The Emperor's System

The writing is too cartoonish for me to enjoy. If you read you'll understand what I mean pretty quickly. The MC tells a criminal organization that's threatening him that he doesn't have any loved ones. They feel so bad for him that they and take him out for drinks to cheer him up. Story humor seems to stay in that pocket.


Interesting, unique, and captivating.

This is a story with a well developed world, well developed characters, and a well developed system. It's the sort of story that reminds you of why you love the LitRPG genre in the first place. In addition to that the main character is a sailor and there's not too many of those around. It is very much worth the read. 

King of the Mountain

I read to chapter 13 before losing all interest to continue. I'll mark off some things I didn't like to try to pin down why.

1. The beta test was stupid. I know the summary said it was not designed survivable but seriously? The only way to possibly pass the test is to bring specific items into the test with you? Why not have the riddle items aournd the test area to give a chance passing? You can still have the MC be the only one to pass.

2. The prepping is too long and too successful. I was up to chapter 12 and the change still hadn't happened yet. It's too long. In my opinion in a story like this the change should happen within the first few chapters. If it's a VR story he should be in the game within the first few chapters, and if it's a reincarnation story then they should die in the same time period. Any prep or backstory you can't fit into that time frame should be put away because it's too much.

He's also too successful in his preperation. He steals insane amounts of money, figures out how to create magical weapons, figures out how to create permanent magical arrays, figures out how create a magic friendly automobiile, builds a rather extensive kingdom, and figures out how to run most of it on magic all before the change starts. This makes it feel like the MC didn't actually earn anything.

3. Not enough information on certain things. Why didn't the MC just ask the Help about stats instead us having to listen to the MC's unclear nonsense? I don't think it was ever orginally mentioned how much time he had until the change. I also don't think it mentioned often how much time he had left so there's no sense of urgency while he's prepping. I can only recall it mentioning he has a month left.


Age of Gods - A VRMMO Story

The story is decent enough but there are some things that drag it down.

1. The MC has acts stupid for what I assume are plot reasons. For example he complains about not knowing how his eyes work but doesn't experiment with them. There are a bunch of eye based powers he could try but I only recall him half heartedly trying to use X ray vision once. He also hasn't searched the forums for vision based innate talents. Only his specific one. He still doesn't know what the death penalty is because he hasn't bothered looking that up either. He also never looks behind him to check if he's being followed which allowed him to be stalked. Even after he knew he was stalked he never checked and continued to get stalked.

2. His supposed Master has barely taught him anything at all. I would think that he had tricks and such like the MC knew how to temper the metal but for the other professions but he's pretty much only told the MC the basic process of their crafting style and left him to his own devices. For all the time the MC spent with them it doesn't seem worth it.

3. MC wants to be a nice guy that's offended at being accused of being a kidnapper and a callous weapons dealer who will sell to whoever.

4. The pacing is super slow. I can't imagine this story being finished when the author usually takes several chapters to cover a single day. Nobody cares about what the MC is eating everyday. I can only hope for a snowball effect with his Quick Learner Innate ability to make him learn things insanely quickly to speed things up.

Another thing to worry about is annoying cliches. The MC has wings and a baby wolf pet(that turns into a girl). I can't really see the wolf making the story better in any way.

Loser of Tarinath

Plot hole ruined it for me

The premise of the story is that the MC is the only person focused on healing in the world. This is explained by the fact that everyone exiled to the game world is a criminal and don't want a class that they can't protect themselves with or whatever. Fine. But what about the NPCs? Why are there no healers among them? Why haven't players groomed NPCs into their personal healers since they've taken over cities and such?

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

This story is basically a cultivation novel. Expect lots of training and insights into the dao(but not called that). Puddles is really good at coming up with interesting skills and expanding them in interesting ways. That's basically the bread and butter of the story. The MC exploring new ways to gain power and evolving old ones. Like a cultivation novel you shouldn't get too involved with the side characters though Puddles is a good enough writer to make them interesting if he wants to.

The story has keep me reading it since I found it and the author is like a machine with how many chapters he puts out. While other stories seem to stutter out and die he's just consistantly chugging along. It really makes me hype for when he finally gets back to that actual cultivation story he's writing.

Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush

After a while it feels like the MC stopped actually being the main character. He turned into an old grampa or something that advises people in the village. So I guess you can say that there's too much writing about side characters that I don't really care about. There's been more set up for a plot about the Emerald family than for the MC. I would say that at this point there's basically four MCs and they all have their own side characters as well so there's like 10+ people that the story jumps around to.

Perhaps it's because I started reading this to see a plant cultivate but I don't really care about the side characters. That drags the story down because there's barely anything about the plant cultivating in it anymore. That being said when the author does write about the MC and his past I was pretty interested. I read up to 51 but dropped the story halfway through. I picked up where I left off and did a lot of skimming to 51.

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

There's nothing a really dislike about this story. The characters are realistic and interesting, the world seems like it has depth, and the MC isn't given everything on a platter. I'm interested to see where it goes.

Life in New World (LNW)

One step forward and two steps back

Well to put it simply. The story hops between parts I really liked and parts I really hated. By the time the war happens the things I disliked were far more frequent than the things I liked. For example I liked the war merchant, but hated how the war turned out and how the players he defeated were made to delete their characters because the random spawn points weren't random at all. The entire story is ruined for me by the game only being fair for a few people. It undermines every  single one of the main character's achievements.