1. Re: Why do all the Authors use silly names?

      What are you trying to say about my favourite food?!

    2. Re: Types and Styles of Isekai

      May I suggest another one? Hope this hasn't been done, but-, The Returning-isekai Where a character returns to Earth from being isekai'd, usually possessing a system or grand powers. Can focus on (...)

    3. Re: How Covid-19 affects writers, readers and me...

      Being sick has given me lots of time to write and write and write! When I'm not passed out on the couch with a high fever, that is. 

    4. Re: What is the most unique aspect of the world's created in your fiction?

      The thing that allows people to see the system and make use of magic and skills is a mushroom that you eat. People using the system are constantly hallucinating, and their bodies are infested by the fungi, (...)

    5. Re: Mini Brag: My fiction got a follower as soon as it was approved! ITT: Brag a little about yourself

      My fiction got to the top of trending!! It's amassed 2000 followers in just a couple of days and I couldn't be prouder, although the whole situation is overwhelming (apparently, the more comments you get (...)

    6. Re: Dropping Stories and How to Avoid it

      I have written 22 stories on here, and out of all of them, I have finished a grand total of 3.  Suffice it to say, I've got a habit of dropping stories. And I never mean to, either. It's not as if I (...)

    7. Re: MC is in a fantasy/dystopian setting, appears before a thug orphan as a wizard ghost to make him join mag (...)

      Ah, I found it. It's called "Reborn as Living Mana", by Lanthern. It was really good, check it out.  Reborn as Living Mana

    8. Re: Anyone did their covers or a cover for someone else? How was your experience?

      As of recent, I've been drawing all of my own covers since, well, it's pretty easy and quick. I used to only do it for the fics I actually put time into, but now that I put time and effort into all of (...)

    9. Re: Gods, Reincarnation and LitRPG

      I always felt like the worst part of that trope was the fact that the god in question was often THE God. Big G. Omnipotent, all-knowing, the whole nine yards. Then, one might ask, why the hell would an (...)

    10. Re: Cannibalism and multiple intelligent species.

      If you imagined for a moment that neanderthals and Australopithecus were still around, we, as a species, would probably consider it cannibalism to eat them. Sure, birds eat birds and fish eat fish, but (...)

    11. Re: At what age did you start writing?

      Four years ago, when I was 14. Really, a bit late, but I'm glad I did, since the kind people on this site really helped me develop into my own. They came with criticism when I needed it and praise when (...)

    12. Re: How big of a role does luck play in your novel being noticed?

      On here, as far as I can see, luck actually doesn't have much to do it. I mean, sure, you could say that a lot of fics "get lucky", but as far as I can tell, the biggest denominator is how well you know (...)

    13. Re: MC is in a fantasy/dystopian setting, appears before a thug orphan as a wizard ghost to make him join mag (...)

      The main character got isekai'd and become some sort of living amalgamation of mana (or something). At first he thought he was in some sort of fantasy world (since he saw some dudes fight a monster) but (...)

    14. Re: So it was about this tadpole dude

      Ok so, it had a pretty regular set up, i think? Dude reborn in other world as a non-human, but i think he was reborn into a game as an npc? and he was born as a tadpole? and then he was adopted by dragons?? (...)