Flight of Icarus

With Fake Wings of Silver he soared...

until he fell under the metal’s weight...

I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to this book, a solid seven years to be exact. But when the new recommendation system recommended me this book, I was immediately intrigued. A solid 2000+ pages, I read them in a week.

If you ask me, were this story to be written now, with the current popularity of RoyalRoad, it would be just as popular and praised as MoL, maybe just a bit less, but still; top five easily.

But you’re not here for my fanboying, you’re here for a review, so I’ll give you one. I’ll be a bit overly critical, so take the few bad things I’ll say with a grain of salt.


Flight of Icarus is written in it’s own way. It’s true that it’s not always as  good, with a few mishaps, bad descriptions and inconsistencies every now and then, but nothing that distracts you from the story. Hell, during the end there are barely any anymore, and trust me when I say that you won’t notice them after a while.


 Okeeeee, where to start.  

I’ll start with saying that this fiction, especially during the later volumes, is the definition of ‘dark fantasy’. The mc is mentally f*cked up and has plenty of trauma’s, while it may seem as weird, it’s actually pretty logical if you get further in the story. There is also a lot going on behind the scenes,  something that you’ll only be able to truly know during the final chapters, where all of those hints and mini-chapter-parts combine. Becuase yes, a large part of the story takes place in the real world! Can you believe it! Even if the in-game world is taken a bit to serious by some, that’s only normal if you spend that much time with it.

While of course the story does have a few faults, and the system it works on is a bit unclear and weird, and a game world should’ve a lot more monotoring, it doesn’t stop the story in the slightest. It may be a bit weird, but it’s nothing major.

Then let’s talk about the individual plotlines, that are not truly part of one major plotline, seeing as the story is more a journey than a game of thrones-esque book. Some of them are ‘méh’ at best, like the impersonation of a noble arc, a lot of them are pretty good, some amazing even. Once again especially going into the last 3 or 4 volumes.

The skills are, as I said, a bit all over the place, but the MC has a skill called: “Childish innocence”. I won’t tell you what it does, but for an assassin you can guess it’s pretty good, yet the mc hates it. Why? Well, that’s because of that major behind the scenes part! I won’t spoil it, but it explains a lot and is a major plot component, executed quite nicely, if you ask me.

Now on to:


The grammar is pretty good. Every now and then there are spelling mistakes or a sentence is structured incorrectly, but that’s to be expected. It’s proofread and it’s solid. It won’t distract you.


Ok, this is a difficult one. Even if you take it one by one.

I don’t want to make this review waaaaay too long, so I’ll summarize it.

There are a few cliche characters, but they are far and in between.

Almost all characters, even the supporting cast (if less than the rest) have legitimate reasons to act as they do. It makes the story that more beautifull.

The interaction between characters is incredibly well done, especially in the main cast.

The mc, Kirin/Ang/Ace/Silver Wing has some severe issues, woth explained reasons. He’s written very well and fits those issues, I really felt for hime.

Aurora is a bit bland and unknown, but she didn’t play a huge part, she, however, also does have a weird thing going on. Is she here out of free will?

The archer who’s name I keep forgetting is pretty epic, we got a few glimpses of his backtstory and his personality is nice to read. Overall a good fit.

Paradox is a child, and a friend of Ace. We don’t know what’s up woth him until later, because his brother and family are overprotective, but he’s interesting and fun to read. He’s a perfect fit in the story, especially because he allows for the existence for a lot of the others, and is the main plotpoint for

Monthu, the brother of Paradox and a honourable but suspicious man. Why is he so overprotective though? And why does he like and not like taking care of his brother in the game? Who is he and what’s going on behind the scenes? (You’ll find out)

L is a character that’s introduced later in the story, he is a major plotpoint and is well written, he fits in the story.

Vera/Veronica. F*ck this overprotective bitch. Well written though, and a major plotpoint for Kirin.

I think you guys see what I’m doing with the well-writen en good fit for the story, so just copy and paste that for every character and it works.

tl;dr : It’s a damn good story on the level of MoL if you ask me, a good binge as well. Noce and long chapters with good characters. Good luck and most important: enjoy!









See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil

Ok, as the title says, this review is waaaay to early, so I will edit in the future.

But I know from myself that I sometimes skip possibly amazing fictions because the (lack of) reviews. So it may not be far, but I do want to say: give it a read.

It has a lot of naturally placed plot-hooks that don’t need to be solved immediately, but just make the story more intriguing.

I will edit this review once there are more chapters, but I definitely recommend you just give it a read!   

A guy reincarnated as a sloth and is too lazy to be a protagonist

This book is exactly how it advertises itself, and for once, that is good. (Minor spoilers ahead)

The story is about a man, who got hit by the almighty truck-kun,, and got reïncarnated. So far: normal run of the mill story.

Our beautiful protagonist however, is lazy as f*ck. And becomes a sloth. Literally. He transforms into a sloth and does nothing all day.

”So why is this a good story, if nothing happens?” You ask.

Well let me tell you: the way this novel is written changes everything. It is written as if a narrator narrates everything, and yes, we learn that the mc also hears the narrator. Then there is a snarky system, a perfect satire on most other systems. And last but not least: short chapter.

While the last one may seem to be detrimental, rather than helpfull, it makes everything work. Chapters in which barely anything happens suddenly have the same amount of progression per sentence (if that is something) as most other books. It makes sure that the writing style does not become obnoxious and it allows the author to keep writing, and you to keep reading, without getting a migraine.

Of course this writing style isn’t for everyone, but I encourage you to read the first two chapters nontheless. They are short, so you will barely lose time at all. Trust me when I say that you’ll be sold after reading those two. 

Oh, and before you go: the grammer is impeccable, or at least to good for me to notice errors. The story so far is as advertised and said earlier, so if it takes a turn for the worse, I’ll update the review. But I don’t think that is going to be necessary...

So, do go on, and read this novel written by my good sir Mr.FluffyMuffins. 

The Mad One

Ok maybe a few more...


there, that should say enough...

Kael Cor:A Vampire's Awakening

I have, over the past few months, furiously been looking for good vampire fictions. Fictions with a vampire as mc, but not with some kind of vampiric god as mc. And I think I have finally found one. This fiction, although it is new, is, if you ask me, the perfect kind of vamire story. 

One with a MC who actually acts and thinks like an vampire. One with a storyline that actually makes sense.

If you haven't read this fiction yet, I can only say one thing:


The Orphan Fox

My review is called "slow but steady" because the story progresses pretty slow, but because of the writing style and the characters, it's fun to read!


I really like how this author writes. Even though the story is quite slow, I am really enjoying it. That is because of your writing style: slow, but a nice fun read.



Your grammar is for a new author on RoyalRoadL truly on point. even if there are mistakes, you make the time to repair them if pointed out in the comments. All with all, very good without having a proofreader.


I really like the story. The Idea of a boy who is sucked into another dimension, but without staying a human is really fun to read(and that without getting a Re: Monster story!). I also really like how he was crippled at first, but how he now can go faster than most humans can see.


For me, is this where the author truly shines. The MC has a good personality for his age and form. Same goes for Uncle Black (I like that character so much!). The MC isn't progressing too fast nor too slow, but just at a nice reading speed.


Long story short: I really like your fiction and I can't wait to read more chapters!!! (The waiting torture has begon!)


Don't write too many chapters too fast, because stories tend to drop quality and/or go on a HIATUS then...



This review was written after chapter twelve.

Undead Lord

this story has a weird, for me untouched, concept. Which is the reason I gave it 5 stars for story. Until now (chapter 2) I haven't noticed any grammar mistakes. For the style, I think that the class race system a little to common is, but that is the only reason it has 4 stars. For the character, who apperentely has some some sort of autism, I think chosen well by picking a gamer. But his autism will make for some boring conversations (I think).

For this entire story I would only change one thing, which is also in the description. The MC becomes OP style, but all I can do for now is hope that that doesn't happen, because I think that (need for power/money) struggles can make a story.