Friendly Neighborhood Necromancer

The MC is a badass trying to do good. You really start rooting for the guy when he discovers new abilities. He's a Necromancer trying to be a hero? Talk about a twist of character usage! Quite enjoyable if you like stories about fitting round pegs into square holes. They still fit, but there's lots of room for it to move around.

Falling Star of Evolution

It's a great story and I binge read it all last night/today. Yep, all night. I haven't even been to bed yet. Boy, I'm tired. Good MC character building, a little light on the minor character development, but that's okay. I'm reading to see what happens to the MC, the others are kinda inconsequential. (I can't believe I just pulled off such a high syllable count word while half asleep LOL). Anyways, He's getting OP, but that's also okay. It's entertaining and fast paced. If you like fantasy rpg and a bit of scifi mixed together, this is your bag. Give it a read of a few chapters before deciding, though. Don't judge it just from the prologue/description.

Master of All, Jack of None

Great MC. Likable and friendly. Getting powerful just from crafting is neat. Really enjoyed the story so far. I can only hope it gets picked back up and continued.