Heart of the World (LitRPG)

Heart of the World (LitRPG)
254 pages

This is the story of how I stabbed a bear.

Well… technically speaking, that was the moment my life flew… literally flew into a vastly different direction on my way to the 'Mission’. To help people in a world within a world when the outside world had crumbled into chaos.

But, oh hoh, that bear…

Don’t get me started on that... So, APART from that, here is the gist of my predicament. I’m a year long employee of a company. And several years before I became an employee of theirs, this crazy ensuing madness of a Full Dive battle royale between even more companies had boiled to a breaking point; mine thought to search for something that would blow the competition out of the water.

Well, they found it. Deep under the sea actually. A true game changer. Rumors abounded of course. But the most common knowledge became that it was something like a power source and certainly unlike anything the world had seen. However, I can tell you now, the unknown sometimes bump back. Especially when experimenting on highly unknown elements.

Now, what does any of this got to do with stabbing a bear? Well, ask them that! They started it all. I’m new remember! To be frank, chaos ensued, and well, I was there. So, three of us were sent into different areas of the world.

So, this is a story of a mission to save the people in Realm of Ancients, well, it was suppose to go smoothly, but obviously stuff definitely went wrong...


Set in the full-dive virtual reality world of Realm of Ancients, Leo and two others were sent in when a cataclysmic event forced them to seek out the Heart of the World, where they hoped to be able to get everyone out. Yet, this fantastical world holds many secrets, and their quest is not as cut and dry as they would have believed.

The world had changed and now Leo and everyone who is set on seeing the mission through, has to fight to survive in a dangerous and uncertain world.




Hi! This is a project I have started for the fun. 

This is not your typical comedy. Yes, I added quite a bit of humour to the story, BUT as things go into the eye of the storm the character will face challenges that hits him down. So it is not a comedy really. There are big set pieces of survival, of exploration in a grand fantasy world in the game. But what do they say, when you've hit bottom, only way to go is up! :D 

I am always open to suggestions that might take the story to new heights, so you all are welcome to discuss the story in the comments. Just remember the all important SPOILER tags. ;)



I'd truly appreciate if you rate the story and leave reviews as we go. ;)

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Nights of Sambria: And the Wish of Light

Nights of Sambria: And the Wish of Light
586 pages

“I discovered a secret. One I desperately wish could have stayed hidden. It was locked away, concealed in a fantastical world on the doorstep of 7 billion people who stayed utterly oblivious to it. If they will be spared the terror that is coming, I can’t begin to imagine.

Know that a forgotten heritage of a dwindling people whispered, unknowingly sending a call to the ancient mysteries of the world.

Something listened.

And now events are set in motion that could force the earth on a course of terrible change. I am being hunted and have run out of time.

There were no stories about it. No legends. Not even scribbles. Yet, the threat of it is real and that’s why I’m writing this warning with shaking hands. So pay attention those who read this, be careful of what lies waiting cloaked in the darkness. That which made their home the lost places of this world.”

She folded the letter with a shuddering breath and stared back in the direction from where the noise reverberated through the halls. It was of stone doors shattering one by one. The chances of getting out safely were all but gone. The letter in her hand was all warning they would have. It dropped into one of the Wells and all that could be done now was hope it was found in time, if at all.



This was my very first large story. ;) I started writing it years ago. Was fun, was difficult, but in the end, it is a story I hope that will inspire. 

The prologue is in first person perspective and the rest of the story in 3d. Just a little heads-up :P

It is a fantasy epic with a contemporary twist for the start. The first arc of the novel is set inside our modern world, but as the mysterious events around Calin intensifies, the hidden secrets in the world start to become more fantastical.


The story follows Calin, a young orphan in search of answers. But, the answers he seeks will change his life and that of his friends forever, for the secrets that caused his situation have far greater ramifications than the small village of Lamb's Crest could have known. 

 Remember to leave ratings and reviews. I'm quite interested in hearing your thoughts on the story. ;)

Enjoy reading,

Omri Hope

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NoS: The Crypts in the Shadow (Hiatus)

NoS: The Crypts in the Shadow (Hiatus)
86 pages

"What does one expect from caves? Normally, that would entail something like bats, guano and insects in narrow passages, ones that needs to be squeeze through? But... That is not what we found on our expedition deeper into the mysterious cave system, the one under that island, which has stumped scientists for decades... No, there is something else in these dark passages. Something not to be trifled with." -Yandré Skai


This is a parallel story that connects to the bigger world I created. One that I'm readying to reveal. ;) It is about two groups of modern humans discovering a great secret, but upon discovery is left without a way to get away from the perils that lurk within the giant network of dark caves. They will need to learn to survive the dangerous new world that they have tread into, all with the hope of finding a way above ground, maybe even a way back. But if they could by force of will find a way to reach the top; would what they find, give them peace, or change something vital in them...

~ Main Genre: Fantasy Epic, Contemporary twist Genres of the series: Adventure, Mystery, Survival, Discovery, thriller.

The bigger story is Nights of Sambria and the Wish of light

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