1. Re: Looking for novels with Time Travel

      Just noticed this thread got un-necroed last month. I'm the author of "Time & Tied", and it's amazing how my website still gets occasional hits from the link above. That said, on the off chance some people (...)

    2. RE: April Fool's Day Serial Swap

      Just to chime in, I've participated the last couple years... they're good people, it's good fun. And you not only get people checking your stuff out, you get to stretch yourself by trying to write an entry (...)

    3. Application for TOPA

      Does applying with my story double as my own group application then? Anyway. A couple of these questions have a short answer and a long answer. Apologies in advance for possible long-windedness. :P (...)

    4. RE: What is your favorite and least favorite super power that MC’s get in Light Fiction?

      Full disclosure: I haven't read lots of Light Fiction. That said, pet peeve time... my least favourite super power (in Light Fiction or elsewhere) would be the "outsmart everyone, genius" that has been (...)

    5. RE: Where mc is a god and creates his universe

      One could argue that the various Haruhi Suzumiya manga/anime (The Melancholy of..., The Disappearance of...) fit the bill, though with that series, the "god" in question is totally unaware of their status (...)

    6. RE: Are there any light novels or stories where the MC has Time powers

      The protagonist of my story (Time & Tied) has time powers. No game elements though, it's a "present day" (contemporary) high school story, leaning more towards intrigue (the character doesn't even realize (...)

    7. RE: How deep down the rabbit hole did you go?

      The funny thing about society these days is our tendency to believe what we want to believe... and you can probably find a website to back up your opinion. It's not about facts, as much as it's about anecdotes. (...)

    8. Time & Tied

      What if time travel becomes a reality, not because we invent it now, but because someone brings the technology back from the future? And what if that technology ends up in the hands of a bunch of teenagers? (...)

    9. RE: Can just flowing plots work?

      Another thought - make yourself a tracking file. The more you simply "let things flow", the greater the danger of losing a thread. It might be a minor continuity thing, like the main character loves something (...)

    10. RE: To writers: What motivates you to write and to keep writing?

      I write mainly to entertain and to inform. Both are possible without releasing the writing out to the world, but I figure, one can only get so far by talking to oneself. (Eventually, one makes a forum (...)