Game On

Different type pf litrpg

Read it, accepted the characters premise and enjoyed the wider story for it. Not saying I condone the mc actions but the story itself sold it to me. 

Evolution of a Ball of Light

This was a fantastic story that evolves over the story. Pacing is well and the writing is better than many I've read. I will be following the author to see where this story goes.

Adventures on Terra: Beginning

Another litrpg that is starting to grow. The story is funny and involves the features we know and live in thus new genre. The mc is transported into a new world when he dies that is set up to work like an rpg.


I an very excited to see where this book goes and look forward to more chapters being released.

Loser of Tarinath

Great litrpg but a bit too soft at times

Really great story that follows a convicted criminal taking on a healers role. I've enjoyed the story and development greatly with the exception which just seems the mc is basically been taken advantage slightly by his friends. I understand why he is doing all the he is doing but I guess it just doesn't flow with the way my mind works and how the character was initially described.


Nevertheless, I would recommend the book and will be following for more releases.

Digital Haven

Decent story and will continue to read. The story follows a guy who transitions life fully into VR and manages to find a special trainer to help guide him. The weapon of choice is different to most litrpg and as at chpt 11 the story appears to be progressing well. I could go on about what I like about the story but for the sake of not gushing like a school kid, I'll just say, it's worth reading.


That said I'll mention a few annoying bits below but some of this is down to personal preference.


The first blip that jarred in reading was how the character lvl up so quickly when he got his bow. It just didn't fit well and given it was day 2 and he's already been awarded his weapon seemed too quick. It didn't really feel like he earned it or demonstrated his principles match what his trainer was after.. Also, the lack of details showing character updated stats after leveling would be useful. Perhaps this could be included at the end of each chapter?


There is also the question on skills and whether the character should have picked up unarmed skulls or bartering through his interactions thus far. Perhaps I'm expecting too much based on other litrpg but I feel that is another key bit missing for me.


My last bit of constructive criticism is the weapon magic aspect. It sounds like this should be drawing on the individual mana to power. Surely the mc should be investing in intelligence as well then to be able to power his attacks? If his starting mana was 100, I would guess his attacks cost 10-20 mana a shot . But I'm assuming his weapon isn't supplying the mana as well for the weapons as that would then make it a sort of op weapon.


Overall though,great story. My comments above are just areas to consider to help turn the story into the five star story I can see it becoming.

When VR Gaming Hurts

Really enjoyed reading the book and will buy when it comes lot on Amazon. I would like to see more stat screens however and noticed the absence later on in the series.


Please bring back more stats mr author!

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

read all of this in one go and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will buy this book up to 12 series if it continue this well.