Binary Progression

This is a normal MMORPG novel.

No isekai, VR  or trapped in the game.

It is a hillarious advenrure in an old broken game that has loyal players in it.

Lots of roleplaying, memes, jokes, emotes, buggy game parts. It really reminds me of the time i played old school RuneScape.

Give it a try!

Spirit of the Gamer

If you like game elements or the anime  Bleach, then this is for you.

Another great novel by The Stewart

The Best Way To Use A Clone

TL:DR... Wait i didn't write anything yet. Anyay.

The setting: superheroes and villains. 

Characters: Well described for now since there arent many chapters out yet.

Chapters: Not short, but are s breeze to read through. Mostly grammatically correct. 

If you like comedies and superheroes, give it a try


Can you please stop killing me? a lit RPG adventure

So,  you think this is another isekai litrpg? Well you're not far of the mark. The characters know that they are in a game, but its a glitchy one. The level up choices are a bit bugged and the MC-s (yes there's 2) have no clue how they got here. Well, they find out a lot of clues later, and it hasn't got anything to do with gods. 

This story has got potential because its a meta litrpg.

The story seems interesting, but i won't spoil anything.

The grammar is off-putting but it isnt unreadable like some other stories, think of The Strongest Skill: Getting rich while becoming stronger, grammar wise.

The characters have backstories and personalities, and they all know eachother from before, so they are not blankt slates.


All in all

Ok characters, ok story , mediocre grammar. Give it a try

How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis

First things first. This is worth the read, i've binge read this up to chapter 166 in 2-3 days. And it feels like the MC is sometimes talking to the reader, but not in a Deadpool way, he does it to explain his own views and oppinions ,or to make a joke

Style:  1. Person style, i know it isn't the best but because of the personality of MC it is better to easier understand his  awful decisions(not bad decisions, just asshole like)

Story/ characters; MC and tropue are not OP , nor do they become OP over time. They have to use their wits and cunning intelect to live another day. And by that i mean the MC has to do it because all the other guys are dumb and think they are on fantasy vacation. BUT the story needs them for balance purposes and they are a fun troupe

DISCLAIMER: i almost stopped reading at one point because the MC is almost evil. He only sees the bad posibilities and acts like a dick to EVERYONE. I dont like the MC as a person, but i  want to see him win somehow.

Grammar: rarely a spelling mistake.