1. Re: Am I literally out of manga?

      I'm not necessarily looking for recommendations, but for someone to tell me if this is all in my head (or not). As time goes on, I'm always finding amazing new books (or old ones that I haven't read) (...)

    2. Re: The Huddlers ( Dedicated Thread for newbie authors. )

      When I have writer's block on Child of Nightmares or don't feel like writing it, I've been working on a second story. It's only a few chapters long right now, and at the moment it's going a bit slower (...)

    3. Re: The Huddlers ( Dedicated Thread for newbie authors. )

      Is it just me or did a bunch of posts disappear?

    4. Re: Requesting Cover Art for Child of Nightmares

      Hi. I posted a request on here some time ago, but my artist seems to have poofed. I'm not looking for anything fancy or exact, just something that fits the theme of my story. I'm willing to pay for (...)

    5. Re: The Huddlers ( Dedicated Thread for newbie authors. )

      Yeah, I asked for permission. I also made it clear it was only temporary. I'm about to post another request for art.

    6. Re: The Huddlers ( Dedicated Thread for newbie authors. )

      That is some dope cover art. Where did you find it? This page. Here's a better look. I didn't want to use someone else's artwork but the artist I commissioned has kind of disappeared, and I needed (...)

    7. Re: The Huddlers ( Dedicated Thread for newbie authors. )

      Hi. I'm not necessarily new (my join date is proof of that) but I'd still call myself a newbie author. My fiction doesn't have much to it yet, and a combination of the length/my sporadic posting means (...)

    8. Re: Requesting Cover Art, "Child of Nightmares"

      My fiction is tragically without cover art. This must be remedied. My requirements are simple. I have one female character who must be on the cover, and the finished product must reflect the dark fantasy (...)

    9. Re: Maybe you could help me?

      Every game that has a story needs someone to write that story. This can be anything from typing about guns and muscular men for five minutes to developing an entire multiverse that will only be referenced (...)

    10. RE: VRMMOs: What Will They Be Like?

      I don't think the current versions of VR have learned from their predecessor though. Rift and Vive are filled (at least as far as I know) with crappy games that don't have much substance, and they're (...)

    11. RE: Recommendation for MC being reborn in a new world?

      Overpowered MCs are overrated. If they start off weak and struggling, the moment when they learn to stop someone's heart from across the room becomes so much more satisfying.

    12. RE: VRMMOs: What Will They Be Like?

      For most people, the only time anyone has difficulty separating dreams from reality are when they are transitioning to and from a dream state. They may lash out to defend themselves if they were in a nightmare, (...)

    13. RE: Recommendation for MC being reborn in a new world?

      You could try mine. It's not too far along yet, but I post at least one chapter a week. Usually every day or two. It's a dark fantasy adventure with horror elements later on. The link to the story (...)

    14. RE: Fantasy-themed Story and All Things Related to It

      Here are what I believe to be the two biggest reasons this "lack of focus" occurs, and ways you can stay focused. REASON 1: Since the protagonist's journey is the central to the story and the theme, it's (...)

    15. RE: VRMMOs: What Will They Be Like?

      VR isn't currently possible because you mind can't separate fantasy from reality. You may know that the VR is not real, but your mind will believe it is and act accordingly. I can confirm that this (...)

    16. VRMMOs: What Will They Be Like?

      Everyone hop into your capsule and insert your catheters, it's time to play-- oh wait, they haven't been invented yet. But even when they are, what are they really going to be like? Will enough people (...)

    17. RE: Bored Proofreader/editer

      You would probably get more attention if you spelled "editor" correctly.

    18. RE: Taking some requests!

      I would really, really appreciate a cover for Child of Nightmares. If you'd like to give it a go, PM me and we can work it out.

    19. RE: You know what instantly turns me off? A story with a MC named Joe.

      Perhaps stated a little... overstated... but the OP has a point. Unless the name is meant to call attention to the MC's normality or create some ironic humor, it's a like a dropkick to the immersion gland (...)

    20. RE: Crowfall

      Guinea pigs with guns? That's just silly. *Destroys every piggy bank in a hundred mile radius and gathers all the coins.* *Buys an Amber pledge within two hours of the Kickstarter's launch.* (...)