Aayush Bhattarai

Aayush Bhattarai


by XtroyerZmaster
85 pages

One day the earth changed, the continents united once more forming the Pangea. The changes did not stop there, three new continents of the size of Pangea appeared in the ocean, if the planet is large enough to fit all the new continents, or the planet has grown is still a mystery to be solved.

Monsters began to appear throughout the continent, the state of the new continents is still a mystery. Different types of monsters began to appear in different regions.

In this era of change and adaptation, heroes and villains have appeared. The old civil, military and social order was destroyed and a new world order appeared. The fort wins. What fits survives. and the weak are dominated.

Magic and superpowers ceased to be fictitious stories and became reality. Monsters, demons, and dragons are no longer just imagination and come true.

The world has become a non-respawn type game. The law is to keep yourself strong to survive and survive to became strong.
The life of the Terrans has become a game. Literally, with status, attributes, resistances, levels and abilities and everything a game is entitled to.

The cover image is not my own. I copied it from the internet. I thought it was cool and it suited the story. All rights reserved for the owner of the image. 

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The Infinity Islands

The Infinity Islands
by Kencen
214 pages

I was just supposed to be a normal guy! I was about to graduate from my normal university with my normal English degree, about to begin my first foray out into the real world.

But somehow, I had ended up worlds away instead. Far, far away from home, in a world that should have been just like mine, running and fighting for my life in a war I didn't understand. None of us knew why or how we were there or what we were ultimately supposed to accomplish. But that didn't really matter, did it?

In my new world, there was only one rule: survive!


Hey all, I'm Ken, and this is my first time sharing a story online. This story is heavily inspired by Terror Infinity, if it wasn't obvious from the title. I've been interested in making a Terror Infinity story for a while now, but I have a lot of problems with its system and mechanics, so I decided to just make my own system instead of trying to adapt to that one. If you find any mistakes, typos, or awkward phrasing please let me know in the comments so I can fix it! I hope everyone can enjoy this story but, even if you don't, please let me know why and what you think I can do to improve.

Thank you.


 (The original picture for the cover can be found here)

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The New Buggy Pirates

The New Buggy Pirates
by Tallictr
217 pages

As a fan of One Piece, I've never liked the way they handled Buggy. He's a great character and all, don't get me wrong, but he should be on the same level as Shanks. Instead, they turned him into the worthless character he is, and that never sat right with me. In this story, he becomes something more than just comic relief. AU. Strong!Buggy Intelligent!Buggy

This story is also on fanfiction.net written by me under the same username: Tallictr. Credit for anything original that I added to the One Piece story goes to me. Credit for everything (characters, settings, etc.) goes to Eiichiro Oda. (He created One Piece)

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by Komikhan
766 pages

When the first derelict alien spacecraft fell to Earth, humanity took what was found in it and propelled themselves to new heights. In their new Golden Age, humanity developed technology that they had only dreamed about. The following years saw hundreds more ships crash into the planet, spurring even greater technological leaps.

An unassuming spacecraft, one of the dozens that fell yearly, descended on Siberia in 2021. The world took no particular notice of it. However, this one contained something beyond the miraculous technology that had made humans so prosperous.

Three years later, in a top-secret underground facility in eastern Colorado, the automated construction of an army of Paladin Mobile Infantry Suits was underway. With this new, state-of-the-art weaponry, the military would turn the tide against the alien incursion that was consuming the planet. Humanity fell before that could happen. Sam was an engineer responsible for overseeing the facility. Now alone, he lives in utter boredom and near insanity, his only company the base’s pseudo AI and an army of empty Paladins. With the world gone to hell around him, and the things that caused it still living above, he decides that he is much better off staying exactly where he is. Unfortunately for him, that is no longer an option.

This is the first novel I've written. The first fifteen or so chapters are going to be a little slower. I want there to be time to get to know the characters before they start blowing stuff up. Also, though the MC will be strong relative to the world, he won't be OP, and won't win every fight. Not every fight will be physical either.

Currently, I'm aiming for something like 5 fairly short chapters a week, after the introduction part is done, but we'll see how that goes. Thanks for reading, and please let me know if I've made mistakes!

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Once Human

Once Human
by Skada88
474 pages

Kidnapped, infused with an unknown substance and given an orientation on survival statistics and adaptive evolution from a disembodied voice isn't the best way to wake up after a night of drinking. Finding out your dangling in a metal box above, what appears to be, an alien planet that is to be your new home only makes things worse.

With no answers, a plethora of mental health issues, that might just give him an edge if they don't get him killed first, and a strong aversion to being told what to do, a hapless human is deposited onto the Planet Evo with a single mission. Survive.  

Fiction will contain strong language, gore, sexual content and scenes/concepts that may be traumatising. Read at your own risk.

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Reincarnated, let's be a pirate.

Reincarnated, let's be (...)
by Stonecoldsam
486 pages

Oh, does it sound familiar? That's not really a surprise.

After my death, God, bored by watching the worlds, choose to send me to a new world. I wonder does he know this is an over-used trope? Oh well, I will be alright. For now, let's find my first event. I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

"It's like a trope wrapped in a cliché."

"It's great and despite the ''over-used trope'' actually original."

"Refreshing, dare I say pretty original too."

"One hell of a plot twist."



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Necromancer and Co.

Necromancer and Co.
by Dissonance
828 pages

In a time before the existence of the present, the gods decided to create a plane of existence where all their creations could exist in the same place. In it, all would be fair, and all gaps between races and technological advancements could be crossed with a single system that the gods had created. Every year, the gods would choose a new race to put in their land, and in this new group of beautifully unlucky people, Alen, his friends, and a few people from Earth have finally met their turn to be tossed into the playground of the gods.

Unfortunately though, Alen was thrust into a forest of corpse-eating bears and horribly smelly undead on his first day, one of the many danger-zones of the continent the gods had chosen to throw them in. It would be easy to say that he simply died within the first day, or that he'd starved to death or whatever, but let's be honest...

That story would be no fun to tell, yes?

(Re-write of my first fiction with the same name.)

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by The Irregular
293 pages

This fic has been rewritten and improved, go to the rewritten version!





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The Accidental Archmage - BOOK 8  (WHERE TITANS WALK)

The Accidental Archmage (...)
by soloflyte
181 pages

The Accidental Archmage Series







An epic mythological fantasy in another world. With a modern twist.

Immerse yourself in a grand and dangerous adventure. In a world both familiar and strange.A world where magic and gods still exist.Meet deities, beings, and exiles from Earth’s pantheons. Encounter warriors, huskarls, satyrs, hoplites, dark and evil mages, and strange beings from myths of pre-history up to the age of iron.Match wits with the likes of Loki, Zeus, Athena, Odin, Amun-Ra, Coniraya, Viracocha, and even Dionysus. Escape plots and schemes played by powerful gods of life and death.Find the truth behind the dark and otherworldly beings from the Lovecraft mythos.Play with dire wolves, drakontes, lamias, keres, amphisbaenae, a sphinx, ice giants, creatures of nightmares, empusas, gigas, minotaurs, vrykolakas, jotnar, dokkalfr, to name a few.Survive being in the middle of wars between civilizations and races. Suffer the arrogance and stupidity of gods and men alike. Cross paths with beings who don’t like you. Thor, Ares, and the Incan death god Supay, to name three.Be burdened with a quest to save yourself and your humanity in the brutal and primordial world of Adar.A world where scientific pursuit will get you a lightning bolt or two. Probably five. All at the same time.



WEEKENDS and if time allows, at least one chapter DURING WEEKDAYS


Now in the land of the damned below the underworld domain of Hades, Eira awaits the company and battle portends. But first, they have to find the fortress of the Titans. Above them, Loki's war is going well as the internecine war among the pantheons continues.

An old foe rises in the south, more powerful than ever. Astrid finds herself the subject of a wife's rage and the murky past of the companions now comes back to haunt them. Yet amidst it all, a dying Elder won't wait as plots and new players bedevil Havard Ulriksson, formerly Tyler West of Earth, now the Archmage of his adopted world.

Cover Image used under license from shutterstock.com. Alterations by the writer.




An urgent rescue and the path to vengeance are not easy in a magical, myth-filled world. Nasty roadblocks and unexpected complications have a way of rearing their wicked heads along Tyler's route across the dwarven lands and into the infernal realm of Tartarus. More myths and legends cross the First Mage's path as Loki's war and Asag's emergence stir up mortal lands and magical domains.

Cover Image used under license from shutterstock.com. Alterations by the writer.



Gifts, curses, and problems.

The unfolding of Loki's mad and complicated scheme results in a war between and among pantheons, empires, and kingdoms. From Ymir's Domain down to the far south, conflict engulfs Tyler's world and the magical gate to Tartarus is starting to break open, threatening to add mad Titans and other powerful beings to the chaotic mix. And on the forbidden isle of Banna, a dying enemy awaits.






With the promise of the First Mage not to act against him, Loki now accelerates his plans. A plot millennia in the making, spanning the length and breadth of Adar. Like a spider spinning its web, the trickster god now puts the finishing touches on an audacious scheme. A revolution to change the balance of godly and mortal power in the world.



Book Four - VOID LANDS

The Void Lands. A place where gods fear to tread. Where strange creatures and hostile beings emerge. A nexus of dimensions, the origins of which are lost in the mists of time.

To stop the Aztecha Empire’s march to power and domination of the eastern lands, Tyler West, now a High Mage, must confront and defeat the empire’s mysterious patrons. Beings of incredible might and magical knowledge. An imperative path which leads him right to the Void Lands. Though a few detours are required, each dangerous yet crucial.

The only problem is that the Void Lands are on the other side of the continent. And to get there, he may have to ask a favor from the Trickster God himself, the Norse deity known as Loki.



Book Three - BLOOD WARS

Continuing our lost mage's epic journey through the magical and extremely dangerous world of Adar.

Escaping the convoluted schemes of the Greek pantheon, Tyler finds himself with an old acquaintance, the Incan deity Viracocha.  His son, the sun god Inti, is dead. With the Aztecah Empire and its powerful pantheon of deities on the bloody road to more conquests, the deity asks for his help. A request he could easily refuse.

Except Viracocha is not alone is asking for his aid. Two other pantheons have made their presence known to the young mage. And the Egyptian deities are watching how he will decide the matter. To add to his burdened conscience, the rise and dominance of the Aztecah pantheon would mean a million or more new human sacrifices. Resulting in extremely overpowered bloodthirsty deities.

What's a newly minted Elder apprentice mage to do? Involve himself in a blood war?




Tyler's journey continues. New land, misadventures, friends, foes, skills, and knowledge. Confused encounters of the female kind.

More deities become aware of Tyler as he continues his quest to survive, reach his potential, and carry out his burden.

Amid convoluted plans designed by divine acquaintances of old and newly met gods, what's an ordinary guy from Earth to do?The god of wine wants to be his friend. Ares and his sons are coming to say hello.




What if you fell through a crack in reality? Like those people disappearing in plain sight you've read about.

What if you find yourself in a strangely familiar world? A world full of Earth’s mythological beings, lost civilizations, and people from its primitive and brutal past? Where magical energy still exists. Where gods play games among themselves, with the fate of mortal men as pawns. A land where a sword is deadlier than a five-inch thick contract drawn by a hotshot lawyer. Would you survive?

That's Tyler West. Alone, lost and bewildered, the three moons in the sky made it clear he wasn’t on Earth anymore. It’s not a game. It’s real. And there's no coffee, pizza, fries, or his favorite show on HBO.



All Rights Reserved. 2017/2018/2019.

Cover Images are used under license.

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Prehistoric Barbarian

Prehistoric Barbarian
by Mangroowe
435 pages

The future became a peaceful utopia in the Core Regions. No crime, no wars, no conflicts, even rude behavior is rare.

People became complacent and lazy.

The main character isn’t a hero or a typical protagonist. Calling him an… opportunist would be the least offensive probably. In this age, he’s sticking out like a sore thumb.

Who would notice a few shady happenings when crime is a foreign concept and there is nobody to catch you?

*Book 1 - Done.*

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Dungeon Heart

Dungeon Heart
by MinningDragon
888 pages

The death of an old dwarf, the reincarnation of an old soul into a dungeon. He was expecting a peacefull, lonely death, and now he is a dungeon. Well, it could be worse, after all, dwarves are at home underground. Now he has to re-discover how to survive in this new life. He and his creations must carve out their place in the world with their own hands. 

Note: Currently trying to update every Tuesday  week.

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Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer

Friendly Neighborhood (...)
by AdvonKoulthar
1.2k pages

To be taken to another world; isn't that the kind of thing that nearly everyone wishes for once in their life? To use their savvy knowledge of how things usually go in that situation to take advantage, and lead a life where they are the center and in control of their destiny.

But in the stories, the one who is brought ends up with a grand power to help them through. Here, a man is brought to a foreign world as his new character in the VRMRPG, Underworld of Armok, at Level 1. In safety there are few benefits, only by taking risks far beyond his level could one proceed.

Transported to another world, he wishes to do good and be a hero. Accumulating power to help the less fortunate. There's just one caveat; he's a Necromancer, and his greatest source of strength will probably get him lynched.

Quick Description
Another video game/isekai novel. Unfortunately, the MC has crossed over during character creation of a Necromancer and is Level 1. He also lacks the ever so helpful status window.

Fair warning, the Friendly Villager Necromancer arc(1) is slow. He does not want to run out into the dangerous world to get killed right after arriving. Sucks to be Level 1, eh? Git gud scrub.

It's basically a Slice of Life from his perspective.

The Thread, in case you get a bit confused about people/places.

[16+] Now probably! For strong language and violence! And anthropophagy and lewd intimations! And stupid jokes and obscure references! And philosophical ditherings and a slow pace! Make peace with the absurd, and come to terms with the terrible!

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