most piddly of excuses for why his numbers are not increasing in the manner that he literally just stated they will not a paragraph before. The biggest one is when the mc who has an ability that lets him swim in the earth like a goddamn fish at super high speeds, decides not to use that ability to go underneath a lake thats frozen and has a thing down there he needs to break, and decides to go into a cave from the surface taht has a bajillion deadly bat monsters. Right cause this is smart. The process of him solving the scenario in the end was so much of an ass pull deus ex author moment I was speechless. But honestly I woulda been with it if it wasn't for the near endless retarded decisions and lack of usage of all the abilities the character has. He's literally at the point of being able to fight absurd beings but then gets nerfed every chapter to being weaker and weaker than the previous tier he could fight. Now he can't kill an ant. It's amazing. 


Bottom line: I read 169 chapters of this. And am very disappointed. 

I Get a Second Chance and Accidentally Become a God

I'm honestly surprised with this one. I can't believe how adorable it is. He's so serious and worked soooo hard to be what he is and then Love comes in using a stainless steel baseball bat and homeruns his heart. Its suuuuuper cute. You'd think that reference was heartbreak but instead its a cliff. The cliff that means you need to read to properly fall on it to your joyous ending. Or well whatever the latest is.

But on a serious note the story is well written. Has a clear understanding of its light novel style and uses it well. Its not painful and is smooth in flow and plot. It is short thus far but even the chapter Hey, aren't they just too adorable!? Was freaking kawaii as heck at the end. Just a heads up this is essentially fluff aids.

The Dao of Magic

A surprisingly excellent story.

 Fantastic story. It jumps around a bit in location but that just makes it more fun. The slew of characters are all weirdly interesting. Who woulda thought, hell even the rabbit O.o;.

Necromancer by Halosty

Overall a phenomenal story. A fantastic example of what fanfiction and fiction could be. Well done.


Most importantly was the characterization. You made a character who had obvious flaws but also obvious strengths. This person was a human. He would develop and change as the story progressed versus being a static protagonist. Because of this it was capable of being seriously entertaining.

Other areas that were good was the writing style and grammar. I was impressed at how clean the story was for one, and also with how easy to read it was. It was in short episodic installments but it did not detract from the story.

The story plot itself was decent and carried well. It did not become boring but at certain times didn't seem like it was fleshed out well. One example was the possible occupation the protagonist could have acquired with his training instructor. Its a shame there was no exploration into that. 


Again an overall excellent read.

Until death? (Old Version)

Fantastic Read; A Pure Comedy Train of Existential Proportions

This was a great story. The beginning of the story seemed slow going but it was kind enough not to force the younger years on us in excessive and annoying detail. In fact the method this story used for all of itself was basically begin chapter seemingly serious and end with a hilarious comedic moment. Literally every chapter. And it really worked for this story.

The character development was really interesting. The method for the development had me personally laughing a lot. I also must admit that the changes they went through were small considering the grand amount of lives they had all lived. Though that's only for the two main leads. The other characters went through immense changes!
As for the leads they literally became scarier, more controlling, and more perverted as the story went. It was rather inspiring the sheer level of perversion they would each stoop to.

The overall writing style was nice and sweet. Each chapter had a rather short length but was very informative and developed events and people nicely. The length also attributed to the large amount of comedic moments by giving the more meaning and setting the tone for the story even in the most serious of chapters.

Grammar was rather decent overall. Pleasant and not painful to read with here and there small sentence structuring errors.

Bottom Line: Great story and definitely a great read.
Has everything you want in a story: Comedy, Romance, Drama, and sheer insanity! Plus the whole MULTIVERSE setting was really cool.

Cheating Monster

I cannot express how interesting this ended up being. I found it to be very thorough and really the level of cliche or tropes were minimal and in fact made fun of many of them.


The characters were thorough. They had depth and very interesting personalities. Each character was unique and special. And we were honestly able to identify with them very well.

The writing style was a fast clip pacing and really pushed to forward at mach speed. You WANTED to know what happened next. You really didn't want to sit and wait haha.


Bottom line this was an excellent story. I truly do give it a 5/5 stars. 

Riddick/ Against the Heavens

Just gotta say it takes some major balls to write a story like this. Xianxia stories are some of the hardest stories to write as they take a balance between growth and constant fighting. A subtle touch of romance or an all out drama, the possibility to easily become Over Powered versus becoming totally under powered and needing constant plot armor. Its all about finding a perfect balance. Therefore, I must say I really like this and thank you for bringing another great story to life.


A side note: I would like to add that as a Xianxia you would be more than welcome to also post this story on  which is a website that hosts quite a few completed and currently being translated and ongoing xianxia and wuxia stories. Definitely check it out. :)

Life in New World (LNW)

The Level of Epic is Strong With This One

Its hard to say what this series is doing right. In fact its downright impossible. Its just so high on the badass meter that to describe it is not an easy feat.

My personal favorite overall aspect of this is the lack of leveling. He pretty much says f*** U to all things rpg. Training, training, and more training creates one of the most over powered beings since the debut of SS4 Goku and all the coming fusions. Its like Superman only awesome. Its Batman in which the limits of the human form do not stop you from achieving greatness.

All there really is to say is this is beyond excellent.

Read it.

It will rock you like a hurricane.


Exceedingly Interesting

The entire concept is somehow refreshing. The style of writing is comfortable to read and pulls you in. The story itself is well planned and the progress from chapter to chapter is not too much without seeming to be slow and stagnant. Grammar is great, very well written. The character development seems slow but is slowly picking up. As it goes further I am sure character rating will become a five star as well.


Well done.

Asunder Online [DROPPED]

The entire concept is somehow refreshing. The style of writing is comfortable to read and pulls you in. The story itself is well planned and the progress from chapter to chapter is not too much without seeming to be slow and stagnant. Grammar is great, very well written. The character development seems slow but is slowly picking up. As it goes further I am sure character rating will become a five star as well.


Well done.