1. Re: Considering I really enjoy Chrysalis, Tree of Aeons and The Primal Hunter, I'm really looking for my next (...)

      Lament of the Fallen––Great novel by Vihyungrang. Kind of a cultivation universe in terms of power, but very unique worldsetting. Honestly,  just go through all of Vihyungrang's works. Theyre (...)

    2. Re: Dungeon Core Stories

      If you look for some of the older threads, you’ll find quite a number with similar questions as yours. Here are some of the dungeon stories you can take a look at; please note some/most of these stories (...)

    3. Re: Novels that were on trending that are now complete?

      Threadbare  Lament of the Fallen Pretty much everything by Andur

    4. RE: Stories with an A.I. as MC

      I recently read The Laboratory by Skyler Grant on Kindle Unlimited. Its sorta like Glados from portal becomes a dungeon on an Earth that got smacked in the face by RPG goodness. I highly enjoyed it and (...)

    5. RE: Taming Stories

      Not a taming story, but it does feature taming elements. Not on RR but Taming Master and The Charm of Soul Pets are both good. (...)

    6. RE: Dungeons anyone?

      I started writing a new dungeon story with a few twists planned. Not too many chapters out yet, I rather write with inspiration than forcefully push out chapters. :drinkT: I really like devious dungeon (...)

    7. Beast/pet focused xianxia

      I recently started reading Beast Dao Cultivator ( and really enjoyed it. Can anyone recommend any xianxia like it where the MC has close ties to a pet(s)?