Vainqueur the Dragon

i like it, what can i do about it.

it's pretty interesting and i think the strong suit in this series, it's the comedy. the MC (the dragon) grows a bit during each chapter, and his human minion learns to goad it to do less destructive actions. 

there's a whole lot a fun in between. the only thing i'm worried about it's the end game or the final objetive, since i don't really see a clear finish line with the story it could turn repetitive. 

Azarinth Healer

i'll have to admit, his lack of condifidence in the description made me worry, once i started reading this story is pretty good, even great. so congratulations. i'll give 4.5 stars to start, do read this novel.

A marvel rise

 more or less a good story, the grammar is awfull.

Savage Divinity

this is a exelent series, best i been reading until now, i mean  it's hard to come along with someting this well balanced. good history, strong enough mc, and the side caracthers are well developed. the only thing tought i feel the history it's just a bit slow,  it advance enough but  think it will be better just a tiny bit faster. 10/10

Heretic King

good but to much skills

i like it so far, but try to reduce the number of skills like, qi/bloodlust/aura, kind like RE:moster, the guy  got a sintesis skill cuz he got way too many. aside from that you are doing great.

Life in New World (LNW)

don't get me wrong, but i love this story, as a matter of fact  i'm always cheking if the author put a new chapter, so the question is: was this story dropped?, cuz it's been a whiiiiile since the last chapter, if anyone knows what's up, please tell me.

Ethereal Sovereign

kinda feels like a deja vu

i love the series, theres no prob whit it, but i have the feeling i seen that pic before, is it an anime?,.........please someone tell me

Imperator of Beasts

dude "average" seriosuly!!!

how come u can call an ex-hacekr/sniper , run of the mill, its like people whit that office are as common as a nurse... anyway, still is a good read. it just surprise me when u call somthinlike that "average", it like calling alucard(form hellsing) a good guy.

Master of All, Jack of None

i like, the history , i like the character, but is a pity so litle to read on this fan fic, kepp it up, ill be on stand by for new chapters for this one

Until death? (Old Version)

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