1. RE: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

      I'd also like to throw my hat into the race. Total word count: 1,539,585 Completed word count: 539,550 Completed fictions: Binary Soul Small Chests Are Fine Too

    2. RE: War!!

      50 minutes is way too short a time limit to create anything that isn't total crap. This is coming from someone who posts 3-4k word chapters almost daily, but what do I know, amirite? EDIT: Also, timezones (...)

    3. RE: Members' completed fictions

      Ah, I guess you could add this to the list too! Binary Soul - http://royalroadl.com/fiction/8100

    4. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Binary Soul Everybody Loves Large Chests I shall brave the fires of creation! I shall withstand the winds of boredom! I shall weather the storm of writer's block! By the wisdom and glory of Karen-chan, (...)

    5. RE: D&D signups

      Voca, I decided to go with lawful neutral after all. Just FYI

    6. RE: D&D signups

      Sign me up as well. Let's get this shit on the road!

    7. RE: WriTE nicknames, secrets, folkstories and legends!

      Secrets? K here's one. When I was eight I set fire to my grandparent's terrace while playing with my grandpa's lighter. To this day everyone thinks it was one of his discarded cigarette butts that caused (...)

    8. RE: First G-War : House duels

      Go forth, WriTE! For the glory of Karen-chan!

    9. RE: How to Join Us

      Hello. I'm me. I'd like to join since I was abducted by the chatango chat group anyway. I'm currently writing Binary Soul and I would very much like to finish it. I've unfortunately run out of steam (...)

    10. Reorganizing chapters?

      I posted a side-story chapter in my fiction, but in hindsight I feel it would work better if the reader came across it a bit later than it is right now. Is there a way to change the order of chapters without (...)