Breaker of Horizons

By far the best "MC reincarnated as a monster" story I've read. So far I've counted 0 instances of the MC getting super duper power ups for no reason. Everything he's gotten has been both balanced and earned. It's a joy to read and I'm certainly rooting for the author to finish the story

Emperor of Soul Pets
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Monster Integration

Great story, but needs an editor

The story idea itself is pretty great, but the author  definitely needs an editor to fix all the grammatical mistakes. I really hope the author gets some help because this kind of story is right up my alley.

RE: Trailer Trash

A reincarnation story where the MC doesn't have an encyclopedic knowledge of everything that happened in the past 50 years. It's pretty nice to see a normal person in a reincarnation story with effort and a little bit of hindsight. I really like how the MC has tackled her issues so far, and I'm excited to see more in the future.

The Bound Dungeon

Im a fan of dungeon stories and i think youre off to a great start. The storyline is different enough from other stories to make it unique and interesting. Theres a good balance between dungeon instincts and the MC's thoughts. Ill definitely be following this story.

True World Online

Was really good until the mc got a class. The class doesnt really suit her personality and made fights a chore to get through